A Jung Il-woo/Kay Nielsen much needed break…


August 4/5 2019

American news is filled with the terror of two mass shootings and 29 innocent lives taken.

Why?  Because of the monster in Fantasia… do you remember him?  Here let me remind you:


He heads this country and nothing but oozing hate comes from his mouth.  Yet, my mind will not succumb to any of it.  My eyes are wide open, keeping in check where the monster is and who it is attacking… yet my mind is free of fear.  I have two angels that have helped me stay positive and believe in the beauty and perfection of god’s creations and creations of good by humans instead of this horrible negative human mirage.  The first angel is Ilwoo and the second is Kay.

I’ll start with angel number 2. Kay Nielsen is a Danish illustrator who lived between 1886 and 1957. He illustrated only six books (fairy tales) as his work was interrupted by the World Wars I & II.  His work is so beautiful and detailed.  It was influenced by Japanese and Persian art.  Yesterday, I felt so blessed and got to see the largest exhibit of his work outside of Denmark at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Seeing each illustration up close was such a delight!  Gorgeous work!   Here I will share a few…


By the way the Fantasia monster and its whole sequence was created by him as he worked for Disney towards the end of his life.

Now let’s move to angel number one… Ilwoo… I was doing a search and I don’t know how it happened by I ended up finding videos I had never seen in Naver… what a sweet surprise!  Only one I had seen parts of before (Ilwoo in bed), posted by IG r_ilwoo. So I will place all of them here and in the places where they belong according to the dramas.  Enjoy them in their full length!