6 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

In 2013, Jung Il-woo hosted a very special birthday celebration for nine lucky fans!  He arranged a meal with cake, and even got flowers for them.  He even personally called each fan to tell them the happy news that they had been selected!  Can you imagine getting a call from Jung Il-woo?!   Then as if going to a very special gathering with him wasn’t enough, he then made each fan a memory book to keep.  Are you one of these special fans?  I wonder if they are still fans… and I wonder did they ever forget that day? If it was me it would be engraved in my head for the rest of my life!

Here are the photos.  He documented it all in his old website… luckily I got to it before he changed it and deleted all the photos.  So, I will paste here my post from last year covering the whole event.  He even did a count down at the beginning documenting everything he did in preparation… he is truly extraordinary!

RAM_4405September 8, 2013

Yes!  You read that correctly!  After getting back from doing his Fan Meet in Japan, Jung II-woo decided to celebrate his birthday in Korea with some of his fans.  He planned the entire event.  And just how did he choose those lucky 9?  Here is the story…told by Jung II-woo! Cr. Jung II-woo.com

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 1.jpg

I will declare it! Jung II is the most perfect fan-minded actor!

Hello. It is Jung dot com.
Special event that Jung actor prepared for fans!
It asserts! Jung II is the most perfect fan-minded actor> event.
We will release the preparation process from now ~ ♪ ♪

August 29 Event START
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 2.jpg

I decided to do an event for my fans! ! !
There are many things to prepare and I do not feel calm.
That’s it! I have to prepare from the picture of the most important postcard!
In making postcards, I took pictures with my brother Kon · Byungak brother who has good friends!

Publicly announced to Jung II.com! To tremble. Fever
Please wait, surprise event that I prepare.

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 3.jpg

One day suddenly I meet Jung Il! What?

Postcard, picture, ready!
Order for postcards to be born for the first time … as you can order safely ~
By the way, have fans made lots of applications for the event?
Everyone, please wait a little more ~~~

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 4.jpg

Arrival of a postcard. But I was thinking that I only need a postcard but I was stupid
A pen that tells my feelings, a label to write the address of everyone’s fans. . .
How long did it came to the fancy shop?

I suffer from postcards and troubles. . .
How can I apply my feelings to a postcard?
Write it on paper and erase it and repeat. OK, I decided!

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 5.jpg

I regret that I reached the capacity one day earlier than planned.
(But, do you know? I posted more postcards ~ Babo)

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 6.jpg

When I woke up I grabbed a pen. I write hard today also today.
Decide the hero of the event in the event, time to pick 9 people.
My birthday is September 9, so only 9 people feel happy!

9 people have finished choosing!
On what’s a good day, where and what should I eat fashionably?
Ah, but I’m happy ^ – ^

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 7.jpg

It is not easy to write 300 postcards …
Today I also keep writing up late at night!
For the fans of Jung Dong com who are looking forward to the event.
I went to the post office and shipped only postcard which was finished partly ~

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 8.jpg

Are I bad, postcard, are you bad-_-. . .
But I am happy! Because there are fans who always wait ~
It’s 4 am. Finally I wrote them all. Yata

Sorry I’m late for a day. Have you waited long?
My feelings. To keep our memories memorable, perfume was also given light ~!

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 9.jpg

Party invitations with nine princesses and Prince Jung Frog

Congratulations! You are one of 9 lucky princesses chosen out of 300 people.

I thought it would be the end if I wrote only postcards … but the future is beginning!
Invitation letter preparing with my special message passed only to nine people preparing ~

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 10.jpg

What if I can not find an invitation card? Why do not you try a phone?
Really too many things to do for the first time!
‘Hello? ‘
I said that it is Jung · Il … why do not you believe it? Juffu
But I will be glad, I am as happy as I am!

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 11.jpg

Preparation is over. Throb. We can meet together if it comes tomorrow.
A night without sleeplessness. . .

2013 9 9 Birthday Prep JIW 12.jpg

It is 100 meters to the place where we meet them.
Let’s pass a flower of roses, what kind of story to talk about ♪
A special encounter that took place for 2 hours. it was fun!

Sorry for the fans who did not meet today.
We should have a chance to meet again ^ ^
The event continues. Well ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh ~ ~.

These are the photos of him on that day…  Cr. Jung II-woo.com   (I used his story and hos photos together.)

2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 1.jpg

One day suddenly I meet Jung Il?
We will exclusively release the event site which was special now from jungilwoo.com

Like an invitation letter saying ‘I will nice to meet you on a good day’ sent to nine winners
On autumn wind breeze ~ September 8, we have finally met 🙂

2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 2.jpg


“Ah ~ if I can do well, fans can also enjoy it …!”

Even during makeup
I’m thinking over the schedule of the day!




He has a photo session:


2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 3.jpg

“I want to eat more salad salad that you said it was delicious ~ delicious!
♪ what you liked “
Today ‘s meal was selected by Jung Il directly.
Salad and pasta in Jiao-dong are delicious Cheong actor is a delicious restaurant served!


“Which fans are you coming up to?”

The actor who is waiting for the fans after arriving early.



2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 4.jpg

“Flowers, would you like it? Pretty, right? OK, how about my selection?”

Jung actor who challenges not only handwritten letters but also flower packaging.
Carefully preparing.


2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 6.jpg

 “Hi, I’m glad to meet you, how are you today, how are you?”
At last we encountered nine out of 300 people lucky girls.
It was a pleasant greeting, and after a while it was awkward, I was expecting time to crush and tomorrow.

2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 5.jpg

“Oh, really, I did not know. Is that what you are? Waahaha ~”

In the meantime the talk bounces, where the first awkwardness goes …
It is not a meeting between a celebrity and fans, but a series of conversations like a sister, older brother, older brother and a friend.




Opening Gifts:

2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 8.jpg

Encounter with a special project (hurriedly), I’m glad even just being together
I received gifts filled with all my heart’s guts, and I feel very good Jung Il.


2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 9.jpg

“It was a long time since you brought a flower, did you like it?”

Well, I will not do anything to do anything! Jajang


2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 10.jpg

Everyone with a cake the fans prepared for.
Jung Frog and fans who spent two hours, more fun and fulfilling time than anyone else.


2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 11.jpg

“Today was really fun for.
Thank you for a happy birthday. Take care and go home ^ ^ “

Today, in order to keep this important encounter memorable, everyone group photo together!

It’s short, but I wanted to tell you the scene on this day. do you get me?
As promised, we will send you a photo for everyone who participated in the birthday party ~

2013 9 8 JIW Birthday Celb with Fans 12.jpg

The event ended without delay.
I am really sorry that not everyone can do together.
I think there is a better encounter soon.
Will you wait?
Everyone, fans love you so much.


And this is a video of his birthday celebration on the actual day, the 9th of September: