Jung Il-woo will be in a cooking show called “New Item Release, Convenience Store Restaurant”

Jung Il-woo, Lee Young Ja and Lee Kyung Kyu.jpg

October 6, 2019

Jung Il-woo along with Lee Young Ja And Lee Kyung Kyu will be one of the actors in this show, and I just read that his co-star Jin Se-yeon from High End Crush will also be there!

The show will follow six celebrities who are knowledgeable of food as they share dishes that they’ve created. There will be a judging panel and the dish that wins will be released in convenience stores around the country the day after the broadcast.  Sales from the released products will be donated to help children suffering from malnutrition.

The first broadcast with Jung Il woo will be on October 25th at 9:45PM on KBS 2 TV.



Can you imagine!  Korean fans will actually be able to buy his food if he wins!!!  WOOw!!!  and Waaaa! for us who are too far to travel there!

I love… love how it also helps children who suffer of malnutrition… a win win all around!  Shall we see Jung Il-woo’s photo more complete?  Here it is:

Gorgeous Jung Il woo 2019.png

Ah… his hands… so lovely…!!!