9 Days to Jung Il-woo’s Birthday: September 9th!

In 2010, Jung Il-woo celebrated his 24th birthday on another Korean Fan Meeting. Perhaps the best one ever? Not only did he play the piano and dance, also two of his best friends visited him then!  Can you guess who?  That’s right!  Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum!  Can you imagine?!!! It must have been quite a sight to see these three beautiful brothers together like that huh?!!!  I pray there is another opportunity for this once more! It would be so great for them and for us!  And… someone very special came to Jung Il-woo’s life… see the photos below to find out who…

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 7

He serenaded fans playing “Love Affair” in the piano:

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 2549905_163886_1338

He sang and danced to “Candy in My Ears” with invited guest Baek Ji-youn.

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 32010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 6

Ready to see him in his best public dancing so far?  Here it is:

I know… just totally a heavenly delight!  And just when you think think things can’t any better… his friends Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum show up! And he blows his candles with them by his side.  So sweet!!!

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 42010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 5

Again as if that is not enough, someone very special is to appear in his life… Awoo!!!  She was the very special gift given to him by his Japanese Fans.

2010 9 5 JIW gets Awoo

So adorable!!!

Now for a last treat I have something very special.  Coming up is perhaps my favorite video of Jung Il-woo. He was preparing for this Fan Meeting:

It shows his hard work and dedication and the great love he feels for his fans.  And this song is so beautiful!  Thank you so much Il-woo Ssi!!!

Well that’s all for today folks!  I hope you are having a WOOnderful day/night!!!