Characters of Jung Il woo’s “Sweet Munchies”

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“Sweet Munchies” Main Characters:

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Park Jin Sung (박진성) played by Jung Il woo, is a chef who feels the happiest when customers smile after they taste what he has prepared. He is working in a late night dining restaurant. Thanks to his tasty food and heartwarming words that touch customers’ exhausted minds, he has a good amount of customers who come to visit often. One of the regular customers, Kim A jin, is a Producer in a broadcasting company. She suggests to him to become a host of a program “Late night snack man and woman”. Surprisingly it gets national-wide popularity.  Well, there is a special secret in his success.

Park Jin Sung, who carefully listens to the customers’ daily stories in a open style kitchen. The visual of him cooking special foods for each customer’s taste, is like a vitamin after a long tiring day. It is understandable why he became the popular chef everyone likes.

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Character Park Jin Sung from the JTBC Website

Did you notice something in the JTBC character description of Ilwoo… it says truthfulness!!!  WOOw!!!    JTBC page HERE.

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Kim A Jin (김아진). played by Kang Ji-young is a short term contract PD in an entertainment division of a broadcasting company.  She is never short of passion for her work. A Jin loves to laugh, loves drinking, and especially loves food. A Jin lives day by day with her not-so-easy work as a non-regular worker with her super positive mind and passion for her work. For her, eating late night snacks at Chef Park Jin Sung’s bistro is like a healing. Now, A Jin has a once in a lifetime opportunity! If she makes the show “Late night snack man and woman” successful, she can make her future debut as a Director!

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Character Kim A Jin from JTBC Website


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Kang Tae Wan (강태완) played by Lee Hak-joo),  is a fashion designer who grasps people’s attention so well to the degree that he can host a fashion show at the age of 31. His fashion style of the blue color suit and the silver color brooch gets our attention. His eyes looking at the tablet look professional. He will be doing the styling of Park Jin Sung for the show, and he will be in some sort of thing going on with Kim A jin. The story of Tae Wan gets interesting between Jin Sung and A jin.

The sad feeling he shows which can’t hide with his fabulous styling. It draws curiosity, maybe there are some stories behind why.  It is just the outside of him, who is famous designer. He is a person who has an invisible wall on the other side.  (Me:  In other words  (of what I understand) he is gay.  I’m very curious in the development of this part of the story, as Korean culture is very traditional… to the point they don’t even say that straight forward in the description of this character.  I could have misunderstood too… so we’ll see!)

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Character Kang Tae-wan from JTBC Website


Sweet Munchies Secondary Characters:

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Lee Sang Young (actor Kim Seung Soo), who has been a PD for the CK Channel for 15 years. He started his debut with a hit and could have been a star PD, but as there is nothing that happens as you plan, he did not have anything special after the first show. Maybe that’s why he wears slippers and hiking clothes in the office like a person without any competition. We can guess his cheerful personality just by looking at the image that’s shown to the media.

Cha Joo Hee (actress Kim Soo Jin), the director of entertainment division, who joined the channel later than Sang Young, but got promoted faster. She says harsh words to the younger coworkers whenever she sees them, and she looks like a person without any empathy, but it is all because she loves her job of producing shows. She thinks that if someone has skills, there is nothing to consider such as title, age, fully employed or part time worker. It is expected to see her direct and honest way of speaking throughout the show.

Nam Gyu Jang (actor Yang Dae Hyuk), who gives all the hard work to Kim A jin just because she is not a regular worker, but instead she is a short contracted worker.

Noh Jae Soo (actor Park Sung Joon), who doesn’t treat A jin well because she is a short term contract worker and never treats her as a senior to him.

The drama’s producing team said “we will focus on Park Jin Sung, A jin and Tae Wan’s triangle relationship, and also what’s going on with the entertainment division, focusing on the world of broadcasting companies and life inside here.”

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This is the Character Map. Cr. JTBC

Sweet Munchies Character Map