Jung Il-woo in Happy Together Season 4 Episode 41. Translation to English.


Jung Il-woo in Happy Together Season 4 Episode 41

Translated by Fan 13 and her Korean tutor.  Please give credit if reposting.  Thank you!

0:00 It’s Jung Il-woo

Title: It’s the Flower Actor Jung Il-woo.

Jung Il woo! it is about Na Moon hee!

Jung Il- woo , Na moon-hee’s close younger friend.

0:09 In what drama did you act together?

Ilwoo:: I met Na moon-hee from my debut at High kick,

0:15 Ilwoo: I always visit her in the family holidays

0:18 Title (two little stars):  A relationship where he visits her every holiday

0:21 How is Na moon-hee to you? (Title: Who is Moon-hee to Il woo?)

0:34  Ilwoo: For me, she is someone I can’t never forget. and she is like my real grandma. when I do filming she monitors me and she is the person I admire the most.

Title with wings: Someone I admire the most

0:35 Na: Thank you! (Title: Thank you Il woo)

0:37 But you were not scared working with her?

Title: Have you ever get scared of her?

0:40 Ilwoo: She… she gets sensitive when she is tired.

Title: she.. she gets sensitive when she is tired…

0:49 Ilwoo: after 1am… (Title: the same)

0:50 How sensitive do you mean?

0:52 Ilwoo:  she speaks rarely. (Title: the same)

0:57 Ah. She rarely speaks… (when she is tired)

Now as well…

1:00 Na: Ilwoo, be careful!

1:03 Big Picture picture sweating Ilwoo: “I have many things to say, but I will not say”

1:06 Has she ever pointed out something about your acting?  (in a critical manner)

Il woo replies = whenever I do acting, she always gives me advice,

1:15 “Hey, I told other people that I don’t give critical advice!”

1:21 Il-woo: Ah, well, it is not really critical advice but…

1:23 We not only have Na Moon-hee, but we  have Kim Yong-ok, Park won-sook, and Go Doo-shim.

1:27 do you have other relationship among these?

1:28 Il-woo ah, hello. with Park Won-sook, she was my grandma in “Golden Rainbow”

1:35 Park : Oh, I was not sure who it is , but it is you! .

1:39 So you just thought it is a random actor? (Title: (five split people) Well, I thought is was a random younger actor…)

1:43 You are pretty looking Il woo! (Ilwoo: the same)

 1:45 And how was Park? (Title: How was Park in your memory, back then?)

1:48 Il-woo: She always matches the scripts really well.

1:53 Il-woo: Are you well? How have you been these days?

1:56 Park says “You are talking about me just because you have to say something… I am the appendix of the book…”

2:02 Ok! , today, talk with Na Moon-hee about something you wanted to say. (Title: Do you have any words you want to say to Na Moon-hee?)

2:06 Na says “Thank you, Ilwoo”  I don’t clean my house, but you come visit me often without notice (sarcasm).  Ilwoo: Oh yeah, I am gonna keep visiting you.

2:16  Title: She tells me that don’t come visit me every holiday, but.., Ilwoo: “I visit you because I want to see you, so don’t say not to come”

2:22 “I understand that someone contacts (call) other people during the holidays, but visiting every time is not an easy thing (script “It is not an easy thing to visit every time.)

2:30 Yeah, true. (Title: with heart ‘We have a special relationship.”)

2:31 Other people comment:  It is not easy. Pink lady: 2:32 Yeah, it is not easy…

2:35 If that’s real, then he will be a great person in the future. (37 script = you are a person who will be big in the future!)

2:39 Is there any special reason for doing that? Is it because you like her that much?

2:41 Na: It is because he started but he can’t stop just like that! (Title: the same)

2:46 Ilwoo: Why are you saying that?

2:49 Thank you Il woo!!!

2:59 Ilwoo: Yeah! Thank you! (Title: Thank you Jung Il woo for having a call with us!)