Jung Il-woo beautiful in yellow!

February 1 , 2019

These sure brightened my night!  I have to go to bed soon but I’m so charged, it will take a while!  So I decided to post these now!  To calm down…  These come via Naver Dispatch.  No article, just photo after photo delight!  Jung Il-woo is so in tune with his work, he posted about them right after they came out!


This is a video that Il-woo just posted:

Update: August 6, 2019

I found the link to Vlive awesome video that shows him posing too…



WITAT .(What I Think About This)

WOOw!  WOOhat a Delight!  🙂   This has put me in such high spirits… it’s like light!  I’m so thankful to Jung Il-woo for all I feel right now… all my Venezuelan worries melt away photo after photo… and then all is left is just pure happiness.  How do you do such a thing?  How you light up my life!  Wait… there is a song… this is it…precisely how you make me feel:

Il-woo you light up…my… life!!!