Jung Il woo and Kim Bum


Jung Il woo and Kim Bum. 2007.jpg

March 21, 2020

One of Jung Il Woo’s celebrity friends is Kim Bum.  They met in the set of the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick.  On March 13, he completed his military service!  Like Ilwoo he has a medical condition, so he completed his service as a civil servant.  Some sources say he is suffering of degenerative arthritis due to a great weigh loss he underwent because of the filming the drama “Padam Padam.”  Lately, they do not want to disclose the illness but say he inherited it and has to visit the hospital often for treatment.

In this post I will highlight their friendship through the years.

2006-2007.  The High Kick years

8f4666cd-08fd-46cf-b167-e790c4cf0aa01494769081high-kick.jpgJung Il woo and Kim 2007.2

This one is not with Ilwoo, but Kim Bum looks so adorable had to post it:

Kim Bum and Kim Hye-seong 2008.jpg

Cuteness overload!




He was featured in the his first magazine aritcle with Kim Bum and Kim Hye-seong. The magazine was called “Dramatique”.




They attended a VIP Premiere together as well:

2007 Kim Bum and Jung II-woo 2.jpg

2007 Kim Bum and Jung II-woo.jpg

In 2009 he attends the VIP Premiere of he movie “”Good Morning President”.

2009 10 13 JIW:KIM BUM VIP GOod Morning President 2.jpg2009 10 13 JIW:KIM BUM VIP GOod Morning President 4.62009 10 13 JIW:KIM BUM VIP GOod Morning President 4.jpg2009 10 13 JIW:KIM BUM VIP GOod Morning President 7.jpg2009 10 13 JIW:KIM BUM VIP GOod Morning President 9.jpg

Was he falling asleep?!  I can only imagine how tired he must have been!

And he also attended Kim Bum’s VIP Movie Premiere “Flying.”

2009 11-27 JIV VIP Flying KIM BUM 1.jpg2009 11-27 JIV VIP Flying KIM BUM 8.jpg2009 11-27 JIV VIP Flying KIM BUM 9.jpg

And they celebrated Kim Bum’s birthday:


Kim Bum was featured in Elle Girl that year too:

2009 12 JIW KIM BUM Elle Girl Owl.jpg

In 2010 Kim Bum and Jung Il woo dropped by Lee Min Ho’s Fan Meeting to celebrate his birthday:


Then to continue laughing, Kim Bum (and Lee Min-ho)  dropped by Jung Il woo’s Fan Meeting and celebrate his birthday as well!

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 5.jpg

In 2011 Jung Il woo dropped by the set of Padam Padam to visit his friend:


He looks too thin!

In 2013, he attends the VIP Premiere of the movie Psychometry to support his friend:


In 2017 Kim Bum posted the last photos we have seen of these two, celebrating his birthday.

JIW and KIM BUM 7-10-17.jpg

JIW and KIM BUM 7-10-17 2.jpg

November 21, 2020

Jung Il woo sent a food truck to Kim Bum’s drama location to show support for his friend.  Kim Bum had been taking a break from acting and this was his first drama back.  It is called “Tale of the Nine Tailed.”  The following photos were captioned: “Woo is here. 1 Day 1 Woo! My friend who sent me is number 1, the best! “

Update: January 8, 2021.   Jung Il woo and Kim Bum are two Real Hot Ramen Flower Boys in Ilwoo’s Youtube video:


Such a sweet friendship.  May it continue to flourish!  Inspired by their love I created this Christmas image in 2017. I daydreamed what it would be like if they spent Christmas together…

JIW Christmas Love 2017.jpg

Yeah… who needs heaven?!

Kim Bum as I said way up at the beginning of this post just completed his military service.  He is soon set to start filming a new drama!  It’s called “The Tale of Gumiho”.  You can read more about it HERE.

Kim Bum in the military.png

This is probably his most iconic role:


Do you know what it is?  That’s correct! Boys over flowers. To finish, this is one of my favorite photos of him… he has a little bad boy look and smirk comparable to Harrison Ford’s.


Well that’s all for now.  Come back soon so you don’t miss the continuation of this beautiful friendship!