Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! And an Interview.

For Jung Il-woo attends the script reading of Cinderella and the Four Knights. Go HERE.

May 18, 2019

Fresh of the press!  I just discovered these in the Naver webpage.  This is an article and photos by sports.donga.com.

This are the photos:

2018 5 18 Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! Cr. sports.donga. 12018 5 18 Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! Cr. sports.donga. 22018 5 18 Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! Cr. sports.donga. 32018 5 18 Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! Cr. sports.donga. 42018 5 18 Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! Cr. sports.donga. 72018 5 18 Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! Cr. sports.donga. 52018 5 18 Jung Il-woo in Magenta Goodness! Cr. sports.donga. 6

These two are from this series too, but Cr. Spazio Studio.

2019 4 30 Jung Il-woo poses at Spazio Studio. Lot B. 25.jpg

2019 4 30 Jung Il-woo poses at Spazio Studio. Lot B. 23.jpg

Article by Sports Donga. Link HERE.

Translated into English by Fan 13 using Google translate.

May 18, 2019

Legend of Legend is on the way. Actor Jung Il-woo, the assistant of the “boyfriend”, came to the interview. “After 30’s, I do not have the same skills as before,” he said. Just add it to the viewfinder and you’ll see it! The more honest you are, the more ‘heart’!

From the SBS drama ‘Hatch’ Behind, which was a returning after the re-election, to Jeong Il-woo, who has freely released the small everyday life, [Namsa Chin interview with him] I will start now. (The article was written in a semi – glossary according to the chatter concept between friends).

Q. I ask ‘Soo-yoo’! What do you usually spend at rest?

A. Walk a lot. I have traveled twice to Santiago ‘s pilgrimage route. I have to walk this time. Domestic or foreign. Where are you going? It ‘s my own secret. (On the weekend I interviewed, Chung Il – woo left for Santiago’ s pilgrimage).
Q. It’s nice to walk on Jeju Island because of its olea length.

A. I’ve been to! I love it. I like the sea and I like the restaurants too, so I am very happy to go to Jeju Island. It is a place I love.

Q. I go on a lot of dates.

A. and … . Sounds good. The weather is good and the sea is pretty.

Q. Then, I saw [Natsu’s interview] The most answer of romance date was trip. I also wonder about your romantic date.

A. I’m just talking comfortably all day, rather than going somewhere or doing something. I think that would be the best. Sightseeing spots do not fit me. I like sharing values ​​and thoughts about each other’s lives. I am the happiest when the story is right.

Q. What is your ideal type?

A. The person who has a good conversation and a point to learn. I like someone who has something I do not have. I can fill each other’s shortcomings. From the old days, I felt unattractive to a perfect person, a person with everything.

Q. Do you have any shortages?

A. I lack affection. When I was a child, I was alone at home. Like a lack of affection? haha.

Q. In order to have a good conversation, I think there should be a lot of common interests. Tell your readers your best interests these days.

A. I am interested in the environment. I was very sick when the forest fire broke out in Gangwon Province. The second is the aurora. There are many places I can see, but I want to go to see them no matter where they are. The third is the fan meeting. I am ready to work hard because I am a pauper. I’m already looking forward to talking to my fans. Still, I like to listen to people’s different thoughts regardless of their interests.

Q. Something. It looks much more relaxed and comfortable than before.

A. When I was in my thirties, I felt a little more relaxed. I also had room for attitude toward work. Of course, when I work, I am really sensitive, but I am trying to find some space in it. In the past, I felt a lot of impatience and a lot of self-defense. I was digging into the cave alone. Now dig into the ground and find the answer.

Q. Was there any influence of military service (alternative service)?

A. I think it is. He took his elders while serving in the nursing home and changed his view of life. I look at life more seriously.

Q. What kind of life do you want to live?

A. It is life where I do not know tomorrow. I do not want to live in the back because of the future. I’m thankful for what is being given, but I do not worry about buying it in advance. I want to live while enjoying the present.


To read that he is interested in the environment made me so happy!  I really wish he would take a more active role in its preservation as a celebrity!  He could do so much! That would be something we have in common.  Even though I’m an elementary Spanish teacher, I am looking for ways to make my teaching greener.  Not only by using less resources myself but also by linking my Spanish units to conservation efforts. Every year about 20 of my students graduate and go onto other schools and life.  If I can help plant that seed of caring for the environment for the rest of their lives, I am happier than if they know how to answer the question: “¿Cómo te llamas?”

The Earth is our priority…it should be on all of our minds.  We are running out of time and we all need to take action NOW!  Every one’s effort counts!  It’s in everything we do…

What are you doing for our environment Il-woo Ssi?!