Jung Il woo in Red Plaid. (Or Red Tartan!)

December 8, 2020

Because Christmas colored plaid is one of my favorite things to wear during Christmas time, I decided to create a special post containing all the images and videos I could find of Ilwoo wearing red or green (or combined) colors in plaid.  I found so much!   Ilwoo likes plaid too!

Today’s post will be dedicated to red paid.

I was curious so I looked up the origin of plaid and just like I thought this pattern originated in Scotland.  They actually call it “Tartan” but we Americans call it “plaid”… Plaid means is a blanket in Scotland, or a large piece of cloth.  Tartan was created by the native Highland Scottish people.  Each group or clan would design their own tartan, and wearing would be a symbol of one’s family.  You may know this is you have watched “Outlander.”

I also found out that what we refer to as Christmas Plaid here in the USA, is the “Royal Stewart Tartan.”  This is the official Tartan worn by the Royal family of Scotland!  At one point it was basically forbidden for anyone outside the royal family to wear this Tartan, you could even be imprisoned.  I guess not anymore!  You can see it below:

Here is the most famous actor from Scotland wearing his family’s Tartan, Sean Connery:

And my favorite Scottish actor Ewan McGregor wearing his…


And now let’s delight in Ilwoo in many, many red plaid patterned clothing he has worn throughout the years… in no particular order:

Red Plaid:

No idea where those last two photos come from!  The two coming up are from a Nix Shoes Fan signing in 2009:

This is from the VIP showing of Gangnam 1970 in 2015, he went to support his good friend Lee Min-ho.  Here is a video and then many photos:

Love the Red Sox!  Maybe because I’m Bostonian?  ^ ^

This is from Kribbit, 2019:

From his 2019 calendar, “Resuming:”

Here is the video:

Oh he looks so cozy and huggable…!

This is the ending of Flower Shop Ramen Shop…


Do you want to see it in video form?


This was the cast and director the last day of filming:

Coming tomorrow… Green plaid!