Jung Il-woo in a “Staff Day” at the Golden Rainbow set and video interviews.

Jung Il-woo worked as part of the crew on “Staff Day.” See the video below.   Further down I included two interviews and the transcription below them.  Sadly the transcriptions are not very good as I used Google Translate.

K STAR 생방송 스타뉴스

Published on Jan 22, 2014

Actress Jung Il-woo captures the emotion through MBC weekend drama [Golden Rainbow].

Big tall, warm-hearted appearance, and more than anything else, the spectacular love that gazes at one woman is making the audience thrill.

[Live News Star News] met with Jung Il-woo in person and listened to real love style.

I am a reporter.

Actress Jeong Il-woo, who had met [Live Star News] with ‘Yang-myeong Dae-gun’ of the drama [Moon in the Sun]

[Field sound: Jung Il Woo]

‘To save a dangerous month ..’

MBC weekend drama [Golden Rainbow], which is airing on popular TV shows, has come back to ‘Seo Do Young’.

[Field sound: Jung Il Woo]

‘[Live Star News] Dear viewers Hello, I am Jung Il-woo. I think I’ve been seeing you in two years since the sun was sunning. How are you? nice to meet you!’

After informing him of his 2006 comeback with a sitcom [High Kick], Chung Il-woo, who has stepped up a step by stepping in [49th] and [Sun in the Sun]

This time, I am in the role of ‘Seo Do Young’ as a Hunan test with a genius brain in [Golden Rainbow] which deals with love and ambition in a family life.

[Field sound: Jung Il Woo]

‘It is Jung Il-woo who plays Seo Do Young. It seems that 2% is not enough on the outside, but it is a friend who has pain and hurt inside.

This drama is full of breathtaking young actors such as Kim Sang-jung, Park Won-sook and Cho Min-ki as well as Yui, Lee Jae Yoon and Cha Ye-ryun.

[Interview: Jung Il-woo]

Q) I think the actors are breathing well together.

A) It is so good that the scene of the filming is very good because the director of Cho Min-ki, Kim Sang-jung, and Park Won-sook lead it well.

Jeong Il-woo has shown his charming yet serious face in the right place and completed the charm of ‘Seo Do Young’ character.

[Field sound: reporter]

‘He was acting like a fungus?’

[Field sound: Jung Il Woo]

‘Actually, it will not be like that. Of course it will be ..’

The actor, UEE, is known as one of the greatest talented actresses in Korea.

[Interview: Jung Il-woo]

Q) The ‘kissing god of the throat’ with Yui collected the topic.

A) I shot it in the morning with my first god, and I shot it in a state without a mind, but when I first shot a kiss with a younger friend than me, I thought that I was going to have to lead a little.

Jeong Il-woo is trying to do all he can for a girl he loves.

How about a real romance style?

[Field sound: Jung Il Woo]

‘Even if I love or love, I do not think I’ve crossed the line more than I could have done, but I did not go beyond that.

배우 정일우 씨가 MBC 주말 드라마 [황금 무지개]를 통해 여심을 사로잡고 있습니다.

큰 키와 훈훈한 외모, 무엇보다 한 여자만을 바라보는 순애보적인 사랑이 시청자들을 설레게 하고 있는데요.

[생방송 스타뉴스]가 정일우 씨와 직접 만나 실제 연애 스타일을 들어봤습니다.

이보람 기자가 전합니다.

드라마 [해를 품은 달]의 ‘양명 대군’으로 [생방송 스타뉴스]와 마주했던 배우 정일우가!

[현장음: 정일우]

‘위험에 빠진 월이를 구하러..’

인기리에 방영 중인 MBC 주말 드라마 [황금 무지개] 검사 ‘서도영’으로 다시 찾아왔습니다.

[현장음: 정일우]

‘[생방송 스타뉴스] 시청자 여러분 안녕하세요 정일우입니다 [해를 품은 달] 이후에 2년 만에 뵙는 것 같은데요 잘 지내셨죠? 반갑습니다!’

지난 2006년 시트콤 [거침없이 하이킥]으로 얼굴을 알린 후, [49일], [해를 품은 달] 등에 출연하며 한 단계 한 단계 발전해 나간 정일우!

이번엔 한 가족의 인생 여정기 속 사랑과 야망을 다룬 [황금 무지개]에서 천재적인 두뇌를 지닌 훈남 검사 ‘서도영’ 역으로 열연 중인데요.

[현장음: 정일우]

‘서도영 역을 맡은 정일우입니다 겉으로는 2%부족해 보이고 허당 끼도 있지만 속으로는 아픔과 상처가 있는 친구입니다’

이 드라마는 김상중, 박원숙, 조민기 등 실력파 중견 배우들을 비롯해 유이, 이재윤, 차예련 등 젊은 배우들의 완벽한 호흡이 돋보이는 작품입니다.

[인터뷰: 정일우]

Q) 배우들끼리 호흡이 잘 맞는 것 같은데?

A) 조민기 선배님이나 김상중 선배님이나 박원숙 선생님이 잘 이끌어 주셔서 촬영장 분위기가 너무 좋고요 또 젊은 배우들끼리도 친해서 즐겁게 열심히 촬영하고 있습니다.

정일우는 능청스러우면서도 진중한 면모를 적재적소에 선보이며 매력 만점의 ‘서도영’ 캐릭터를 완성했는데요.

[현장음: 기자]

‘능구렁이처럼 연기를 잘하시던데?’

[현장음: 정일우]

‘실제도 그런 모습이 없진 않겠죠 당연히 있을 건데..’

상대 배우 유이와의 일명 ‘멱살 키스신’은 터프하면서도 낭만적인 모습을 연출해 명장면 중 하나로 꼽히고 있습니다.

[인터뷰: 정일우]

Q) 유이와의 ‘멱살 키스신’이 화제를 모았는데?

A) 일단 아침에 첫 신으로 찍어서 정신이 없는 상태에서 찍었는데 저보다 어린 친구랑 처음 키스신을 찍어봐서 그런지 제가 좀 리드를 해야겠다라는 생각을 하고 있었던 거 같기도 하고요 하하..

극 중 정일우는 사랑하는 여자를 위해 자신이 할 수 있는 일은 모두 하려고 하는데요.

실제 연애 스타일은 어떨까요?

[현장음: 정일우]

‘연애를 하거나 사랑을 해도 정말 그 선 이상을 넘어가진 않는 거 같아요 제가 해줄 수 있는 한에서는 다 해주지만 그 이상을 넘어서진 않았던 거 같아요 한 번도’


Published on Feb 18, 2014

Il: Hello, this is Jung Il, who plays the role of Seo Do-Young. I’m glad to meet you.

Q. 정일우 가 서도영 은 어떤 인물?
What kind of person is Seo Do Yeon seen from Jung Il?

Il: The man named Soo Do Young from me,
I think that having the various aspects has the most appeal.
If you work properly, sometimes it’s a crazy man,
But when I work, I have a cold cold-hearted doe like a knife, that way too.
Through this work, I think that I can show you my various aspects.

Q. 오랜크에 드라마 복귀 … 다시 촬영장 에 온 소감?
Returning to the drama after a long absence … What was your impression of coming back to the shooting scene?

Il: After all, the actor is the most exciting and fun when working.
I also went back for the first time in a year and a half and I shoot, but I feel happy and fun day by day.

Q. 개성 넘치는 검사 역할 … 서도영 의 연기 포인트?
Attorney full of individuality … What is the performance point of Seo Do Young?

Ile: First of all, I look for similar movies and grab the character.
Then, I read Synopsis over and over, I read the script and practice the words many times.
Both writers talk a lot.
While doing so, I tried to play Seo Do Young who has the color of Jung Il.

Q. 극중 백원 에 대한 도영 의 한결같은 마음 … 어떻 게임?
Do young heart in Peguon during the play … What do you think?

Il: I am the type to all-in when I am in love.
Such a side looks a lot like Do young, but there are times when I think that I feel occasionally indulgent when I see Do young that I have had.
However, since the two romance are about to begin from now, I think that you can enjoy it.
Then, the relationship with Jo – noon is …
Although I do not shake my feelings, if you look with a feeling interesting in Do jung who is slightly misled,
It might be more interesting.

Q. 백원 과 의 첫 키스 장면 화제 .. 촬영할 때 접 접 코 치 다 다 데?
The first kiss scene with Pegwon talked about … You seem to have coached directly at the time of shooting?

Il: Since I had experience of kiss scene about 3 times with other works,
I had to take a little lead. But after all the kiss scene is getting nervous.
Since it was the first shoot in the morning, it was a morning kiss (laugh)
It was a very nervous shoot.

Q. 극중 먹는 모습 이 자주 나오 converted … 어려운 점 은 없는 dest?
There are plenty of scenes to eat in the play, but are not it hard?

Il: When I have a meal scene, I am in shooting with my stomach free.
If I eat meat deliciously, people watching will also look delicious.
The other day, Pegwon took a picture of the cod-capped pan in the fisheries market,
It was really delicious, so it was a real reaction, not acting.
Well, is it such a feeling (laugh)

Q. 촬영 스태프 를 위한 제식 제공 이 전은데 .. 특 floating 이유 라도 도?
There are many inserts for the shooting staff … Is it a special reason?

Il: Drama is a collaborative work,
I thought about how to put rice cakes into staff and prepared them.
Because the drama title is “Golden Rainbow”, how about if you pick up the first shoot with rainbow colored rice cake ~
I handed out, but it was very pleased.
After all, when the staff members are willing to give more fighting,
Shooting also works well, so we gave out such feelings and distributed it.

Q. 뷔 뷔 8 년 차 … … 앞 최 의 목 확가 하다 면?
Eighth year debut … Is there any future goal?

I: I want to be an actor with various aspects.
Since I often hear that the actor is from his thirties,
Until then, I’m thinking of working to expand my area,
For the next work from now on, to make it more mature,
I will do my best to actors who can always show mature appearance.

<For everyone to viewers>
Il: The audience, Jung Il.
“Golden rainbow” Are you enjoying it?
I already have 20 episodes finished, but as you see, you know,
I will be more interested and exciting from now on, romance will start,
Do young’s biggest repayment is waiting.
Everyone, please take a look.
Let’s warm it up because it’s cold, and on the weekend “GOLDEN Rainbow” Let’s preserve the broadcast.