Haechi, plot and character descriptions of the new drama with Jung Il-woo and Go Ara.


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January 4, 2018

I have been researching about Haechi, what it’s about, who are the characters, what is the main plot etc.  So far this is what I have found.  As I know more I will add it here and edit as well.

First of all what does Haechi mean?  If you are curious you already probably know that Haechi, also know as Haetae and Hatch is a mythical creature used in architecture during the early Joseon dynasty to protect Hanyang (now Seoul) from natural disasters and to maintain law and order in the general populace.  Seoul has been using Haechi as the symbol for Seoul since 2009.

These are two versions of Haechi. The first one is found in Korean palaces and the second one is the symbol for Seoul.

Haechi statue infront of Gyeongbokgung Palace. Cr.MGA .jpg

Haechi, Seoul's Symbol.jpg

Haechi’s body is shaped like a lion and has a horn on its forehead. It has a bell in its neck, and the body is covered with scales.  In english it’s known as the “Unicorn Lion” or “an omniscient mythical beast.”


This creature was know previously to the Chinese as ‘Xiezhi,” and in Chinese literature can be traced back to the Han Dynasty, where it is described by the scholar Yang Fu as a “righteous beast, which rams the wrong party when it sees a fight, and bites the wrong party when it hears an argument.”

It is also known to the Japanese as kaichi (獬豸), and its a lion with a horn on its head.

About Haechi, the drama’s plot:

This drama is a “Fusion Saeguk,” meaning a historical drama that combines elements from the past and current times.  It is set to air on February 11th.  There will be 48 episodes!   It is set in the Joseon Dynasty period, and follows four people from different walks of life who come together to help Prince Lee Geum claim the throne and reform the Saheonbu (사헌부)

What is the Saheonbu?

It was a board of inspection that administered inspections during Goryeo and Joseon dynasties in Korea. The organ inspected Hanyang (Seoul), and its surrounding or metro area. It was also responsible for licensing officials, impeachment and legal inquiries, which also extends to the control of King’s relatives. The strongest duty is to directly criticize king’s order.

Since the organ took charge of judicial responsibility for officials and the subjects, its ethics were very strict.

Taejo of Joseon established the organ right after the foundation of Joseon Dynasty in 1392. The standard organization was 1 head officer and 12 officials with about 40 other bureaucrats.

This is the main cast.  Character images and information from Wikipedia, and the SBS Haechi Webpage.  Translated using Papago, Naver Translate.

Main Cast:

Haechi Drama, Jung Il-woo as Lee Geum. Cr. SBS.pngHaechi Drama, Prince Lee Geum Description in Korean. Cr. SBS.png

  • Jung Il-woo as Lee Geum
He is an intelligent and zealous prince who is discriminated against for his mother’s lowly background.

Lower class Prince Lee Geum by Jung Il-woo
Born prince in a lower class
He becomes one of the greatest kings of the Joseon Dynasty.

the son of King Sukjong, the 19th king.
the blood of a king
He is a dignified prince but not recognized by many as his mother was from a lower social class.

He is worthless prince,
That was the title of Prince Lee Geum.

He had a great relationship with his lovely younger brother
Han Jeong-seok, but he died tragically.
Depressed as he thinks it was his fault,                                                                                            he has made a promise to keep the rest of those who he loves, safe.

“At this moment (In the Palace), like a pawn on a chessboard,
Don’t you need a brainless prince you can control to be king?

Once upon a time he was nothing,
He, Yeon Ying-gun, the prince of Bancheon-Bang-Bang-Gi (the lower class)
The journey of becoming the greatest king of the Joseon Dynasty begins…

haechi drama, go ara as yeo ji cr. sbsHaechi Drama, Yeo Ji character Description. Cr. SBS.png

  • Go Ara as Yeo-ji
A female police detective who is the best investigator at the Saheonbu.  She has a talent for both martial arts and foreign languages. She is discriminated against for her gender.

Man of Joseon Dynasty!! Walking human weapon!!

However, her heart is tender, and she is a passionate woman of the Sagheonbu.

Of course, Damo in the Sagittoral Department, all of his possessions.
He is the best man in martial arts and investigation.

There’s a delicate, demanding thing to do with the job,
He’s a sensitive perfectionist, but everything else in the world
I don’t know, I don’t know anything.

Her father was said to have been quite competent.
But tracking corruption in the name of the superior,
She went missing, and she was alone at a young age,
at the hands of Han Jeong-seok, one of his father’s superiors
He grew up with Jeong-seok. He’s a brother. He’s a father.
He was an existent, and his wife was a mother.

I happened to meet him while I was digging up a plot of a smug bullet.
Prince of Manganese. He thought he was a little bit better.
You’re connected to the death of the Jeongseok couple.
I really don’t want to meet again.

It turns out that her growth period, which is ‘women’ itself, begins.

Haechi Drama, Kwon Yul as Park Moon-so Cr. SBS.pngHaechi Drama Park Moon-soo Character Description  .png

  • Kwon Yul as Park Moon-soo
A passionate man who seeks justice and aims to protect the weak and the poor. He is preparing for the civil service exam to become a public officer.  He is not very smart but has a lot of heart.

A staunch guard on the side of interest.
The inspection is 2 percent short. Later, the best fishing expedition in Joseon Dynasty!

In the Joseon Dynasty, there was a lack of power
an ill-known family of letters

Even a man of noble birth, his family was poor, and his father was his father.
A case in which a single mother had to study hard because she lost early.
But what is it?
What a natural head doesn’t follow.

The spirit, the passion, the pursuit of justice,
It’s not too much to say that the top one percent of the Joseon Dynasty
Unfortunately, brain power is in the bottom 1 percent.

But that dream is a dream that I respect
Being an inspector of the private sector like Han Jeong-seok. Why?
A man’s man, you know, with a real knife in your hand,
He must protect the strongest and the weakest.

King Sukjong’s replacement machine,
Fate begins with a bad relationship with the money you met by chance.
What a strange thing to do is to think that he is a traitor.
After he became a tax official, he reinstated his exiled post
He helps Mun-su secretly and looks at the life of the author through the moon.

Was he dreaming the same dream as himself?

haechi drama, park hoon as dal moon cr. sbsHaechi Drama Dal Moon Character Description..png

  • Park Hoon as Dal-moon
A famous clown who is good at martial arts. He’s bold and intuitive with an unwavering loyalty to the prince.

A famous clown as the leader of an organization’s wreath
a master of martial arts who faces dozens of long-range men with a fan

I was born on the street without knowing my name or surname.
Growing up, naturally, with the guts and the ability to unite people.
The owner of Gwangtonggyo Bridge in the middle of Hanyang.
There is a myth that all information on the castle goes through the moon.

One day he encounters Yeon Ying.
A man who hid himself with cold talk and ridicule,
A keen Dal-moon catches at a glance that he is real.
If such a man is put on the table, the world is a little bit.
a moon in hope of change

I’ve been so convinced that there’s no justice in the world.
Moon chooses an adventure that is not like him.

The forces he built on this street.
The decision was made to be the last of the money.

He has an unforgettable woman in his heart.
He loved and loved the uniform of abandoned children more than anyone else,
Blinded by her power, she was convinced that a powerful political power
I am the concubine of Kim Chang-jip.

Lee Geum, king of the palace, and King Dalmun of the street dreamt of a good country to live together.

haechi drama, lee geung-young as min jin-won cr. sbsHaechi Drama Lee Geung-young Character Description. Cr. SBS Drama.png

Lee Geung-young as Min Jin-won
A substantial leader of the West
To lose power is death.

Queen Inhyeon’s Orabi
with one’s sister going out of business and one’s family falling apart.
He was more acute than anyone else in the history of power.

He doesn’t forgive mistakes.
Always make sure that you pay the equivalent price.

There’s a lot of weakness, and I’ll do what you’re told to do.
He used the Milky Way’s bullet as a Noron’s scarecrow.
Poisoning an age group spoils all plans.

Since then, no one’s ever expected
find a card I don’t like it.
He desperately needed a puppet to be his horse.

raising the interest to the detergent if necessary
Min Jin-won, who unintentionally made the king.

as a powerful political opponent against interest
become a more solid figure of money

haechi drama, jung moon-sung as mil pung-kun cr. sbsHaechi Drama,  Mil Pung-kun Character Description..png

Jung Moon-sung as Mil Pung-kun

The tragic death of Prince Sohyeon
a crazy clown with sad eyes, a troubled human being

My grandfather lived a miserable life as the third son of Prince Sohyeon,
His life must have been all the same.
He’s obsessed with the sense of victimization that he’s taken what’s right.
I don’t know the thoughts and pains of others.

barely scraping by the dying grass.
The fallen prince wanted to be a prince one day.
They were rescued by the Noron.

That was the beginning of a tragic fate.

Just before the third one was replaced and sat there,
Even if you change your mind with Han Jung-seok
out of reason
He poison the age group and casts the seal in front of him.

What if half of the Joseon Dynasty dies.

If only one people were left, I would be king.


haechi drama, park jung-hoa as chun yoon-young cr. sbsHaechi Drama, Park Chun Yoon-young Character Description. Cr. SBS.png

Park Jung-hoa as Chun Yoon-young

Chun Yoon-young/Departmentalization

the patronage of Kim Chang-jip, the leader of the book’s Noron
a sad woman who has not always had much in her hands

a lunar eulogy that saved and cared for one’s childhood abandoned self
However, I want to see a bigger world.
He abandoned the moon gate and ran away, and he said, ‘Yoon-young,
She leads a new life as a parasite.
After all, Yoon-young became the favorite of Kim Chang-jip, the leader of the Seo-in Noron.
There has also been an inappropriate relationship with the coals of the Milky Way.

Her eyes are full of dark inside,
be as attractive as a person
Kim Chang-jip. Set up my altars as detergents.

I promised to be the mother of this country.
Well, her movement, she’s experienced,
I wanted to build it up, but I couldn’t control it.
Tan’s mistake eventually misses his dream.

She was a woman who had to have everything she could have,

There is little in the world that can’t be done for it.

Haechi Drama, Han Sang-jin as Wi Byung-joo Cr. SBS.pngHaechi Drama,  Wi Byung-joo Character Description Cr. SBS.png

Han Sang-jin as Wi Byong-joo

The blood of a completely fallen man and a trusted friend of Han Jeong-seok.

the natural state of affairs for power

a man of ill health who was born into the house of a ruined man
He’s a brilliant brain, so he’s chosen as a staff member.
It serves as an inspection of the private sector.

But the guard knows. under the title of Jangwon
How did you get there, but the world of calligraphers,
The name of a man who can’t get involved in Noron and the introduction
It would be a lifelong shackle to him.

So the warden was the only one
He’s willing to betray his friend Han Jung-seok, and he’s being falsely accused.
It leads to death. I’ll give you a lot of support.
He fell for the sweet trick of Min Jin-won.

After he became king, he took his sister
in every way possible to get into the rear.
stomach wine

I don’t know if he’s converted to the first law
He is in excellent condition, to the point where he will

This is a character Map. Cr. SBS

Haechi Drama Character Map Cr. SBS.jpg