Merry Christmas! Jung Il-woo!

2013 12 Jung Il-woo as Santa 2

December 24, 2018

It is early Christmas Eve here in Boston.  I hope that all of you are having a good Christmas Eve!  Here it is 7:13AM…which means that it is around 9:13PM in South Korea.  I imagine Il-woo with his cooking apron on at this minute, finishing the touches on a Christmas dish.  If I know one thing for sure about him is that he must help his mom and sister a lot with Christmas dinner.  I wonder what they eat?  No matter what… it must be so delicious!  so filled with love!

And there are other things I feel sure about Il-woo. I know that he was meant to be in my life… as I was meant to be in his. I feel this so deeply… I believe everything that happens in one’s life is never a coincidence.  Life brings you what you want… and sometimes what you need too.  And sometimes a perfect combination of both!  This is my case with Il-woo. I had been asking for someone like him for a long, long time. Someone who would make me believe in MANkind again.  And he has… the more I know him the more I feel  delighted :-).  And I also feel so thankful!

Today marks the second anniversary of my Instagram account: jungilwoo.delights Researching and writing the story of Il-woo’s professional life has brought me numerous joys and this year it brought me a most beautiful Christmas gift.

I received a package from ‘fy!iw webmiss’ moniker, the writer of Il-woo’s blog ‘fy!iw.’  She was a fan of Jung Il-woo a while back and as she is not such a fan anymore, she shared with me all the things she had accumulated from Il-woo around the years 2010 and 2011. She happened to be coming to New York and she kindly not only brought it with her but mailed it to me.  I could not believe all the goodies in the package!!!   I skimmed through it and found so many lovely things!!!  Things that would be difficult to find as they are from so long ago!  So I decided to close it again and leave it for Christmas Day…

I will share this with all of you in my next post!

TO dear ‘fy!iw webmiss’ moniker,  know that I’m deeply thankful for this gift! May I have the chance to gift you something special too someday!

TO the the fans of Jung Il-woo, Merry Christmas!!!  and may god bless you!  thank you for your support.

TO Jung Il-woo Ssi, god bless you and Merry Christmas my darling! my love! my delight!


Do you want to see the video with Il-woo?  Ho, Ho, Ho!  Here it is:

And the rest of this lovely photoshoot:

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