Off to Seoul, South Korea!


June 1, 2019

Dear Il-woo followers, come along with me! We are off to Seoul!  I will traveling 13 hours into the future, taking off from Boston later this afternoon see Jung Il-woo!  Did I just write that?!!  Yes!!! It’s a reality!  A dream starts to come true!!!  Of course I’m so excited I could barely get any sleep!

To enjoy this trip to the utmost, I’ve decided to be in the moment as much as I can, of course I will document with photos and videos… but posting in Instagram will be when I’m munching or later in the day after I get back to the hotel.  I’m taking my laptop with me so I can write posts about my adventures by the next morning…  you can look forward to that!

I am planning to hit many of the Il-woo landmarks like… Flower Ramen Shop Cafe!  And many others… but I don’t want to give them away ahead of time… I want to surprise you!  I have a very hefty and ambitious itinerary, so hopefully I will get through it!

Jung Il-woo… I can’t wait to see you, to feel your beautiful energy in person… I will hear you laugh!  I know you are were meant to be in my life and I in yours! I was meant to support you and be present in this Fan Meeting on June 8th that is so important to you…as it is the first one back in your country.

God woke me up at the perfect time (2:00 am) to be able to get a ticket … in spite of me putting the biggest fight as I did not want to look at my phone as I knew it would be hard to get back to sleep if I did, of distance of time and space, and even of my phone being in sleep mode!  I was meant to see you… to meet you… and for this I’m eternally WOOwed and grateful!

Catch you all from Seoul…very soon!  WOOOOO HOOOOO!  Thank you for coming along!

Jung Il-woo’s Fan 13.

Off to Seoul!  Jung Il-woo's Fan 13.jpg