Kribbit Magazine Vol.1 available in English!!!

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August 21, 2019

I was working on more of the translation of Kribbit Magazine when I decided to look at its web page and I couldn’t believe my eyes!  They created a shop!!!  The magazine is available for sale right in the Kribbit website and … in ENGLISH (as a PDF)!!!  I can’t understand why they have not let us know yet!  Too busy on vacation I guess!  Look:

Kribbit Shop 2.pngTo buy the magazine this is the LINK.  You can use paypal and check out using a credit card as a guest!  I’m so happy for all those fans that wanted the magazine!!!  Now you can delight in it in English for the price of 10$!!!

Now, I have another surprise for you… ready?!  You can purchase many of the items that were sold at his Fan Meeting too!!!  Right HERE!  It looks like this:


I’m so happy because I was so scared of ruining the clear files, now I can get more and use them … all the time!!!

I had done the translation of pg. 40-45.  I will add Pg 40-41 as I have just finished this page.  You can see the translation of Pg 40 and 41 with the Instagram videos and photos of Il-woo cooking HERE.

I guess that my work is done in this department!