Jung Il woo in “Convenience Store Restaurant” Episode 2

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Update November 24, 2019

You can see this episode in English in the following two videos.  Remember to close Advertisements, even if they say your computer is infected, or you need this program or that… don’t click on anything, just get rid of those screens and go back to the original you started from…

Episode 2.1

Episode 2.2   (Ilwoo is only at the very beginning of this one and then he comments)

November 3, 2019

I am so happy!  With the help of an angel, I was able to find a website that had this episode recorded!  This episode was divided into different parts with the different actors.  We get to see other actors homes and their routines.  Jung Il-woo’s part was about eating in two places. He dissected dumplins!  it was amazing to watch him do this… he knows so much food and spices!

During this episode I believe he was with his manager Chu Yun-sok (주윤석) ( black shirt) and his Stylist Jinksu.  They are both so nice and patient with Ilwoo!  It was good to see a bit of their personalities…

Some screenshots:

IMG_2932IMG_2933IMG_2934 2IMG_2935IMG_2936