Jung Il-woo Ssi! Happy 32nd Birthday!

September 9th, 2018

(I am posting this a day earlier for the South Korea-Boston, USA time difference of 13 hours!)

정일루 씨 생일 축하해요!

Dearest Il-woo, I hope you are having a great day!  May it be the beginning of many things for you this coming year of your life!  So happy to live it with you!  As there is no mountain high enough, there is no river deep enough, there is no valley long enough to keep me from you!  This is how me and many of your fans feel!

For this special occasion, and to celebrate the great man you are today, I researched and wrote a series of pages about the places you went to school! There is a page for every level from elementary to university.  Jung II-woo are you ready to see the places where you spent so much of your time when you were younger?   Fans…are you ready to see this lovely man grow up in front of your eyes?  These are my little gifts for all to enjoy!  Click on the links above every photo…  and delight!

Huge hug Ilwoo Ssi!


Jung II-woo in Elementary School.

Jung II-woo at Daelim Elementary School Cr. School Website, Edit

Jung II-woo in Middle School.

Jung II-woo at Sungnam Middle School

Jung II-woo in High School.


Jung II-woo in his first university: Seoul Institute for the Arts.

Jung II-woo's at the Seoul Institute for the Arts.

Jung II-woo in Hanyang University.

Jung II-woo In Hanyang University

I even created a tour of his early schools…as they are very close to each other.  You can check out the tour right  HERE!