In the memory of A-woo. Jung Il-woo’s dog.

April 19, 2019

Yesterday I was working on an entirely different post when all of those Instagram messages kept coming from Il-woo about how he was missing his A-woo.  It made me so sad … I kept thinking in the back of my head… what can I do? What can I do to make him smile, even if for a moment!

Suddenly a heavenly inspiration came my way!  I started thinking about A-woo and how well she was loved… and that this one of the things she was taking with her to the ever after…she was well dressed in Il-woo’s love forever.  Immediately this idea of  “A-woo’s Heavenly Wardrobe.” came.  I loved the name and I could see the little suitcase perfectly!  With a rainbow handle as Il-woo wrote in one of his messages…  “…Have you crossed the rainbow well A-woo?”

So this is what I have so far…  I first drew A-woo, I decided for a puppy… as they are so wrinkly cute!!!  All those rolls every where!

My drawing of Awoo, Fan 13. 04-19-2019.JPG

Awoo paper her memory 2010-2019.jpg


Awoo's Heavenly Wardrobe.jpg

And so far these are my wardrobe creations:

Angel Awoo.jpg


Le Awoo Francais.jpg


Godzilla Awoo.jpg

Woo Ribbit.jpg


Basic RGB

Peace Awoo.jpg

And this is the idea of the suitcase I had in my mind… I finally had time to make it:

Awoo Suitcase Model.jpg

I hope this brings a smile to your face Il-woo Ssi!  Even if for an instant…!!!  A huge hug that has no beginning or end!

Fan 13