Jung Il woo in an Interview by JCOM.

July 1, 2015

These are the photos:

2015 7 1 Jung Il-woo for JCOM 32015 7 1 Jung Il-woo for JCOM 22015 7 1 Jung Il-woo for JCOM 12015 7 1 Jung Il-woo for JCOM 4

And this is the article, translated form Japanese using Google Translate:

“Moon holding the sun” is broadcasting even in the channel galaxy now, it is very popular. In this work, I played the prince, Yang Myeong-nun, who holds a burning feeling for the first love. Why did you decide to appear?
“The primary reason is that the character Yomei is very attractive, Yomei are very cheerful at first glance, although they are in the position of a prince, they are living freely, but inside the heart is very There was a deep feeling.I was attracted to such a place.I thought that I could show diverse figure by playing this role and I thought that I could leave a strong impression on people but I got an offer At that time, I was worried very much whether I will appear or not. “

Where did you suffer?
“Actually, at that time, I was photographing” You’re a beautiful handsome guy ramen shop. “It took me a while before the shooting ended, but it took only one week to get in” shooting the moon holding the sun ” “Beautiful man …” is a love comedy and the chis which I was playing was a comical character so I thought that I could play this role soon after playing the cheese. “

Certainly, it is quite different character.
“I am listening to opinions about the selection of roles for the people around me, but at this time I split my opinion halfway with saying” You better not do it “” Do it by all means. “So, Also worried, suffering … But, in the end, I thought that I do not want to miss this charming character and decided to appear. “

How did you change your mind for a week before shooting?
“I tried to stay in the local hotel for 3 days in order to take off the previous role and enter the new role (laugh). I disconnected my mobile phone and just read the script only in the hotel room, I feel like I got help. “

I heard that photography is difficult for historical dramas, but how was the atmosphere at the scene?
“Because the shooting period itself was not so long, I was busy anyway and I could not think of anything. (Laugh) I was preparing for acting, but I kept taking a picture of myself just to keep it myself anyway. Because it was such a state, it was a bit disappointing that we did not have much time to communicate with co-stars such as Kim Su-Hyun and Han Gain. “

Through this work, I think that Mr. Jung Il’s popularity has further increased. What kind of work did you do for Jung Il’s “Moon holding the sun”?
“It is also the work that the viewer rating was the best among the performances so far, it is a work that raised my name recognition further (laugh) I think that I am a really lucky actor. The reputation also increased, and many people were visiting the site, I think that it was a work that gave me a lot of confidence. “

Please tell me the point of this work, “What is Yomei’s favorite place here!”
“I am trying to dedicate my life to my beloved brother, my beloved woman, although I am living freely, especially in the last round, I strongly” I want to play! “There is an impressive scene that I thought, so I’m happy if you enjoy seeing it until the end”

The fan meeting which was held in May was also a big success. How did you feel by touching Japanese fans directly?
“I really spent a lot of time preparing for this fan meeting, so I wanted to show various forms that I had never showed before and I also challenged” Wall Dong “(laugh) Fortunately, everyone is very I was pleased, I also enjoyed myself and my mind was healed. “

I have been to Japan many times already, but are there anything I’m looking forward to in Japan, what I want to eat?
“I am doing fan meetings and events more than 10 times in Japan, and since I have come many times at private, I already eat all delicious things. (Laugh) I would like to go to Hokkaido in winter.Is beautiful snow I’d like to ski in inside. “

Finally, please send a message to Japanese fans.
“From now on, I would like to see you all at many events, making memories with all my fans is a very happy thing for me and also an actor who constantly strives to show good works Continue, I will do my best to respond to your love, so please support me! “