Jung Il-woo in various articles promoting the upcoming broadcast of Haechi in Japan, starting June 19, 2019.

1. Jung Il-woo for Marisol, a Japanese Online Magazine.

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June 10, 2019

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Stunningly handsome Jung Il-Woo, who starred in the historical drama “Haechi,” arrived in Japan.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the historic drama Haechi. The performer of the leading role, Jung Il Woo, who has appeared in this interesting and popular work, is stunning. If we talk about the “most impressive scenes,” then his “game with all my heart,” undoubtedly attracts. Il Woo, whom you have not met for so long, is as stylish as anyone else! We talked about the drama and current events. By the way, Haechi is a mythical animal that can distinguish between good and evil and protects justice.

Please tell me why you chose the Haechi drama as your first job after returning from the army.

– I first received this offer last summer. The main reason for choosing “Haechi” was that I really wanted to work with script writer Kim & Yong. Before that, I looked through a lot of books and works related to Yeongjo and thought that I would like to try to play it at least once. Many are worried about the reason why I chose not a modern, but a historical drama as the first work after my return, but the actor thinks more about “participating in good work” rather than fixing on a particular genre. In this drama, it can be said, it gave a good result.

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Up to this point, have you seen any works by screenwriter Kim E Young?

I think I saw almost everything. Recently I watched “The Flower in Prison”, as well as “Magnificent Politics”, “Li San: King Jeongjo”, “Don Yi”! In Japan, Don Yi was especially popular. The work of the screenwriter Kim Yong is very deep, having a definite promise, and I think this is especially interesting.

Scriptwriter Kim Yong told you something that left a special impression?

“This time, I had a lot of talk with script writer Yong. For example, when I debuted in the sitcom “High Kick”, then I had easy to understand words and gestures. Scriptwriter Kim Yong gave me advice: “Do not express your expression in a face, it is better to express feelings with your heart. Try playing with your heart. ” It was very helpful to me. And I also said about clear eyes, which are my strong point: “You are an actor with beautiful eyes.”

Director Lee Yong Sok admired you: “He is the best in Korea who can play drunk.” –

Directed by Lee Yong Sok just wants to say something pleasant and every time says something like that (laughs). This is a pleasant feeling when you play a drunk, he says: “You play the drunk better than anyone,” and when you cry, he says: “You are the best in Korea, you cry in the frame.” To all the actors were confident, he pulled out positive emotions for a good game. Because of this, there was a wonderful atmosphere on the set, like no other drama.

It seems that there were many film sets where the shooting took place?

We shot a lot in Mungyeong, back in Yongin and Puan. We really shot across the country.

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Haechi is a job that many people love, what is the reason, do you think? Tell me what you would have noted in this drama.

I think that this drama is interesting to watch, because it has both friendship and romance. It also has a story of the development of the character Yeonjo, who, fighting alone, goes to becoming a king. I hope you look at this in more detail. It is very interesting that scriptwriter Kim Yi Yon called actress Han Hyo Joo, who starred in “Don Yi” for the role of mother Lee Gyma. I think that during the viewing it will be nice to remember such connections between dramas.

What is the highlight of Jung Il Woo?

I think the highlight is that you can see the endless variety and change of the character Yonjo. I really did do different things. As you watch the series, little by little watching the development of the actions of the character Yeonjo, you will more and more fall under his charm, I think.

You used to say that you just get pleasure from filming, that you don’t have an answer, what an actor’s game should be. After the end of filming “Haechi” did you feel something else? And which words are the best compliments for an actor?

Honestly, the acting is difficult for me, but its appeal is that there is no answer. Therefore, it lasts throughout the entire acting. At 30, compared with the age of 20, you feel more relaxed and relaxed, right? I would like to hear that I have special acting qualities that others do not have. The best compliment for me if they tell me that only Jung Il Woo can play this character.

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Il Woo, we all know what a mod you are. Tell us about your favorite styles, brands and designers, what do you like lately?

I will not say about designers and brands, but lately I really like the selective 1LDK store. Fashion changes every year, and what I like to wear now is clothes in a free comfortable style.

Please tell us about your work as the chief editor in the multi-platform magazine KRIBBIT. The first issue was also released in Japanese.

I wanted to show the fans what I can’t show as an actor; what I would like to share with everyone. I think the launch of the magazine is a chance to convey my thoughts about what interests me directly at the moment.
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Do you have any favorite artists that you often listen to and dramas or movies that you watch now?

I constantly listen to Radiohead as a fan. I watched the 2007 film “Into the Wild”, which I liked very much. I saw this film by chance, but it is such a strong message to humanity that I seriously thought about what happiness is.

You recently went to Spain. Why chose Spain? What is travel for you?

I wanted to go from a very early age to the pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. I have been there three times already. During the passage of this path, I felt a lot of things. Traveling for me is the moment of searching for myself. Next time I would like to go look at Aurora (Northern Lights).

Is there any place that you can recommend to Marisol readers who will travel to Korea?

This is the famous city of Jeju; Ganwondo province, where the Olympic Games were also very good; The East Sea (in Korea, the Sea of ​​Japan is so called) is beautiful, so I want to recommend it!

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2.  Interview with actor Jung Il, the first star after disarmament in Korean drama “Haechi.”

Cr. Asahi Shimbun Globe +, via @ anpan 0225.

Interview with actor Jung Il, the first star after disarmament in Korean drama “Haechi”

A new drama “Haechi” by screenwriter Kim I-young, who has created works with great popularity in Japan such as the Korean drama “I San” and “Tonyi”, will also be broadcast in Japan from this month. The leading role is Jung Il, who is popular as a handsome actor. I aspired to work with Kim Lee Young, and interviewed this notable actor who chose this film as his first starring work after leaving the military service.

The last time I met Chung Il was November 2016, just before joining the company. When I first met for the first time in two and a half years, it was an impression that intellectual refinement added to a good young man who has noble gentleness that makes me feel the goodness of the original growth.

The film depicts the youthful day of the 21st king of the Korean era, Jung Il-won plays the King Yeonjo (preceding title of Korean ancestors), supported by his companions from his disappointing princehood, becoming a king, and reforms the current prosecutor’s organization to rebuild the world. The title “Haechi” refers to legendary animals that have the power to identify good and evil.

What you choose for your first work after your removal is something you care about. “I want to work with the writer Kim Yeon.” “I wanted to try once because I was interested in reading a lot of works and books related to the great ancestors so far.” And explained why he chose “Hechi”. In the past, he has been showing Korean costumes that grace in Korean historical dramas such as “Bizard Iru Jime Den”, “The Moon Holding the Sun”, and “The Night Watch Journal”. “This is just the right of the King of Joseon.”

The role is to be discussed with the scriptwriter Kim Yeon, and it is said, “The character that Jung Il’s color is very much reflected is made.” In addition, he lost 13 kg in a month and came to this role. By the way, Jung Il, who laughed and said so while laughing, said, “I can gain weight if I do my best without eating.”

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Did you have any change in feelings before and after joining the army?

Before I joined the army, I had a lot of worries and fears about the future, but after I got out of the army I had more room than before.

Did you have any chance?

In the military, I was mainly in charge of elderly people with dementia at the nursing center. By caring for people who came to the end of my life, I changed my mind to think that I have to be grateful for being alive one day and for the present. Through military life I thought I was really a wolf in the well, and I was able to have such a sense of value that I could see life as a human being, Jung Il, not as an actor.

Did you learn English while enlisted?

I always wanted to study English, but I was given 2 hours of time, so I learned to spend a good time. It has become easier to speak English than before. There is no problem in daily life.

Do you feel that you can go abroad as well?

That’s …. However, if you go abroad, you will find it inconvenient. So I’m still studying. I will continue to study English and Japanese hard.

I hear that in the army, I have to eat three meals and get fat.

Oh yeah, I was too fat (laughs). I was able to go back and do a really hard diet before shooting “Hechi” and I could get back to the original shape (laughs).

How long?

I reduced it by 13 kilometers in a month (laughs).

Eh, how?

You can lose weight if you exercise hard without eating!

Mr. Jung Il is a type with a goal and good self-control.

Well, when a goal is set, we will work hard to achieve it,
There is a tenacious place.

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Do you have any goals in place?

I think it will become clearer if the work is decided, but it is not there now. I work hard while I am at work, but when I’m finished I’m going to relax and feel at ease. Or if I get tired, I can not afford to think about something.

How to relax

It is to walk! I really like to walk, I often go trekking and hiking. It helps to empty the mind.

How was your first day of shooting “Haechi”?

I was very nervous, but I have been working for over 10 years and I remember the body, and getting used to it was not so difficult.

 are famous as an idea man, but how was it during shooting?

Actually, this is the first time since my debut, but this time I created a character while communicating with the scriptwriter Kim Yeon in various ways. It seems that the Kim writer also performed character analysis while seeing a person named Jung Il. I talked a lot about various situations, so I think that my own ideas have been adopted, and that the character that Jeon Il’s color is reflected a lot. “I think that the actor knows the character, so please play as you thought,” I respected my interpretation and considered, and when my interpretation is a little different, “A little What if I change it? ” If I have been making a role while wondering if I have not been myself by myself until now, I think it was easier to make a role this time thanks to the writer.

I had limited communication with Lee Kyung Young, who is a part-time elder in a drama.

Lee Kyung Young and I have been together before with my work, but at that time I was dropped off so I could only play for a while. I was happy to be with you again this time. It is a person who is really full of charisma. And in fact, I am a senior at my university. So, I commented that I was truly loving, and while acting I made me think, “This is what breathing is like.”

In addition, Chung Munson, who plays the role of Lee Tan, was always in the middle of the film, but he talked about acting at the shooting site, and it was a very close relationship “Hyun (Aniki)”. I keep in touch even after the drama is over. It is one of those who really helped me.

The charisma acting that became king and inspiring everyone came out many times and was impressive.

It is courage to persuade the public and to stand in front of the public, and I himself needed courage to perform it, but he was the one who decided to become king for the people So I tried to understand and communicate with the people, and I tried to stand with confidence.

Words of up to –20 page also became a hot topic. Are there any words or lines that are particularly remembered?

When I finished the work, I completely forgot the lines (laughs). Especially in this film, there were too many lines, so I was shooting for the battlefield every day. So, the line is … a little … (does not appear) (laughs)

When that happens, the moment you crank up, you are likely to feel like “It’s over! Released!”

You don’t have to remember words from tomorrow! There was a sense of openness (laughs)

Lastly, what is the highlight of the Jung Il drama?

It is a place where you can see the transformation of the Joseon ancestors. I really did various acts. As I progress, I think that I will become addicted to the charms of the ancestors while watching the acting that takes a little bit more depth.

■ Korean drama “Haechi” is CS broadcast “Satellite theater” and starts broadcasting from June 19th.