Jung II-woo announces and then postpones his Fan Meeting in Korea.

April 2014

Just before the last episodes of Golden Rainbow, Jung II-woo announced his Fan Meeting in Korea.  These are the promotional videos:


The Posters/Fliers:

Jung Il-woo in flier for Korean Fan Meet Ilwoo Together April 2014 1Jung Il-woo in flier for Korean Fan Meet Ilwoo Together April 2014 2

When he was preparing for the fan meet he ordered 700 cupcakes to give out, but then a tragedy struck.  A vessel “MV Sewol” (세월호 침몰 사고) carrying mostly high school students sank while on route from Incheon to the Island of Jeju.  Of 476 people, 304 died.  (See more HERE)

Jung II-woo decided to cancel the Fan Meeting he had set up for May 3rd and donated the cupcakes to a Child Center called “Dream Tree Village” for Children’s Day (May 5).  Il-woo also donated money to the Hope Bridge Korean Disaster Relief Foundation to help in the tragedy.

2014 5 5 Cupcake Donation

During the month of April, Il-woo appeared in various interviews.  These are the photos… now come the real cupcakes!  Delight!

Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 12Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 18Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 25Jung Il-woo April 2014 1Jung Il-woo April 2014 2Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 24Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 23Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 22Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 19Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 17Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 15Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 13Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 11Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 10Jung Il-woo  April 2014  3.jpgJung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 4Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 3Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 6Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 5Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 9Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 8Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 7

These are older but they placed them in the articles at this time again… the first one is especially gorgeous!

Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 2Jung Il-woo in various photos from interviews in April of 2014. 1

This is one of the Interviews:

Jung Il, why is it called Chung Fairy?  SBS  2014-04-07
I ask you instead of <editor’s note> I will give you, the so-called ‘consultation’ the 6th hero is actor Chung Il. Mr. Jung Il is in his late twenties, but he is an actor with shining eyes and a refreshing feeling like a boy. MBC “Golden Rainbow” was a work that Mr. Jung Il showed another presence and charm.

Interview with Mr. Chun · Il was made by ‘Sexuality’ which receives questions from fans via SBS Entertainment Sports Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sbs4fun). Not only the story related to “Golden Rainbow” but also various questions such as Chung Il’s ideals, Ai’s dogs, dreams and the future were flooded. Mr. Jeong il seems to have been unable to keep a reporter with an answer that is frank though still frankly.

Although there is a nickname of Jung Il who knew while preparing an interview. That is exactly ‘Cheong Fairy’. The ‘naked’ aid seems to be nicknames are cute. In addition, there is another reason why the fairy’s alias matches. Check the schedule before going to bed every night and say that the cleaning of the inside of the vehicle is punctual enough to keep it. Let’s add to Chong · Il ‘s charm in a frank interview that was not seen anywhere.

Q. The drama ‘Golden Rainbow’ has ended. What kind of scene has been the most memorable so far? (Chang Hoon brother)

“My grandmother died just before taking a picture of” The Golden Rainbow. “Although Park Dong-sook was appeared as a grandma in the drama, my emotions caught up reminding of my grandmother in a scene talking with Ms. Park Won-suk In addition, Mr. Cho Min-gi appeared as a father and loved his father, but there was a part to restrain in order to prevent evil, but at that time my heart was very sore. ”

Q. Now that I’ve finished shooting ‘Golden Rainbow’, how is my mind? (Jungilwoo Kiss)

“There are plenty of regrettable parts, but I made plenty of thought about having fun while enjoying this piece of work, and also thought of making acting free, so that the degree of immersion is much more I think that it was expensive, so I appreciate that you also saw the fans well, as I have just finished, I remember a lot. ”

Q. I started playing various characters, including Seo Do Young character. What is the character that you think is most similar to yourself? (An Young Joo)

“Because I felt all the characters with affection so far, like the word that there are no fingers that do not hurt by ten fingers (no matter how many children there are, their children are all cute) I think it is difficult to name one (it is 100%) when I hear the synchro ratio with Seo Do Young.It is a character that immerses completely when I do the work.So, like character and such part are similar There are also many points that are similar to Seo Do Young through the work.I have an interview like this and I feel that the work has ended. ”

Q. I think that the drama work was not easy, but what is the first thing to remember when taking a picture and getting tired? (Potato)

“I thought that the main character should not shake when I do the work, I tried to concentrate and I’m sorry to have finished the drama, but I do not regret There are several things Every time I try to concentrate only on drama with my mind empty, I tried to see such a good effort.While physical strength was almost discharged on the way, but such effort was a bit Did you see it? (Laugh)

Q. From the time of “High Kick towards tomorrow” it is a question of the fans. I made a debut at Sitcom, did you have a burden to get out of the image when doing sitcom through the drama, or did you make a separate effort? (Eun LY)

“Well, I did not have such a burden, especially when I finished my work, there seemed to be a feeling that I wanted to challenge somewhat new things.With such an extension of mind, I also played a historical drama I also challenged a long breath drama, since I am still young, I firmly compile the basics and if I have various experiences I think that it will be a great help to acting for the rest of my life. ”

Q. In the previous interview I was saying that I would definitely like to play the role of ‘psychopath’, but are you willing to challenge such a role in the next work? (Kwon · Kyoung)

“Ha ha, at that time, I was plagued with movies of that kind, because I saw” Memento “again and again, so I guess whether I was attracted to the character Psychopath, but what about now? · Do yeon became very dark in the last stage and it got cold, but it is difficult to keep pulling like that emotionally, I would like to play a bright and trendy role next time. ”

Q. I heard that Mr. Jung Il recently became a man within a man. I am also worried about the reason why Mr. Jung Il became a man in the man. (Bona Lee, Chin Dan Le)

“I never tried to be a man among men. (Lol) I do not mean it, but I think that I finish the drama, cut the hair very short and listen to such a story. I also thought that I wanted to get out of the image that I was getting into the mold because of the reasons for the change of the mood, and the actor has to be able to freely change according to the role.Sometimes watch over how it can change freely like this I want.”

Q. Still it seems obvious that the ‘Man inside men’ part? (Reporter)

“There are things that are somewhat like that, as I go somewhere, from the menu, where I have to go, I have to plan all the plans to stay, there are parts to lead a bit. There is a point to manage thoroughly when I work (to the question “Is it perhaps close to perfectionism?”). The office working together may be a bit tough. (Lol)”

Q. Many lovingly filled questions filled with fans hearty. Since when have you been so handsome? (Anne Young Ju, Imo)

“Although I could not connect answers for a while while laughing, it is the strongest of the interview questions I’ve ever heard. Well, I never thought that I was handsome (too conservative I shook my head next to the question of whether there was anything I thought was handsome when I looked in the mirror? Looking in the mirror, “What could have been done for the face” Even if I think like this, “This guy “It’s really handsome.” There is no such thing as it seems that the skin was really good at once, it seems that one of the recent breakouts comes out one by one, it just makes me feel a little bit of mind. (Laugh)

Q. There are various nicknames called by fans. ‘Il’, ‘,’ Mr. Il ‘,’ Ilioppa ‘,’ Chonghaegri (frog) ‘,’ Jung Yeonjeong (fairy) ‘and so on. Among them, do you have a favorite nickname? (Chin · Dan Le)

“Well … Chon Keeguri calls me in the meaning of ‘Amagaeru’ acting against the back.One friend knows what the fans are calling, ‘I’m a fairy’, ‘Chung Fairy’ so I call it, it is fun each time. “It’s a bit embarrassing.”

Q. I heard that they are preparing fan meetings after a long absence. I heard that I tried very much during the filming of the drama. May I dance even at this fan meeting? (Chin · Dan Le)

“Did not you dance in this fan meeting? I instead thought of a lot of special surprises.Show all the things you have not shown before I think that I would like to do it for the first time since three and a half years of fan meeting, so I planned and prepared it directly for the fans who waited a lot for about two and a half months. ”

Q. I heard that Jeong Il is very interested in pictures and drawings. (Reporter)

“I also love to take photos, sometimes I also post on Twitter, I also like to draw pictures so I drew a picture to Japanese fans and gave me presents.In this fan meeting, I am preparing a lot of more interesting things instead of pictures and photographs.I’m worried, you will be interested, do not you? ”

Q. Do you really like coffee? Have you been inspired by Barista? (An Young Joo)

“I liked coffee since I was in high school because I could not drink alcohol too much, initially I liked being sweet like caramel macchiato, but I fell into Americano on the way and liked espresso again , I am back to Americanno again now, there are many favorite coffee shops all over the country, but if there is opportunity I will inform you secretly (laugh) ”

Q. I heard that even at home I would grind coffee directly and drink, but maybe there are types of coffee that I would recommend to fans? (Chin · Dan Le)

“The one I like the most is Ethiopian beans.In the house, I enjoy mixing and blending some kinds of Ethiopia, Guatemala etc .. Although it seems that the final coffee lover is a hand drip, the grinder machine I grind beans directly and I am drinking coffee by hand drip. ”

Q. Which part of the body do you think is coolest? (Bona Lee)

“Oh, I wonder where I should tell you, I think my fingers are a bit pretty.Oh, I’m a little confident on my feet.You may be longer than ordinary people.” Ha ha ha ”

Q. What are the marriage plans for Au and Kaho? (An Young Joo)

“Kaho is a dog owned by G-DRAGON.I think that Kaho is too older to marry Au.A four years ago, a phone call came from G-DRAGON. I do not mean to get married, now Au has no plan to get married.When I am at home I am almost alone with Au, but it is fun to be with. ”

Q. What is the ideal type? (Yoo Hyo Jeong)

“I like wise people, those who can listen to my troubles, if you say details, you are better at using chopsticks and I’m not sure why that is so. I wonder if all the houses use chopsticks well, so it is so polite If you are eager to do your job and you are good at cooking, you are a person who can eat delicious food with me.

Q. Is there a role you want to work next? (Pu Pe, Elder brother)

“I have received a lot of such questions, but before, I was pretty much choosing.That actors are important to digest well, no matter what work is given, I think the best for the work I think that it would be good to work, so I will not choose any role. ”

Q. I said that I like to decorate the van who is riding in the streets. Have you decorated the van interior recently? (An Young Joo)

“I do not want to decorate it, because I do not want the car to get dirty and keep it a bit simpler and tell the staff” Please organize it well. “I decorated the interior of the car at the past Christmas, As soon as Christmas is over, I immediately removed it, taking a picture of “Golden Rainbow”, I prepared a lot of hot packs so that the fans were not cold when shooting outdoors, and a box warming up a lot in the car There (lol) ”

Q. No matter how many times I get bored, do you have enough songs that you would like to recommend to fans? (Jeong Ryeoi)

“I listen to the song very well, but (Jung Yi took out the iPhone directly and began searching the list of music files.) I like” Imagine “by John Lennon (John Lennon) . There is also a singer named Lucia (Lucia) in Japan. Recently I am addicted to the song “Do you love me like a flower only for a moment?” I like Hip – Hop singer Beenzino (Binzino), so I listen to almost all songs and I’m very close to Dynamic Duo (Dynamic Duo) older brothers and I also like Daddy ‘s singing. It is those who listen regardless of genre. Oh, I also like classical music. ”

Q. What is the last thing to do before going to sleep? (Pu Pe)

“It’s time to organize a schedule for tomorrow.I have an app that organizes a schedule for mobile phones, so it seems that I have sleeping in the middle of doing some thought by organizing the schedule.”

Q. What is Jeong Il’s treasure number 1? (Fan · Hyun Sung)

“It is my treasure No. 1. (After thinking for a moment.) Yes, that’s right, yes, I suddenly remembered the thing of Au.Afore this time, Au ran away from home.While I was going out My father stopped by my house but I said that there was no aw, but when I looked around the house, the kids in the kindergarten raised a voice saying “Ka” and when I visited there there was an aw Yes, I was in the security room once and I did it a lot by doing so. There is a family in treasure number 1. Naturally after my grandmother died, my family and surrounding people There are also a lot of fans who love Treasure No. 1. When it’s okay, in times of trouble, I always appreciate having a watch over me. ”

Q. As Mr. Il is a Korean star, the interests of overseas fans are also hot. This time, it is a question of Chinese fans. A Chinese fan also wants to see Il. Are there plans to hold China fan meetings? Also, are movies planned? (Elaine Chu)

“First of all, I do not have a shooting plan for the movie, I will do fan meetings.The schedule can not be released yet, I think that I can announce it soon.The schedule of overseas fan meeting is decided immediately after starting Korean fan meeting.In summer of this year I do not forget to see overseas fans. ”

Q. What kind of actor do you want to be? (Chang Hoon brother)

“I want to be a qualified actor, I want to become an actor that fits well and matches well regardless of whatever casting it is, I would like to hear stories about growing always.”

Q. ‘Nickname interview’ Although it is the last question. On the contrary if I have something I want to ask the fans? (FunE reporter)

“What kind of things do you want to do with me? (Just a little silent and Chong · il laughed.) I always care about what fans want to make with me, always listen to the fans directly Although I have seen it, I do not talk much about the answer.I always try new events, but I want to know what kind of things my fans love. “