Jung II-woo in two Japanese Fan Meets “Ilwoo Together” in Osaka and Tokyo.

June 7th and 8th of 2014

Jung II-woo held two Fan Meets in Japan.  This was one of the advertisements:

2014 6 7 Japan Fan Meets Promo.png

This was an interview done before the Fan Meet.  Cr. Wow! Korea

June 7 (Saturday) Osaka Municipal Gender Equality Center North Building (Creo Osaka Kita), Sunday 8 (Sun) Korean actor Jung Yi at the Japan Youth Hall large hall, “JUNGILWOO-JAPAN EVENT 2014 ILWOO TOGETHER “Will be held.

We recently received an official interview before holding a fan meeting.

– You graduated from college this year, right? Having graduated from college, did you feel any change in your mind?
I thought that my heart will be lighter when I graduate, but I feel like there are many things on my shoulder that are different from when I was a student ….

– You seem to have gone to Pusan ​​with your friend after drama ‘Golden Rainbow’.
Friends from junior high school days are the closest friends, I always try hard to go traveling with my friends once a year. So this time I went to travel to Busan. I saw the last drama round in Busan, but I was lonely if I watched it alone, but I was encouraged as I was with my friends. It is my friend who always becomes a power by my side. I am grateful to them.

– The drama “Golden Rainbow” appeared by Jung Il was a long drama, but what do you remember when you look back on now?
“Golden rainbow” is a drama that started when I thought about trying all the acts I wanted to do. From a bright figure to a dark figure …. I’m happy because I was able to show a truly diverse appearance and I am thankful to the seniors who co-starred.

– Seo Do Yeon who Jung Il was playing was a very big character in the play. Do you have anything tough with acting, preparing hard?
Since it was a long run work, I tried not to lose concentration ability to the last. In this drama, I tried to show various characters of the character, but I think that such part was expressed well.

– Unlike ordinary romance drama, mini series, it was a work that had a lot of intense contents such as incidents, accidents, etc. in the play, but what did you get acting like by appealing in such a difficult work?
I am honored that this drama was especially honored with the seniors I especially respect. It was a work that I learned a lot about acting while breathing with many actors such as Park Won-suk, Mr. Cho Min-gi and Kim Sang-jun.

– I had murmured Twitter through “Golden Rainbow” that I was going to show the drum, but I was playing the guitar even though “My deadline is 49th”. What kind of instruments are playing these days?
Ukulele is occasionally playing at home. Sometimes the piano.

– The work in which Mr. Jung Yi appeared is very popular in Japan. How do you feel when you hear that the work that you are appearing is popular abroad?
It is very strange feeling. In particular, I think that historical dramas such as ‘Moon holding the sun’ and ‘Birth of Irishme’ are difficult to understand by foreigners, but I am very happy to hear that we are looking happily and I am very glad to hear such words Listening and I will also try to devote more to the work.

– Has the next work decided? What kind of role and what kind of work do you want to appear in the future?
I am seeing various works, but I’m still under consideration.

– Are there standards for selecting works?
It is very difficult to choose a work. Because I am made to think variously, such as anxiety, crushing, expectation. But, once you select a work, it’s a style to all-in to that work. It will take a long time to choose ….

– Who would you like to co-star with the Japanese actor?
I like Aotoi so I would like to co-star if I have the opportunity someday.

– Fan meeting will be held in Osaka on June 7th and Tokyo in Tokyo on 8th. How do you feel about being in Japan for the first time in a while?
Fan meeting is always nervous. Every time I do a fan meeting, I think that the time of fan meeting is very short. I would like to greet a single face at a time. I am sorry to have limited time.

– What would you like to do when you arrive in Japan?
Recently I am addicted to Japanese noodles. So, I would like to go to a delicious ramen restaurant famous in Tokyo and Osaka. Also, I would like to go to the cafe and restaurant of all the fans. I am happy if you tell me where.

– What is your favorite word in Japanese?
“I love it. I think that it is a word that will make people excitable and please me whenever I hear it.

– In the end, please give your message to the fans.
I have run out of time until June. I want to see all the fans as soon as possible, and let’s make memories of only us.

Fan Meetings

OSAKA, June 7th

The First one was held in Osaka.  According to an article he saw 2500 Fans in these meets.  He gave roses out at the beginning of each Fan Meet.  Not sure if it was a selected group or all of them.  These are the photos. Cr. On them and Jung II-woo.

2014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 12014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 42014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 32014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 22014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 62014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 5.jpg2014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 72014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 82014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 92014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 52014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 102014 6 7 Jung II-woo in Osaka Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 11

TOKYO, June 8th

2014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 12014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 22014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 82014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 92014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 102014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 6

Here is a video from this moment:

2014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 42014 6 8 Jung II-woo Japan Fan Meet Tokyo X12014 6 8 Jung II-woo Japan Fan Meet Tokyo X22014 6 8 Jung II-woo Japan Fan Meet Tokyo X32014 6 8 Jung II-woo Japan Fan Meet Tokyo X42014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 5

2014 6 8 Jung II-woo in Tokyo Fan Meet Ilwoo Together 32014 6 8 Jung II-woo Japan Fan Meet Tokyo X5

This is the Transcript of one of the Osaka Fan Meeting.  Cr. Ilwoostory Japan. Translated using Google.  It is long but so worth reading!

Mr. Il “Everyone, Hello, I am Jung Il, it’s been a long time. (Japanese)”
“A lot of people came, you wanted to see Il?”
The scream of the audience “Nee !!”
Il Kim “I have been waiting for fan meetings in Osaka, but I am happy to see you in Osaka.”
“I came to Osaka two days ago.
Since I arrived in Osaka, I jogged around Osaka Castle every morning.
The impression of Osaka that I felt and the impression of everyone in Osaka … Although it is calm, there is a great relaxation
It is still more energetic. Are you there? ”
How about you, Il Kim fans who live near Osaka? What?
Mr. Il “I’ve been talking about people who want to do fan meetings in Osaka from now on,
This time I will do it at a small venue because I would like to touch with you closer.
Today, the distance between the auditorium and the stage is so close that I am happy for two hours with everyone
I would like to make lots of fun and wonderful memories. ”
“Everyone, thank you ♪ (Japanese)”

MC “Ill, why do not you look at the faces of everyone’s fans?”
Mr. Il “I was also able to see all the fans in about 6 months …
I am happy to see you after a long absence and I am happy. ”
Thunder? I told you six months.
Last time it was late August last year and threw it in … (lol)

MC “It looks like they are coming to Osaka two days ago and being enjoyed.”
Il Mr. “I also went to many delicious shops in Osaka. While sightseeing around Osaka Castle,
In the meantime I could not rest a lot, but I was able to take plenty of offs. ”
MC “Did you shop?”
Il, “I did it.”
MC “What was bought?”
Il Mr. “It can be known during the time of this fan meeting.”
MC “If you have pictures in Osaka …”
Mr. Il, “Where did you get such a picture from?”
In case
○ Pictures that Ile was photographed public ~ ~ Open ♪
· 1st piece (This is a picture with flowers added up in the mouth up with Instagram.)
Il Kim “Yesterday, there was a flower shop just on the way to the meal, I stopped by there and bought a book.”

2014 06 11 Jung Il-woo Instagram Osaka Flower.jpg

· 2nd piece (1 piece at restaurant.)
Il Mr. “When asked to introduce delicious shops to fans,
I introduced this restaurant. It is a restaurant called Sanya on the 38th floor ….
After taking a meal, I took a picture so that Osaka Castle reflected. ”
It is here!
Dynamic Kitchen Bar San – SUN – OBP Twin Towers Store
http://r.gnavi.co.jp/k015450/ I have to go to the sacred place pilgrimage ~ (lol)


2014 06 07 Jung Il-woo Instagram Osaka Castle

· 3rd piece ((it was! ~ Osaka is the only thing that is only in Korea, it is in front of the signboard of Glico!)

2014 06 07 Jung Il-woo Instagram Post Glico Man Osaka.jpg

(I was curious about this billboard so I found out about it more HERE.)

Actually, from the virus Japan Twitter to Il, “Did you go to the signboard of Glyco?”
I was firmly mentoring ♪ What a delightful Il! !
Il Kim: “Glyco is very famous, is not it?
I knew it from before. I just took a picture, so I took a picture. ”
Heh – he … Il, you showed up the same pose.
And proposed by oneself. “If you’d like it, I would like to give it to Twitter.”
Well, promise me tweets. You missed the moment I saw it.

Next is the topic of the drama “Golden Rainbow”.
Il kun “Just the other day, I just finished shooting the drama called the golden rainbow.
After that, I also appeared in various variety programs that challenge infinitely.
I have been busy everyday because my next work is also decided
I have come to Japan in order to see everyone. ”

MC “I heard that it was a bit different performance, what kind of role was it?”
Il Mr. “I played a prosecutor at Seo Do Young.
This drama conflicts with loving woman and loving father …
It has become a work that I can show various aspects of myself.
I think that you can see Japanese fans every year next year
Please wait. ”

Here, Japan’s first public video! !
Il Kim “I have taken the situation of the shooting site like a making image.
I thought that the scene of the drama seemed to be what I was interesting, so I took it. ”
In the state of the car going to the mountain in the shooting site, the figure to mischief … (laugh)
Ill-kun who will take pictures seriously will flow.
And there was video comment from co-stars. I love you ~
MC “Impressive scene, what about the recommended scenes?”
Il Kim “The scene of the warehouse that comes out in the second half of the drama.It is a scene that conflicts between father and loved one,
That scene is very memorable.
Please do check it with everyone by all means drama. ”
When will “Japan Golden Rainbow” be published? I can hardly wait.

Talk of “Infinitely Challenge” on the topic of Il’s first variety show appeared ~ ♪
Il Kim: “Actually, I was filming all night till the morning of the day when I came to Japan.
Although I came to Japan unspokely, the variety show is also interesting and tough for me,
It is a genre that I can not familiar yet. I wanted to go to Brazil for a long time,
I’m really pleased to be able to go to the Brazil World Cup through infinite challenges.
I think that shooting will be very interesting so please look forward to everyone. ”
Lil ‘s picking up for Brazil’ s World Cup Cheering team! !
When I knew this topic, I was really surprised.
When there is an introduction, Ile-kun who blows out for a moment for some reason somehow (laugh)
Il Mr. “I am not very good at dancing (sweat) This time I was chosen as a cheering team,
The thing that I took on the day before coming to Japan was practicing dance.
Mental collapse while practicing dance. ”
Venue, lol! ! ! ! !
Il Kim: “Absolutely, we will show you a little when we predict that you are going to try it.
I still have only taken 1 episode, so it is not a complete version of this dance … Please understand. ”
Uhufu, the forehead is long … Its appearance is pretty, is not it?

Il Kim: “Please understand that we need more practice in the future.
Even if I am not good at dancing, please do not go outside.
Really, it is not a big deal. ”
Ile-kun, despising desperately counting, it shows off as if to check swinging!
Il Kim “Next time, wear that cheering clothes at the time of fan meeting
Can you show the completed version to everyone? ”
Those who saw “Infinitely Challenge”, it seemed like this dance, is not it?
Considering Japanese fan meeting, I was dancing.
While warming a bit ♪

I was waiting – introducing a new drama ….
Il Mr. “I just finished shooting the golden rainbow,
There is an offer of a good work soon the next work was decided.
The name of the work is called a night guard diary. The name is Lee Lin.
This time it is a historical drama. It was the third time historical drama. ”
Here, Ill explain himself what kind of historical drama.
Il Mr. “In genre, youth romance fantasy horror period drama.”
Is it an era play where everything is jammed? (Laugh)
Il Mr. “It is a story of people who exterminate ghosts during the evening hours by saying a night guard diary.
Last time I played the role of the prince in the moon holding the sun, but I will play the role of the prince even for this work.
Now that the script is coming up we start with the shooting of a child role,
I am also looking forward to it because the script is interesting.
Perhaps, I think that you will be very happy. ”

“What’s worrisome about Jung Il, various” corner! !
Il Mr. “Would you like to care about me, would you like to know more?”
I can not help being worried everyday. Every day, a lot (sweat)

○ Ile’s body measurement time! !
Height gauge that was too much in the age, rusty weight scale was brought to the center of the stage.
I do not think that instrument …. (Bitter smile)
Mr. Il “Recently, it’s a retro feeling that can hardly be seen … (Baku)”
There, a manager appeared. I am indebted to you all the time, it’s a lot of fun. In case
Here it is fun to see how Il is being measured physical …
Sometimes it is time to watch while laughing.
Measurement end ♪ It is worrisome about the measurement result of Il.

– Weight – 66 kg – Height – 184.2 cm – Shoulder width – 48 cm
· Chest circumference -100 cm · Waisto 83 cm · foot size 26 cm
※ Although the foot size was 25 cm, it is growing.
From Il, wearing a small size when it is a junior high school student popularity.
Therefore, there was information that growth might have been delayed.

Here, a manager greeted me.
Introducing himself as “Takuya Kimura” (laugh) I got a message to tell our fans.
Manager “While shooting or moving, we would like to present various gifts to the office,
There are fans who will give me T – shirts and shoes.
I like wearing gifts that I received and uploading it to photographs,
There are those who wrong size.
Because it will not fit if it is too small, or it will not fit well if the size is too big.
Because it is a good opportunity this time, I thought if I could let you know the size …. ”
What a fan, I wonder ~! ! From now on, gifts gifts will increase more gifts ~? What?

○ Corresponding to questions
MC “Speaking of Osaka, gourmet. Have you had anything?”
Il Mr. “I like to eat really delicious food with gourmet ….
Since I came to Osaka, I also went to Okonomiyaki, Udon, a restaurant called Saya introduced earlier.
Also, Tsuru Easy, also to Ichiru.
When all the fans recommend a delicious shop and the fan meeting is over
I think that I would like to upload photos so please take a look.
From now on, please let me know if there are tasty shops and other recommended items. ”
At this time, Chil of “Chiura Easy …” told by Il was very cute.
Japan is a gourmet paradise!
There are lots of delicious food and shops throughout the country, so let’s introduce ~

The topic of Il’s private trip.
Il Kim “I have been going abroad every time the drama ended,
Because the schedule was tight this time, I will not go abroad,
I went on a trip to Busan with a junior high school classmate. ”
Some photos are introduced.
Mr. Il “This is when I went to eat abalone porridge in Kijang, Busan, what I took in the sea of ​​Kijang.”
“Since junior high school friends are old relationships, we go to buy together when we go to Busan, eat rice and eat ….
Watching infinitely challenging together on TV.
Also, the final story of the golden rainbow is watching TV with Busan on Busan.
They are such friends who can really understand each other’s minds just by looking at their eyes. ”
“Osaka and Busan are close, have you been to travel in Busan?
There are lots of stuff. I also love Busan. ”
~? What?

It became a topic of Iru’s perfume and became a quiz to what you are wearing.
Lil ‘Let’s make it a corner to make with your fans in the future.
What is perfume that I am wearing? ”
Although it was 5 choices, the correct answer was “CREED” No. 2.
Even in the previous fan meeting, it was introduced that you love it.
The same perfume was handed to those who were correct. Congratulations.
And from Mr. Il, “It is sensitive to fragrance from long ago, I remember people with fragrance”
A meaningful word also jumped out.
And, “I turn around when I smell like it.” If Il turned around, maybe ♪

Congratulations on your graduation from the university! !
I felt like I was celebrating entrance, but six years have passed. Shinjimi.
And, being able to go on to graduate school and study further … I’m an ambitious man.
Two graduation ceremony images were posted.

Here, a happy world first short film is out! ! ! !
It was taken together with college friends, and the frustrating eyes were impressive.
It seems to have been adapted to a scene of ‘Kiseki to happiness’ (released in 2011) in American movies.
Here, I also discussed topics with my friend Mino & Bom in private.
Also, there are also stories of surprises that I like strong sake (tequila, vodka etc.).
Moreover, it seems that you get sleepy when you get drunk.

Photo introduction that Ill is drinking coffee.
Il Kim = coffee is not an exaggeration, is it?
From that flow ….

○ ILWOO CAFE section
Everyone who was chosen by lottery to make coffee by myself.
Congratulations. I talked a lot about coffee.
Today’s coffee beans are brought in from a vacuum pack in Korea. Coffee pot etc.
A sense of realism drifts. Bean’s name is “Cocahanie” (Ethiopia) ♪

~? What?

○ Scissors tournament
Those who do the scissors with the Il and you can receive favorite personal items for those who survived.

<Private goods of gifts>
· NIKE sneakers · T-shirts · smilwoò pendants worn in the magazine
· Poems “If you know what you know now” · Umbrella

○ Photo Corner with Il
Ill-san’s smartphone, shooting with the fans. I recently uploaded it to smilwoo.
Wonder if it became memories ~

Next is the photo time that we can shoot Il.
I went down to the audience as well as on the stage. It was flash storm.

The last time is approaching.
Il Kim “I was really happy to be able to do my first fan meeting in Osaka.
And I sincerely express my gratitude to everyone who went all the way to the venue today.
Everyone, let’s meet again. Thank you very much. ”
“From now on returning to Korea, there are infinite photographs of the challenge.
I would like to go to Brazil very hard to shoot.
There is a crank-in of “night guard diary”, and there is a first episode broadcast on July 28 in Korea.
Everyone, please expect. And thank you for your lot of love and cheers. ”

The last is a song present …. Lee Ji-wun who is playing the guitar to the stage.
Mr. Il “I am not very good at singing, and as soon as this timing comes, I am very nervous.
Today, I will deliver it by live performance, not karaoke. ”

This is a video made by a fan of him singing the song: Rain and you.


This is the original song:

This is the song in Korean:

[비와 당신]

And this is the translation to English:

[Rain and you]
Song: Kim Chang-kwon, Photo: Lim Chang-yun

Now I do not miss you.
I do not want to see it.
Love is forgotten.
That’s my heart
It rains when it rains.
Like a day long gone before you
It’s okay now, but I love it.
I’m a fool I’ll have tears

Fading memories
How screaming
I still miss you I hate you
It’s okay now, but I love it.
I’m a fool I’ll have tears

I will not come back, but I do not want to forget.
I feel bad forever
It’s okay now, but I love it.
I’m a fool I’ll have tears

Mr. Il “I seem to have overdosed today, my throat has gone a little.
Today, it was a short time, but I enjoyed having fun with you.
Finally I prepared a short greetings in Japanese with everyone. ”
“I felt your love, my breasts became hot.
I am grateful for making me so happy.
I will continue to make every effort to make you happy.
I love you, everyone.
Thank you very much. (Japanese)”

More? …of course!  Here are the airport photos.

Arriving to Japan:

2014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 72014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 92014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 12014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 22014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 82014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 32014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 42014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 52014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 62014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 102014 6 5 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Arrival 11

Departure from Japan:

This is what he’s saying:

Reporter: A few words about the impression of Japan fan meeting?
Il: I met all the fans in Osaka and Tokyo
I had a very good time and I was happy.
Since a new drama will start, I will do my best to be able to show good acting I am keenly prepared.

Reporter: What are your plans with domestic fans?
Il: As it will be done as soon as the drama is over,
I think that we can meet domestic fans at that time as well.
Please also watch warmly “Infinitely challenge”. Thank you very much.

2014 6 11 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Departure 12014 6 11 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Departure 22014 6 11 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Departure 32014 6 11 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Departure 42014 6 11 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Departure 52014 6 11 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Departure 6

This last photo he posted in Instagram:

2014 6 11 Jung II-woo Japan Airport Departure 7

뿅✈️   POP!
2014.6.11 PM 7:20


Too bad there are always such limited photos from his Japanese Fan Meets.  No videos! they must have alarm systems, because nothing would stop me from taking photos and videos and posting them if I was in one of those Fan Meets!    It’s not good to retain, to try to block what should not be blocked…it’s better to let it flow!  In the end it does not benefit Jung II-woo…  Jung II-woo is meant to flow all over the world!  Share the goodness that he is!  Is that last photo a selfie in the bathroom?!  This reminds me of a song somehow…


Mirror in the Bathroom
The Beat
Mirror in the bathroom
Please talk free
The door is locked
Just you and me
Can I take you to a restaurant
That’s got glass tables
You can watch yourself
While you are eating
Mirror in the bathroom
I just can’t stop it
Every Saturday you see me
Window shopping
Find no interest in the
Racks and shelves
Just a thousand reflections
Of my own sweet self, self, self
Mirror in the bathroom
You’re my mirror in the bathroom
You’re my mirror in the bathroom
You’re my mirror in the bathroom
Mirror in the bathroom
For all my crimes
Of self defense
Cures you wiser
Make no sense
Drift gently into
Mental illness
Mirror in the bathroom
Please talk free
The door is locked
Just you and me
Can I take you to a restaurant
That’s got glass tables
You can watch yourself
While you are eating
Mirror in the bathroom
Mirror in the bathroom
Mirror in the bathroom
Mirror in the bathroom
Mirror in the bathroom
Mirror in the bathroom
Songwriters: Roger Charlery / Andrew Cox / Andy Cox / Everett Morton / David Steele / David Wakeling
Mirror in the Bathroom lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc