Celebrating 13 Years of Jung Il woo’s Career. Year 13.

Year 13

Happy 13th Anniversary! 일우 씨!   I’m so delighted to share this moment with you!  I celebrate and cheer your efforts and successes especially Haechi!

My gift to you is the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle.  I’m including some of his words at the end post in the link. May they inspire you and your fans to live what Oprah calls “Your Best Life.” Are you accomplishing what you wish? Are you manifesting in your life your inner goals?

When you go for walks in El Camino de Santiago, you are searching for that inner peace.  Getting away from your thoughts and all the thoughts of the people around you.  All you have to do is take it a step further and ask this peace, this universal energy, for your wishes as affirmations and trust that the universe will provide it for you… believe with all your emotion and love… and watch your thoughts Ilwoo… all negative thoughts: fear, anger, jealousy, etc. destroy your ability to make your dreams come true!

May you continue to accomplish great things, for the advancement of humanity… continue to make this world better Ilwoo!  And feel the joy of the present … Remember what I said to you about service? Give towards good causes that do not feed you ego… truly unconditional selfless giving… what have you done as that National Museum’s ambassador? And please remember the environment in every choice you make.  Could you make anything with your image plastic free?

As this website is almost up to date… From this day on I will not post as often, as my own energy is shifting its attention to other matters more in alignment with my own life’s purpose. Know that my energy will always be with you… as it brought us together… it may do so again.  I will continue to support your work (mostly your acting) and always pray for your health and … confidence!

May your path always be filled with light,

With unconditional and eternal love,

A messenger… Fan 13

To see the highlights of this past year, go HERE.  Have a WOOnderful year 13!

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