Jung Il-woo’s Coming Fan Meeting in Korea, June 2019

May 8, 2019

Well I feel I have finally calmed down to be able to share this news!

I woke up very early on the morning of May 7.  For some magical power my eyes opened exactly at 2:00am.  It is very rare that I wake up off hours and even more rare that I check my phone.  I know how it disrupts my sleep.  But something on this day compelled me to look… and there it was… the announcement of the ticket sales for his Fan Meeting in Korea!  He looked so beautiful and jumpy! in that gorgeous blue and orange sweater:

I ran to my computer and tried half asleep to get a ticket!  And I was not able to do it through that Interpark link, I actually went to the venue’s box office and it finally allowed me to do it!  And now I am the recipient of a ticket to Jung Il-woo’s First Fan Meeting in Korea after his military service!  It’s been three years after the last one!  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy and euphoric I am… I smile all the time!!!  But most of all I am so thankful to GOD, to my angels that pulled on my ears until I woke up!  If I had woken at my regular time, 6:30-7:00 am and checked all those tickets would have been gone!

So my dear followers expect many photos and stories of all my experiences there!  I was hoping to make a longer trip in the summer, but what are the chances of something like what happened to me that night happening?  Yes…very slim… so I know I’m meant to go now and to be with Il-woo on this Fan Meeting!

These are some images I took during my buying the ticket experience:

This is the explanation of the Fan Meeting:

Explanation of Fan Meeting June 8, 2019.jpg

This is a better seating chart map:

Seating Chart of Samsung Hall.gif

Yeap… Fan 13 will be sitting right there somewhere… among those 700 and some seats!

Interpark sale of Jung Il-woo's Fan Meeting tickets. 2019.png

Onto the Venue.  I am so excited to visit Ewha Woman’s University as that is one of the building structures that I really wanted to see!!!  Just look at how cool it is!

Ewha Woman's University Main Entrance.jpg

Whoaaaa! I know right?! And  as if that is not enough… look at the night view:

Ewha Woman's University at night!.jpg

And this is the Samsung Hall.  These are from the Venue’s Website:

Samsung Hall Photos from Website.2.pngSamsung Hall Photos from Website.1.pngSamsung Hall Photos from Website.3.pngSamsung Hall Photos from Website.4.png

This is Jung Il-woo’s Fan Meeting listed in the venue’s Website:

Jung Il-woo's Fan Meeting listed in the Venue's Website..png

Now to get there… here is map of where it is in the university:

Map of Ewha University.png

The Subway stop is Line 2 Ewha Woman’s University Station.  Exits 2 and 3.

This is the LINK of the venue, where I got most of these images.

Well I have to go to work now…  so more coming soon!  I hope you feel happiness for me!  Remember that all good energy always comes back to you!  Same for the opposite.  If you are not able to go now … stay positive, believe that your day will come!  Because it will if you believe with all your heart… and save for it!   Let’s enjoy this wonderful adventure together!!!

Inside of Samsung Hall, Ewha Womans University.jpg

Oh… just the thought… I see him right there!   Singing, smiling…   do you?!!!

Update: I went… there are no words to describe how happy I felt to be there… it was everything I dreamed it would be and more! You can read all about it HERE.