Jung Il woo brings you “Sweet Munchies” filled with passion and charm!

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May 7, 2020

Translated by Fan 13, from an article by sedaily.com.  In Korean

Jung Il woo in “Sweet Munchies,” is filling the drama with passion and charm. From thorough preparation to become a chef to a mindset to convey healing, it is literally ‘to have it’.

Jung Il-woo, who has worked on a variety of genres such as dramas and movies, historical dramas, and modern dramas, and even received entertainment at KBS 2TV’s “Rookie in a Variety Show “, returns to be chef.

Set in. a Bistro, he plays a healing chef specializing in late-night snacks in JTBC’s new moon drama “Sweet Munchies” (directed by Song Ji-won, Park Seung-hye, produced by Hello Content, SMC, 12 episodes). “I personally like to eat delicious food and cook,” said Jung Il-woo,  “I think it would be nice to show you how to cook in a drama too.”

Park Jin-sung, a person who made such a circle, is a character with three beats, including the appearance that will captivate the woman’s heart, the cooking skills that will make her feel proud, and the narration that can seal her hurt chest. “The biggest attraction of Jin-sung is his authenticity. He will listen to the customer’s concerns and stories and help bring comfort and courage to dishes that are suitable for them. Looking at the images and videos released so far, the external synchro rate was perfect.

But effort and enthusiasm went deeper. “I practiced how to cut with knives with the Chinese Knife Master Chef Lee Yeon-bok. “We discussed and practiced how to show the menu in the script with Chef Jang Jin-mo, who was in charge of the cooking part.” “We wanted viewers to think when they saw it:  ‘I want to try it too.” “In addition to practicing different cooking skills and dishes, I prepared my own dishes, and even chose my wardrobe.”

Above all, Bistrois meant to be “ a comfortable place like a friend’s house where you can eat well,” we tried to make it a “space with a chef who listens well and a food that comforts the day”. Expectations soar with the feeling of wanting to receive the loving energy of the chef and the delicious food just by the explanation.

Lastly, “New menus appear every time. At the end of the day, Jung Il-woo, who wanted to conveyed the wish that he would like the viewers to enjoy the drama with his favorite snack, “They will see a chef who brings comfort after a long hectic day,  Jin-sung will deliver a breathtaking romance, and a story full of empathy. I ask for affection and interest. ”

“Sweet Munchies”,  that will draw a passionate triangular romance, will be aired on Monday, May 25 at 9:30 JTBC.

Reporter Park Bum-soon, Media Department jhc@kjdaily.com

This is Chinese Knife Master Chef Lee Yeon-bok: (That’s right he is also in Convenience Store Restaurant).

Chinese Knife Master Chef Lee Yeon-bok

This is Chef Jang Jin-mo:

Chef Jang Jin-mo