Jung Il-woo in various Interviews.

So… it occurred to me to check if there were any interviews about Jung Il-woo and there are a lot!  So I chose the longer ones.  Now my translation is using Naver Papago.  Even though some parts of the writing are totally off and of the ‘What???’ kind, one does get the gist of the main points.  I will comment my thoughts at the end…

Update May 4, 2019.

INTERVIEW 1  By Soompi  Link

I’m sure many people saw it but in this interview in Soompi where Jung Il-woo shares what kind of person he wants to date and his thoughts about marriage.

Here is a bit of it:

“I want [to date] if I can meet a good person. My heart is open to that.”

Asked about what kind of person he considered a “good person,” he replied, “Someone I can learn from, someone who understands me and someone that I can understand. I want both of us to be a source of comfort to one another. When I was younger, I looked at appearances and external things too, but now I think that a good person is someone whose mind and heart can connect to yours.”

INTERVIEW 2   By Osen.  Link

May  2, 2019

Jung Il-woo said, “The Return of the Hatch, actually, I’m not satisfied.” [the interview].”

[OSEN: Yeon Hwi-sun reporter] “I’ve never been 100 percent satisfied with my acting.” Despite his comeback after serving in the military, he calmly evaluates himself. Actor Jung Il-woo expressed his feelings after the end of “Hatch.”

Jeong Il-woo conducted an interview with SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Hatch” at a gallery in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Tuesday morning.

“Haechi” is a process in which Prince Yeon-gum (played by Jeong Il-woo), born from a humble low life body, joins passionate former student Park Moon-soo (Pwon Yul-bun), Sakyamuni’s ardent Damo Yeeu (Go Ara), and author’s rising wall-pae Dal mun (Park Hoon) to become King. Jung Il-woo played the role of Prince Lee Geum, who will later become King Yeongjo in the drama.

Jung II-woo for Osen interview. May 1, 2019.jpg

In particular, this is a drama that Jung Il-woo chose as his return after serving as an alternative military service. “I’ve been on hiatus for over two years and started shooting without any time off, and I think I’ve been really busy and intense for about six months,” he said. Actually, I had a lot of worries about my comeback, but I think I decided that it was a good writer, a good director, a good script, and a good character. The hardest thing was that the character itself had many difficult things, and there were many ups and downs and many lives.I did, but I still think I could finish well,” he said.

“My goal in this movie is to hear that acting has grown more than before the military. I tried very hard to do that. A lot of people told me good stories, so I have a lot of regrets, but I think I finished well.”

“I often did historical dramas, but I didn`t feel burdened by the genre. First of all, I saw several works of Kim Yi-young’s work as a comeback, but I chose them because they were the most ambitious of them. It wasn’t a burden because it was a historical drama,” he said. He said, “There is a depth to the work. It’s the power of the character. I saw Kim Yi-young’s work, but I was interested in the re-creation of the character, Yeong-jo. The fact that King Yeongjo has not been treated as the main character has come to be very attractive. I was honored to be able to perform the song together, even though the Dae seniors performed the song,” he said emphatically.

He also said, “In fact, I didn’t think of any distinctions from my predecessors from existing works. Rather, he did not differentiate himself by thinking that different actors interpret different things. I tried to act by immersing myself in the characters Yeongjo and Lee Geum of our work,” he said. “I tried to do my best this time, but I didn’t use my face as much. My debut movie is a sitcom, and I sometimes get too much facial expression or eyes while doing romantic comedies. Instead of expressing it with his face, he thought it would come from his heart if he expressed it with sincerity, so he tried to act without using his eyes and facial expressions as much as possible. As the flow of the drama has passed, it’s said that it really touches me. Director, I talked about that with the writer a lot. I think acting with sincerity rather than technicality has changed a lot from before,” he said.

2019 5 2 Jung II-woo for Osen interview. 2

“I’m not really satisfied,” Jeong said. “There are many things that are lacking and many things that are disappointing rather than satisfying,” he said. There’s always something to be desired when the work is over. I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied,” he said.

Nevertheless, there was a famous scene selected by Jung Il-woo. “When we were shooting the scene, my brother died, my father died, and my family died. I wanted to show you a change, but I’ve been feeling bad since the day before that scene. I couldn’t even eat because I felt bad about sending someone away,” he confessed.

“I contacted the director when I was filming. He took a full shot and took a barst, but this time, he said, “Let’s take a tight barst.” After the full shot, I kept shooting, so I thought I’d make it more technologically than I really meant it, so I asked for a tight barst first and got a OK at once. Instead of shooting, I really thought my brother was going to die. I didn’t come out well because it was edited in the drama, but I heard that I had a runny nose. I think that’s the scene that I played with that kind of immersion, especially when I saw the emotion lines well.”

Update May 9, 2019.  The last paragraph did not make any sense to me at all so my tutor helped me understand it.  Here is a better translation:

I contacted the director when I was filming (the scene where my brother dies).  First they take a “Full shot” meaning a whole body post and the a “Bust Shot” (from the chest to the top of the head.  I wanted to take a bust shot first because I thought that if I did it as second I would act in a technical way instead of showing my real feelings after taking a full body shot because the filming goes on for a long time.  This time I got the OK in one shot.  At that moment , I did act with my heart thinking that my brother was really dying instead of it being just acting.  I heard that I even had a lot of snout coming out from my nose and those parts were cut from the drama.  I think this is the one scene where I fully focused and showed my emotion to the audience.

He said, “I did the scene where Yeon-ryoung died in the beginning, and I was more concerned about his death because of that. In fact, when the age group suddenly died, I ran to find the age group and tried to save them. But I took a full shot first. When I took a full shot, I felt good and acted with all my heart. I was going to take a two-shot and a bast in about an hour. I couldn’t feel it when I was taking a full shot. It’s a bit disappointing to see the scene. You can make up your mind technically to make something out of it. But from a person’s point of view, it’s a bit disappointing to me because there’s no such emotion as before. That’s why I think he focused more and acted like that when he died,” he said.

“In particular, it rained a lot, cried a lot, and there were so many accidents like that. The character itself was born with the blood of the heavenly people and ascended to the king, but it was impossible to overcome all those things and become king, and I had a lot of hard times. I think I’ve grown up, too,” he said.

2019 5 2 Jung II-woo in photos for Korea Dispatch Article. Cr. On them.1.jpg

INTERVIEW 3  By Korea Dispatch   Link

May 2, 2019

Jeong Il-woo said, “Lee Min-ho monitors ‘Hatch’…Yeongjo is a lifeguard.”

Jung Il-woo, who plays Lee Geum, who becomes the new king of Joseon in “Haechi.” In fact, he looked a lot like Youngjo.

An interview was held at a gallery in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Monday with actor Jung Il-woo, who plays Yeon Ying-gun Lee Geum, the main character of SBS’ “Hatch” (directed by Kim Yi-young and Lee Yong-seok).
2019 5 2 Jung II-woo in photos for Korea Dispatch Article. Cr. On them.4.jpg
Jung Il-woo, who debuted in 2006 with MBC sitcom “High Kick Without Rage,” has been active going back and forth between dramas and movies. In particular, he, who had performed unrivaled in historical dramas through “The Returned Diary,” “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” and “The Night’s Watchman Ilji,” chose “Haechi” after the ceremony. Jung Il-woo was praised for his wide-ranging performance and for his deeper acting skills.

Jeong Il-woo, who was in a car accident in 2006, was diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm and was exempted from military duty. He finished his alternative service as a social service worker at the Guryong Elementary and Elderly Care Center in Seoul, and was discharged from the military last November.

Jung Il-woo, who played the role after dying amid the grueling filming of “Hatch.” Having served in the military at a nursing home and had a dog die while filming “Hatch,” he had time to think about his life. And as an actor with many more ways to go, his attitude has changed.

2019 5 2 Jung II-woo in photos for Korea Dispatch Article. Cr. On them.3.jpg

– I think there was a lot of pressure on him to make his first comeback after the session.

“I missed the set so much, I think I lived so fiercely that I might have had a two-year hiatus. It was really hard because of my lack of stamina and my personal work, and I think I had a lot of experience with the death of my dog. Of course, the next movie is the next one, but I’m grateful for the thought that I’ve had a lot of love since my debut. Now I feel that being a star is a moment. I think that I have to be recognized as an actor and think that it’s my job for the rest of my life.

Regardless of the size and size of the role, I thought I would play a minor role if I wanted to play. She’s in her 30s, and she’s in her 40s and 50s, and she’s doing her best about the roll she’s given.I think I can be a memorable actor for a long time. In my next movie, I think that if I play a character that I can best digest as soon as I move on, I will grow into a developing actor. I’m likely to announce my next film soon.”

– I think the weight has changed after serving in the military.

“I thought that as an actor, there should be life and weight. Rather than that, I wished I had a sense of weight as an actor. It seems to build up with age. We can’t do it with the same weight as Lee management, so it’ll pile up when we do what we do.”

– Do you have any actors that give you any inspiration?

We got a lot of excitement while filming the drama. In the case of Jung Moon Sung, I thought he was crazy. He really looks like a beginner. He’s cute and I really liked him. When I see the reaction, I can feel how he really acts with me. Moon Sung said, “Let’s have a play next year or so.” It’s an actor I’d like to see for a long time.”

2019 5 2 Jung II-woo in photos for Korea Dispatch Article. Cr. On them.2.jpg

– My friend Lee Min-ho recently convened a meeting. What is your message of support?

Minho called and congratulated me on the day of the restriction. Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot, and I think it’s cool. I’m sure Minho is working hard on his next movie, so I want to tell him to take good care of his physical condition. Since I’m a close friend, I hope Minho can make a successful comeback. Minho also monitored my work. As a friend, I hope Min-ho will return to his beloved work just because his acting has improved.”

– I did alternative service at the nursing home and I think I’ve learned a lot

“This one, too, had to leave the dog. This seems to have to be accepted. I’ve come to appreciate one moment. Sorry for the puppy didn’t go home well during the shoot. I always wait in front of the door. When I heard that I died at the door, I felt sorry that I couldn’t spend time with him and play with him while it was alive. I think it would be a happy thing to enjoy the present and live faithfully because I have a sense of uneasiness that I might die and leave when I might leave. I think it was an opportunity to look back on my life. His elders leave, and even if they want to, they can’t hold him. I feel like I’m going to be crazy about my life and I think I have a lot of such thoughts.”

Update May 9, 2019

Again I wasn’t satisfied with Google’s translation of that last question and answer and my tutor helped in making it better:

You did your military service in a senior center and I imagine there were many things to learn there.  Not only did you have to leave your work in the drama, your puppy left you.

I think I have to accept these kinds of things. I felt sorry for my dog as I was not able to come home often while I was filming. She always waited for me by the door. I felt sorry for not spending much time and playing with her  while she was alive, after I heard that she died in front of the door. I also have the worry that I don’t know when I will die or leave s I think it’s the best/happy thing to enjoy the present  and live fully putting all your effort.  I think A woo’s death made me think back in my life.  The elders that I took care of left (died) and it is impossible for me to hang on to them even if I want to.  Ideas come to me in these moments that life is useless as I can control it.

– Are you satisfied as an actor?

“I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied. I’m not good enough for “High Kick,” but I’m thinking about why they like me so much, and that leaves me with a lot of regrets. So I think I want to pick the next movie soon. If I’m satisfied with my work, I can’t do this anymore.

– What’s your hobby these days or something?

“I’m trying to make a magazine recently. I had an interview with Na Moon-hee. Now that I’m in a position to ask questions, I’ve learned the hardships of journalists. I’m going to publish the contents while interviewing the artists. I wanted to talk to you about me. These days, I read all the other than mine. I respect journalists to see what interest the public has.”

2019 5 2 Jung II-woo in photos for Korea Dispatch Article. Cr. On them.5.jpg

– What’s the driving force behind actor Jung Il-woo?

“Alternative service really had a thirst for work, and now the driving force behind it was to make a magazine and make money hard? I’m kidding. I think there’s something I can show you when I’m in my 30s. I think why I used to take a rest and work in my 20s. If I were in my 40s, there would be things I could do when I was in my 30s. I think it would be better to pile up a lot of those things. That’s the most regrettable and regretful thing about those in their 20s. We should open the lid to see which works are successful and which works are good.

– Do you want it to work out like a high kick?

I don’t have that kind of greed, and it’s the most important thing to focus on is whether or not I can play this piece with my acting skills.

I hoped this time would stop when I went up, when I was down, when I was ‘high-kick’ like I was up there. Some of them are less successful than I thought, and they seem to have grown up through it.

– I think I’ve even been hurt. 

“I’ve been down a lot for a” high kick.” I’m so loved. I wasn’t ready, but I was so loved that I couldn’t feel it. I was also twenty years old at the time, so I was young and thought I was too much to handle. I thought it was because of me that I couldn’t make it.

2019 5 2 Jung II-woo in photos for Korea Dispatch Article. Cr. On them.6.jpg

– Incident, no accidents, it seems like you’re acting.

“I used to ride a village bus, and I don’t think there’s any reason to feel uncomfortable when I’m out there as an actor. Because of me, something gets paralyzed and doesn’t. That’s what I did during my high kick, but I’m grateful if you recognize me, and I think I don’t have to do anything like that. Things that matter a lot. We don’t have to bring water to society.

Thank you so much. I saw a lot of people who loved me and Lee Soonjae interviewed me. The senior said, ‘You have to live with real gratitude. You can’t just be so proud of yourself. I heard a lot at home. I feel like I have to live by the basics.”

– What do you think is life’s work?

“It’s ‘high-kick without hesitation’ to say that it’s my life’s work. In his 20s, he is a “high kick,” but his work or character seems to be the inspiration for “Hatch.” The way he acted changed a lot, and there was a part where he made it his own by admitting that he was wrong and accepting new things.”

– What is your attitude as an actor in his 30s?

“I think it hurts a lot, and that’ll bring me a brighter 40s. I’m trying to think positively about the acting difficulties and worries. I used to blame myself, but I think it should be a time to give a lot of praise for what I’m good at, and to get rid of me.”

– What kind of actor do you want to be in the future?

“When I think of Jung Il-woo more than any other actor, I hope I will be remembered as an actor who has memorable works for the public and an actor who can give good influence to the public.” I think an actor is not a public figure, but I want to be an actor who has a good influence because I think he has great influence.”


Various parts of these interviews moved me…

When he talked about the death of his beloved Awoo.  In one he says that his dog died at the door waiting for him.  Another mentions the hospital? I thought he had had to put his dog down because it was sick, but it seems the death of Awoo was sudden and unexpected. He also mentions that he wished he had more time to be with Awoo.  Acting with puffy eyes from crying for his dog… oh!

He also talks about how he is never satisfied with his work as an actor and did I read right when he said he would stop when he was?!  Well then I hope he’s never satisfied! 🙂   I think I know what he means… that he always wants to feel he has something to learn!  This is a good way to be… to always want to be better and learn… but always being thankful and content with what one has learned and lived!  Regrets and guilt are foolish emotions that have no purpose… they waste mind energy in past things we cannot change…

“I think it would be a happy thing to enjoy the present and live faithfully because I have a sense of uneasiness that I might die and leave when I might leave.

Update may 9th.  With my tutor I went back to look at the past and he does say what it says… in a better translation it is:

“I also have the worry that I don’t know when I will die or leave so I think it’s the best/happy thing to enjoy the present  and live fully putting all your effort.”

Oh!  Il-woo Ssi!  This moved me to the end… you must believe you will live a long healthy life!  Of course these moments of uncertainty will come to you… but remember it is all in your mind in the end.  You are here, you are breathing…  God has shown you how it is there for you… he saved your life in an accident where you could have died or be left in a worst state. You are here because you are meant to be here! You are meant to touch the lives of many… not only by your acting but by the beauty that’s inside of you!  And you do! And you will continue to do so!

I will continue to do my best to support you through this website and my thoughts… I will send loads and loads of good energy right to you!  Energy filled with love… with believe and confidence!  What I wrote in my last message to you I will repeat: One’s mind is responsible for what one is surrounded by… that is why we must stay positive and truly believe in the beauty and perfection of God’s Universal Energy… so it becomes part of our lives and the lives of those we touch.

You are one of my favorite parts of that beautiful Universal Energy Il-woo Ssi!   And everyday I am so thankful that life brought me you!!!

Update May 4

After reading the one about dating and marriage, this one calmed my heart!  If he can talk about the possibility of living 100 years, and that he wants to marry in his 40’s than that means he does believe he will live for a long time!  Phew!  I have to check the translation of that part I highlighted before with my tutor!  Next week!