Merry Christmas Ilwoo and Fans!

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December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas!  This is my gift to you:

May GOD bless your paths and fill it with much delight!  Be present and trust in GOD’s loving universal energy.  It is always with you…

2007 HK Yoon-ho 14.png




2011 Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Jung II-woo Episode 2 9

Jung II-woo in The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 20 BTS Sword Play 00004.jpg


Jung Il-woo in Golden Rainbow Ep 12 2 2.jpg

Jung II-woo in the Night Watchman's Journal Episode 6 BTS Cr. MBC 7.jpg

2015 Jung Il-woo in High End Crush BTS Cr. SOHU TV59

Jung Il-woo in Cinderella and the Four Knights. Episode 8. Cr. tvN Yellow Overcoat. Fan Take. Cr. on them. PNG9.jpg


2019 Jung Il-woo larger than life in Haechi. 33.png

…and pray for gift number 13!  Ilwoo’s to air new drama …number 13!  What role do you dream him in?  Wish, dream, pray… with happiness… it’s coming next year!  Believe  it Ilwoo!  You have it all!!!…