Jung Il Woo’s Ceviche Recipe

October 6, 2020

Jung Il Woo posted this recipe in his Chinese Bilibili account on September 26, 2020.  I have finally had the time to translate the recipe. I used the Chinese characters throughout the video to do it, as the sound quality of these videos is not good enough not even for my tutor’s ears. So to do this translation I took almost 200 screen shots!   If there is someone that can speak Korean that can understand these videos and would be willing to translate these videos for the rest of us, could you let me know at  kdrama.fan13@gmail.com?  You will receive full credit and so many thankful fans!

Alright onto the recipe. Here is the video he posted:



Seafood: octopus in various cuts

Fish:  I couldn’t make out the fish he used but in a recipe from Food & Wine I got: 1/2 pound of fresh skinless snapper, bass or halibut in filet.

1 1/2 cups of lemon juice

1-2 tomatoes

1 cucumber

a few chili red peppers , quantity according to taste

1 red onion

mashed garlics to taste

cilantro leaves, quantity according to taste (in the photos it looks like what we call parsley here)


black pepper

olive oil

(In the Food & Wine recipe it also has: 3 tablespoons of fresh orange juice, or 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, manzanillo olives chopped and avocados. In other recipes they also add shrimp.)


These are the directions according to the Chinese subtitles.  It includes his comments too.  Anything in red was added by me to clarify recipe using Food & Wine’s recipe.

I want to make a delicacy that represents South America: Ceviche. ^ ^

Actually, Ceviche (crispy fish with lemon juice) is a dish

where you can use different kinds of seafood.

You can put octopus in various ways.
This dish is very simple to make.  Because it’s a simple dish, I have been thinking about how to make it more delicious?
(I think here he is comparing Ceviche to a dish from Japan in the raw fish likeness, but I’m not sure)
Actually you can put anything, but the most representative ingredients of Ceviche are
-tomato and small onion
-red chili
(I am not sure he used lemon or lime, he talks about sweetness vs. sourness, and lime is definitely stronger and more sour, so my guess is he soaked the fish in lemon to “cook” it but added lime at the end) Take a look at the exact translation:
I personally think that if you put a little lime
The combination of the overall taste makes the overall taste of this more sour and sweetI will choose to use lime at the end
-There is mashed garlic
These are the ingredients I want to use
First of all
You can put 0.5 to 1 onion
How much do you put in
Just adjust the amount of spring onions according to your own aftertaste preference.
I have this kitchen knife Tiger was given to me by fans
Also, I use it very well
Now , let’s prepare the cilantro
I like it very much
Then like me.  Just finely chop it up
Friends who like more can of course put more
Put the ingredients in the plate like this
(Here I believe he is talking about using different boards to not mix strong smells when cutting?)
Next cut the lemon and juice… not particularly difficult.
I recently have been working on losing weight by eating healthier, but it is not very tasty sometimes.  So I wonder if I can lose weight while eating delicious foods. (I’m 34 years old)
So I decided to prepareCeviche.  I plan to share with you more healthy dishes while I wait to start other work
I use different boards for the different types ingredients like one for meat, one for vegetables.   It’s fine to cut your seafood directly on a board like this.
This is important, using lemon on your board after will help get rid of seafood smell…
Mix it kindly for a little bit
Add seasoning to your taste, I personally will add salt.
Carbohydrates are the biggest enemies in weight loss.
102 photos so far… !
Add salt, but not too much.  A lot of people believe that if you eat salty your body will get swollen because it retains more water, which makes it more difficult to lose weight. My own personal believe is that you can add a small amount of salt and still lose weight.
Now let’s change the cutting board.  I will cut the cucumber in halves.  Some people don’t use cucumber in Ceviche. However I prefer it’s refreshing crispy taste in it. Friends that do not like cucumbers of course you don’t have to put it in!
Now let’s cut the spicy pepper. Cut it in half. Using a spoon makes it easier to get the seeds out. Get them all out…
Cut tomatoes, and onions
Place all the cut vegetables into the seafood and add the lime juice.
It will still need more flavor, so add seasoning to taste: salt, olive oil, pepper, sugar, etc.
Try it right after you stir it all, but of course it’s your choice!
It took 15 minutes to make plus the time preparing the ingredients, but in overall it is a very fast dish to make. You can easily do it at home.


Here are some screen shots with the process, looking at him cook also gave me clues of what he was saying…

Yummmm… can’t wait to eat make this!  I actually ate Ceviche in the South American country of its origin: Perú.  It was so, so, so delicious!  Here is a photo of it:

The corn there was the most amazing corn, in looks, in taste… the kernels were huge!!! They were bigger than the tip of my fingers!  All natural!  I ate corn there everytime I could… I just couldn’t get enough of it!  I’ll have to tell you about this trip sometime!  If you ever want to choose a South American country to visit… let it be Perú!  It’s ancient history: the Incas (among many other native groups), its amazing cuisine and Machu Picchu are unbeatable!  Only Mexico can match it, but Mexico is in North America.

I wanted to see if I could find the apron he was wearing, I really liked it. And I did… you can purchase it here:


By the way did you know that cilantro and coriander are basically the same!  Coriander are the seeds of cilantro! Some people call cilantro coriander for the leaves too.  That apron is coriander! Perfect for our cilantro-corander lover Ilwoo!

Here are screenshots of my phone with the almost 200 screen shots to translate this recipe… as a memory of my effort!