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January 19, 2019

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Jung Il immediately after the military service speaks his mind:  “I am looking forward to reading fans’ letters that make me feel empowered”

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Jung Il, who appeared in hits such as the drama “Moon holding the sun” and “Cinderella and the four knights <Night>”, which is also highly popular in Japan, returned after completing military service for about two years. In December 12, 2018 I came to Japan to attend the “Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)” held at the Saitama Super Arena and responded to the interview immediately before the event.

Two years of service “It was an opportunity to look at life as a human being of Jung Il “

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– What kind of days have you been sending for two years during duty?

Jung Il: After completing his 2 years of service at the elderly care hospital, I transferred (dismantled) on November 30. The work I did at that facility is in the care of the elderly. About 90% of people are suffering from dementia, but also helped me take care of meals and Ikebana as a care treatment for dementia. It was a very meaningful and happy day because I cared for elderly people who were at the end of their life and became an opportunity to see life as a human being that Jung Il could not feel in his actor’s life so far. It was a precious time to think that I can not have such a time in my life.

– How was your private time spent?

Jung Il: After working hours, I studied English hard, I played sports and went hiking with my friends working together on the weekend. I also met with my friends who had not had much time so far.

– What friends do you refer to?

Jung Il: I met my friends of junior high school and high school, and I met with Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum recently.

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– How was your English level?

Jung Il: I studied quite a bit, so when I went overseas trips I had almost no trouble. Even without 100% communication, I can tell thoughts.

– What is the examination level?

Jeong Il: I received TOEIC at college time, bu I did not study this time to take an exam.

– What did you get in the last 2 years?

Jung Il: For ten years since becoming an actor, it seems like a frog in the stomach, the people we meet are limited, and the things that can be experienced are also limited. All the young men who were serving with me this time were all 10 years younger or more than I was, but I learned while feeling the passion, ambition, to value these young men. Also, thanks to the use of a lot of public transportation means such as buses and subways, I could see the scenery I had not seen, and I feel that my horizons have expanded by interacting with the general public. When such experience got back to the actor, I feel I was able to see the work with a greater margin.

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Jung · Il: I was masking (laugh). But now we are all watching smaho, so we do not show any interest to others. Especially because attendance time is busy. Even if you get noticed, that is thankful for that (lol).

– I can not imagine the feelings while enlisting it, but what mind?

Jung · Il: The mentally most damn thing is the first day of entering the training center. I spend about 4 to 5 weeks at the train station, sleeping in a place with 1000 men who are completely unfamiliar, eating, showering and so on … since it is the school trip since it is a school trip It is hard for me and I can not be with my normal heart. After about 3 days I became friends with everyone, my younger child cared for me, so I felt that I also had to do as my brother neatly. In any case, it is obliged to obviously have to do, I think that responsibility was born through military service and patriotism was born.

– Did you miss the scene or fans?

Jung Il: I’m very grateful for the letters sent by the fans. Domestic and overseas fans send messages digitally. Sending me what I did, such as what I did today, such as what I did today, I am looking forward to reading them and feeling empowered.

It’s been a long time since I came to Japan! Haneda Airport has been greeted by many fans …

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– This time I came to Japan with MAMA ‘s presenter’ s job. I came to Japan for the first time in a while and I was greeted by many fans at Haneda airport, how was your mood?

Jung Il: To be honest, I was still accustomed to life as an actor because I was living as men during military service as an ordinary person. And as we are discharging it has been busy getting into shooting, I have not really felt that the military service has ended yet …. Therefore, I am not used to contacting the fans, but I was touched very much by everyone waiting without changing. In order to repay the love of such fans, I think I will do my best as I think that good works, good acting is the best.

– At the same time as a transfer, I was decided to appear in a drama “獬豸 (Kaichi)”. Why did you choose this work for return?

Jung Il: It was six months before the expulsion that I received an offer. I got an offer of many works, but it is a romantic story. And everyone in Japan chose it without hesitation because it is possible to make a work with the scriptwriter teacher (Kim Yi Young) of “Tongyi” “Isan” and a fine director (Lee Young Suk) . It took about a week after I started shooting, but my breathing with Kwon Yul brother and Ara (Ko · Ara) also goes well, and Lee Kyoung-yeon is a senior and has made a good mood. So I am shooting very happily. As it is an interesting and romantic story, I think that people in Japan will like it. It is scheduled to be broadcasted in Korea on February 11, 2019, but I have heard that copyright has already been sold to Japan as well. All the staff are doing their best with photography and I am passionate about my returning work, so I think that I can expect it! !

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– Yongin-yeong-gum, who plays in “Kaichi”, is a person who has appeared in many historical dramas before, but what Mr. Jung Yoo played by Mr. Jung Yoo is Will it be drawn as?

Jung Il: I will perform the English father (the 21st king of Lee Mr. Joseon Dynasty) before he became king, but he will draw a story from there until becoming a king. There were a lot of works which made UK founder as a material so far, but there was no drama that spotted the spot in the era of Mr. Therefore, I would like you to pay attention to the new figure of Mr. Munenaga that viewers did not know. Rather than drawing the historical facts as it is, I think that the viewers are interested with the interest as it is a newly made character, making use of the historical background of the English ancestry.

– How did you make a role?

Jung Il: We talked a lot with the screenwriter’s teacher and the director anyhow. Previously, I talked with a teacher who was teaching acting and I was making a character, but this time I believed in myself and wanted to make my own character, I did it.

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– Were you seeing movies and dramas during military service?

Jung Il: I like watching movies very much, so I went to see a movie, theater, and classical music if there were famous concerts. I also visited museums and art museums, and experienced experiences by touching culture and entertainment.

– What did you think about what you were interested in or what you wanted to perform?

Jung Il: It is not a work I wanted to perform, but the drama “Secret Forest” and “My Uncle” were very good.

– What do you want to see the work of Japan?

Jung Il: Our age is a generation that grew up watching a lot of Japanese dramas and movies in high school. So my favorite work is also very much. I like “Tokyo Tower” or a lyrical and tranquil story movie very much. Recently I saw “I want to eat your pancreas”, I was so moved that I cried (laugh). I also like animation.

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– So, if you have a good work, can you also appear in Japanese work?

Jung · il: Of course! ! When I meet with an agent in Japan, I always say “I want to do something if you have a good work.”

– What is private and want to do in Japan?

Jung Il: I thought that I wanted to go to “FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL” when I was discharged, so I would like to go there if I have time this summer. I went to “Summer Sonic”last year.

I’d also like to prepare fan meeting in Japan … It is hard to think unique each time (laugh)”

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A magazine?  What kind?

Jung Il: As I become the editor-in chief, I am preparing articles in various categories such as culture, art, travel, meals. Because it will appear as a global magazine, I think that you can see it by Japanese fans as well.

– The story of the public relations ambassador of the National Center Museum came out, but he seems to like the museum tour from the usual day.

Jung Il: When I go on a trip I will visit the national museum in that country. I also went to the Kyoto museum, I like the National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon, the Metropolitan Museum and the MOMA Museum (Museum of Modern Art, New York). It is not recommended by someone, but when I see the work at the museum I feel calm. It seems there is interesting to discover the artistic intent to draw from that writer. But, to tell the truth, it was a long time since I went to the National Center of the Chinese Museum. I went for the first time after renewal, but it was very good. If Japanese fans also visit Korea when they come to Korea, I think that we can make special memories.

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– What kind of things are you preparing for fan meeting? Every time, it seems to be a unique project … ….

Jung Il: That’s right ~ (laugh). Every time, it is hard to think. But this time it’s a fan meeting that will be the official place since I returned. Also as a special event, I am thinking about going on a trip once. A one night trip or something … …. I would like to plan after doing my work hard.

–Where do you want to go?

Jung Il: Is it about Okinawa and Sapporo? More than 50 times have come to Tokyo and I went to Kyoto and Osaka, but I have not been to Okinawa and Sapporo. I’d like to go because I heard that it is very beautiful.

– I think that I will be busy for the time being with a drama, what do you want to do when it gets turned off?

Jung Il: I like walking and I want to go hiking. In Japan I heard that the hiking course is in place. Even if it is not Japan, which country it is, I would like to have time to look back on myself while walking, spending busy. I used to like big cities, but now I like to travel like a small city, a quiet place walking with my own feet while watching various things.

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– The drama “Cinderella and 4 knights <Knight>” who appeared just before joining was popular and popular during military service. Where do you think the appeal of this drama is?

Jung Il: The biggest point is that each of the four male heroes has a character with a different personality as the title “4 knights”. And I think that it is interesting to see the way of love they express and the relationships between people. The reason why I took this work just before military service is because I thought that it was a work preferred by young people. Because of that, I heard that teenage fans have increased in Japan even during military service. I feel very good (laugh).

– Do you have a part that Tsundere Jiun and Jung Il himself resemble?

Jung Il: I’m more than Jiang and I think it’s warm (lol). And since I have a pure aspect, that point is similar. Either way I show a part inside of me in the character and I do not want to bother to make it 100% different character from myself, so it is obvious that there will be many similar parts.

– Do you still have an exchange with co-stars?

Jeong Il: Mr. Ahn Jae-hyeong is close with me in the same age, so I ordered rice, drunk alcohol and met several times. Other people are keeping in touch with the chalk. Recently, since Jon Shin enlisted, I am currently working hard to protect the country (laugh).
In case

The 12th anniversary of the debut “Is regret or regrettable being a process that is going to be in their thirties?”

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– The 12th anniversary of the debut was celebrated on November 6, but what do you feel after looking back?

Jung Il: I’ve been an actor for over 10 years but there are so many things I think is still too much, there are things that I regret or sorry, but that is also a process that is going on in my thirties I think not. As for how to face the work, before long there was a desire to shine myself in the work, but now I want to shine the work more than my own. I also cautioned how to approach jobs and characters. I think that it is a process that matures now like that. I feel that an actor is a harder job than doing it. Creating a new person is a very difficult task and it will be difficult for you to pass. However, since it is also the best attraction of actors, we try to actively experience diverse experiences even when we are not working. That will be a great help when doing the work.

– What do you want to do now?

Jung Il: I think that next to “獬豸 (Kaichi)” will be a modern drama for the time being. I want to do is a genre drama. Deductive goods and operation goods. I would like to do a different color work than before. I’ve come across a lot of bright characters so far, I’d like to play a dark role as a villain.

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– I think many fans expect romantic comedy, how is it?

Jung Il: I think that I will do it, but there is a time limit. I will do it when that time comes! !

– Who would like to collaborate in the future?

Jung Il: I love seniors Lee Kyoung-yeong, so I saw most of my senior’s work. I am also a senior at the university, but since there are so many things to learn as actors, I am honored to be able to join in “Kaichi” in this way, I have had a lot of good stories before entering the shooting I had you. It seems that he was saying “Please give my best regards” to the surrounding actors while enlisting, and I was very grateful. Even at the work place, I advise comfortably, I am very dependable and will become a force.

– From now on, what is the goal of becoming an actor?

Jung Il: I wonder what kind of actor he wants to become an actor, when he keeps up his works and someday looks back at them, he says, “I am an actor who makes such a color” think. So it is my goal to become an actor who can digest various works! !

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