Jung Il-woo is considering a participating in a new modern drama!

January 11, 2020

Such happy news! This morning I got up to the news that our dear Oppa is considering participating in a new drama. It is called “Late Night Snack Man and Woman.” This drama is related to cooking!

The main female role is being considered by Kang Ji Young. She is 25 and is also a singer. She was part of the music group KARA from 2008-2014. Goo Hara, one of the young women that committed suicide last year was part of this band. You can read more about Kang Ji Young HERE.

The other male lead is being considered by Lee Hak Joo. You can read about him HERE.

You can read about the news in English HERE.


What I’d like the most is the best for him whether he takes on this role or not.

For now we can dream with other things we watch… like this video of a proposal at the Movie House near me… I can’t get over how thoughtful and loving this guy was to his sweetheart… he sets the bar really high!