Jung Il Woo takes a flower test.

November 24, 2020

Yesterday, Ilwoo shared this interesting post of a flower.  The caption read “You are kind but sometimes you can’t understand what’s inside. You are thoughtful Gerbera.”

I searched online and found out it was a personality online test.  I found a site that contained all the images of the test and all the flowers possible. It is HERE.

To take the test go HERE.  Sadly you’ll have to use your Translation App.  There is no English available. Some of the questions were:

Where would you rather go?,  If I return to my guesthouse and find some people are having beers, do I join in and listen quietly or do I create the atmosphere and lead the conversations, if late one night I come home to find my roomate has been injured do I say how sorry I am and worry or do I ask how the person was injured and go to a nearby pharmacy… and on and on!

Jung Il woo’s flower description in Korean was:

Here is the translation.  Please remember dear friends to credit my website or fan 13 with the translation if you are taking it from here for your posts.  ^ ^ Thank you


I’m not a fan of online tests but for the sake of it and not having done one in ages I decided to try it…I will leave mine here as my memory of having done it.  It was surprisingly accurate in some respects.  I share with Ilwoo the loyalty to close friends “only looking at what I’m interested at…”  The last part about procrastination was completely off … I’m actually quite proactive and productive.

You are attractive even by yourself, My Way “Lanunculus”

Sometimes I laugh alone in a strange place, but I don’t notice others.  Isn’t life my way? 
Like “La Nonculus”, which is attractive enough even by herself.  The goal of life is to work less and earn a lot. 
Once a flower blooms or something catches my interest, I bite it and stretch it until you I tired of it. I hope I am the leader in this area.
I don’t like people who break their promises. 
I don’t want to to talk to people I don’t like, but I’m the type who stays close to the people I become friends with.
I hate to say things that aren’t in my heart.  I’d rather not speak. 
I am an introverted person who can pretend to be extroverted as needed. 
A capable person who can freely adjust whether it is inexpensive or inexpensive! 
I don’t really look unless I’m interested, but when I enter my area, I tend to see the end.
There are a lot of times when I procrastinate and I feel as if the fire goes off on the back of my feet.  I hate myself when I’m like this, but I can’t help it.