Jung Il-woo in various interviews and magazines.

January, 2015

While in Taiwan, Jung Il-woo did various interviews for magazines and the media.  This is a compilation of some of them. Cr. Ilwoo’s Room and Soompi.


Photos from TVBS Weekly No. 881:

2015 1 20 TVBS Weekly 12015 1 20 TVBS Weekly 32015 1 20 TVBS Weekly 42015 1 20 TVBS Weekly 5


Ming Weekly:

2015 1 22 Jung Il-woo in Ming Weekly 12015 1 22 Jung Il-woo in Ming Weekly 2



Trendy Magazine No. 57.

2015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57

2015 JIW for Trendy Mgazine.jpg

2015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57 12015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57 22015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57 32015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57 42015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57 52015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57 62015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57 72015 1 23 Trendy Magazine No.57 8jpg


Jung Il-woo held a question and answer session on Weibo on January 23, 2015. It lasted for 1 hour. I translated it using Google translate… “his words” are in red.

#丁一宇中国粉丝见会# My micro-interview “Jung Il-woo chats with Chinese fans” begins! Today, I will chat with you in the micro-interview. The interview time is 14:00-15:00. Come and ask questions!

Q. Which do you prefer, taller women and smaller women? (Tinyee Small)
A. Small Female ~ ~ ~ Petite lady ~~~
January 23 14: 07

Q. I am working hard now and I’m on a diet. Encourage me to work hard! (Dreamer Tadashi Takashi)
A. Lubricant ~~~! ! ! ! Go for it! ~! ! ! !
January 23 14: 07

Q. When are you coming to Beijing? (Frozen dew)
A.31 arrival! ! February 1 national cinema theater ~ ~ 31 days! ! Let’s meet at the Kyogo Shiho Theater on February 1 ~ ~
January 23 14:08

Q. Are you really you? Do you understand Chinese? (_ 郁 恩 喜)
A. 嗯! Naturally – yeah! Of course it is
January 23 14:09

Q. What is your feeling about fan meetings in a week? get nervous? (Dream one ___________)
A. Tense excitement ~~ I am nervous and excited ~~
January 23 14:10

Q. I like you so much and I want to see you (I Chen)
A. 呃 ~~~~ Ningbo Lee presence electricity front! Eh ~~~~ You can see you in front of the PC!
January 23 14:11

Q. When will I have my next work? (GIGFACE 88)
A. Positive Nearnight, Practice Books ~~ I am looking at the scenario now ~ ~
January 23 14:12

Authentication dictionary! ! Authentication shot! !

2015 1 23 JIW Post Weibo Q & A.jpg

January 23 14:13

Q.3 I did not send sada_org food but .. Do you look for delicious food when you come to China for Korean gourmet lovea_org What do you like about the Chinese food? What? Can you do a lot of activities in China now? What? For those who translate Good morning  Look here! I can see it! (tearful-smile )
A. We killed  ~~~~ Of course! Meeting Normal! Leave! I like Sichuan food ~ ~ ~ Of course! To meet you! Come That’s it!
January 23 14:14

Q. If I take a movie in China, who is the Chinese actor who wants to work most together? Thank you (unbelived)
A. Wa Kae-yeon is possible to do ~ I want to be with you ~
January 23 14:14

Q. I have been fond of you for 8 years. I hope your future will be a wonderful future ~ Please reply to me (memory)
A. memory I am thanks to you and your support ~ ~ Thank you! ! !
January 23 14:16

Q. Oppa went to Japan a lot, went to Malaysia, also made a fan meeting in Taiwan, why do not you come to China? Do not you like beautiful Chinese sister? Answer sincerely. (baby)
A. I am far away from China!  February No. 1 Beijing looking ~
I have been to China many times! Have not you met? Well, I do not mind! Let’s meet in Beijing on February 1st ~
January 23 14:17

Q. My elementary school made a portable table cliff using your photo (teacher mischievous happiness)
A. Currently? What? What? now? What? What?
January 23 14:18

Q. (The picture of calligraph wrote “Dinguu”) The character I wrote in calligraphy for the first time, it is not enough to put it in public but I wanted to show it to you (kindergarten ___ ___ ___ 0)
A. Ratio superiorly like ~! Better than me ~ ~!
January 23 14:18

Q. How long do you have au? Do you take her when you are on vacation? (Tinyee Small)
A. awoo Waga residence ~~~~ Awoo lives together ~~~~
January 23 14:20

Q. When do you buy a house in China and open a coffee shop? (Feng Taotian Nose Doris)
A. Thought I am open minded? Would you like me to have a coffee shop?
January 23 14:20

Q. I will go to bed at 06:19 in the UK time zzz fighting ~ (Linmxxx)
A. Pre-unprecedented Rig Britain came over, good idea again! Lucky Day ~~
I went to England some time ago, I want to go again! Good night ~ ~
January 23 14:21

Q. What do you feel the most handsome of the whole body? (Kim Dae Su de 欢))
A. Hand
January 23 14:22

Q. Can you make rice? (Happiness lost in general foam)
A. Emergency stick! wink wink amazing wink wink
January 23 14:25

Q. Another 11 crazya_org (hui)
A. Article 12, Picture! Follows 12 pieces!
January 23 14:25

Q. I had a dream last night and you came to my house, I was excited, but I woke up and awoke and realized I was sad. (Pains cry)
A. ~ ~ ~ ~ smile smile
If I go, I will make rice and eat ~ ~ ~ smile smile
January 23 14:26

Q. I want to see the latest photo of Au! ! ! (Zhou _ Ji Ming)
A. Rush on! ! Lost Ying ~ ~ smile Upload! ! Go to see ~ ~ smile
January 23 14: 27

Q. Praise the Chinese fan who had been waiting for a long time in three sentences (a certain American rice grass 49)
A. 100 phrases ___ _ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0
To praise three sentences, 100 sentences are not enough – for me it is very precious existence!
January 23 14:29

Q. Let’s talk with IL and me! What is your favorite song you recommend? (Tantern Ai wish)
A. To know him is to love him – Amy Winehouse
January 23 14:31

Q. I’d like to confirm what you think … …. sun 2015 Wednesday married Arasa girls, please give me a reward. I hope that my wish can be achieved (philosophical time)
A. ___ ___ ___ ___ 0
January 23 14:33

Q. Oppa, I am fluent in Chinese. I am really happy to be able to chat with us (yyc1993)
A. Naturally! ! wink course! ! wink
January 23 14:33

Q. <Deleted>
A. Effort Craft – Effort! Lubricating ~! Work hard and make efforts ~ earn! Go for it!
January 23 14:34

Q. You like us ‘crazy’, ‘watch quietly’, ‘cuddle up’, which loving way do you like? (Surname __ _ Nairie)
A. Fascinated love! ! ! ! I love you insane! ! ! ! Ahaha
January 23 14:35

Q. (Pictures of homemade noodles) Ile-topa, how about the noodles I made? (7 points 5-L)
A.  ~ ~ my most love! surface! my favorite guy! noodles! Thank you ~~~
January 23 14:39

Q. How long do you want to get married?
A. Positive humanity ___ ___ 0 ___ Wednesday ___ ___ 0
Marriage is a good person ~ Now I will do my best at acting ~ smile
January 23 14:41

Q. What if I see you and hug you without being able to control myself? Ha ha ha
A. k k k k k k k ~
January 23 14: 43

Q. I do not understand Korean, do not you know if you write a fan letter in Chinese? (Tinyee Small)
A. Immutable system – death problem – all right – no problem ~
January 23 14:46

Q. You are too skinny, eat more! Please (Sue)
A. Rude exclamation wink wink wink wink Actually it is not so skinny if I take skinny off wink wink
January 23 14:50

Q. My name is ‘acent center 1216’, firmly remember (1216)
A. I finished my career – ~ I firmly remembered ~ ~
January 23 14:56

Q. Jeon Il, we are Harlem beautiful drips. Everyone is shouting big love to you! I love you I love you I love you! ! (.real__ gyeol)
A. A. Weya love you ~ My posterior Rairy Drops heart heart heart
I also love you my harem beautiful drips heart heart
January 23 14:56

Come here today~!

2015 1 23 JIW Post Weibo Q & A 2.jpg

January 23 14:57

Q. I already finished … I got four already, I have not received a reply yet … I just thought of you silently on the other side of the ocean … Wow ~ Create a wave ~  (Yui Love warm winter summer )
A. Have you finished getting together? Ha –  Reflection ~ ~ wave wave
Did you think it ended? Ha ha ~ Just the last one, I came across the sea for you! Bye bye – wave wave
January 23 15:02

Q. I finished, I did not make it in time … (Dingui  Favorite)
A. No fault ~ True, the last article! I am sorry but really the last one! wave wave
January 23 15:03

Just found this behind the scenes:

2015 01 10 JIW Weibo Post.jpg