Jung II-woo in an interview about learning and working out and…

December 14, 2013

This is a very candid interview… we get to learn a lot about his life in just a few lines.  First I’m posting the photos then the interview.

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Jung Il-woo “The duration of learning is more important” (Interview)

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[Asia Economic Reporter] Actor Jung Il Woo has returned to the theater in a year and a half. What have you been doing in the meantime? His fancy appearance remained intact, but his eyes became deeper. It was time to have a rest as an actor and to be faithful to human life. I met Jung Il-woo at the end of twenty-seven.

Recently, Jung Il-woo, who met Sports Today Magazine at a gym in Seoul, He was exhausted after the drama filming all night, but his faithfulness to bodybuilding represented his sincerity.

It was impressive to treat people with a bright face even when I was tired. Many people ask what they do when they are resting, but in fact, he is more busy at rest.

“The actor thinks that he has to work well when he is at rest, and he must control himself. In fact, it is harder to rest. I do not rest when I go abroad because I am constantly going abroad. I went to school from last year to this year. So I graduated this time. After the work is over, I try not to do anything but relax, but it keeps happening. Actor’s fate. haha.”

It is also one of his self-management methods to exercise constantly. In fact, he likes to eat. Nowadays, the fashionable ‘Yaban’ is more than anyone. Eating a lot and exercising is the secret of body shape management.

“I think that the actresses are really great when I look at managing my body. I like to eat so much, and if I do not exercise, I get fat. So I exercise to eat. (Laughs) Besides, I try to raise my physical strength because drama shooting is a physical fitness fight. I also like mountain climbing, soccer, and bicycles. I do not go around freely, so I’m stressed out like that. “

He says he eats well everything. What I can not eat is ‘hormone and chicken feet’. Especially, I like Korean food and I am interested in walking for delicious shops. Thanks to that, the staff who are acting day by day with Jung Il have become fat. Again the manager smiled happy though he said “I am getting bigger and fat.” But Jung Il is not drinker like other actors.

“I do not drink. I do not take it from my body, but I take care of it. I like to eat well, but I do not like alcohol itself. My face is very red, and I hate it too much. Of course I attend important drinks. “

With the advent of full-fledged adult actors, the ‘Golden Rainbow’ filming scene has become very busy. Jung Il-woo, UEE, Cha Ye-ryun, and Lee Jae-yoon have been taking over the actors of the actors and meeting the audience since last week. It was hard to shoot every night, but it was a happy shoot because of the harmony between actors.

“Our actors are so nice and humble. Nobody makes anyone uncomfortable. We support each other and give encouragement and strength. I do not care about audience ratings, but if you work hard, I think it will follow. So I am doing my best to be faithful to my role. I want you to look pretty. “

Jung Il-woo, who smiled brightly with anticipation and tension. I look forward to seeing him play his role in the ‘Golden Rainbow’.

Hyeong Kyung reporter uu84@asiae.co.kr photo = Jung joon young reporter jjy@asiae.co.kr place support = HALO gym


Nice workout photos… reminds me I need to hit the gym!  It’s been nearly a week…

I have momentarily stopped watching K-drama, to make time for one of my favorite British series: Endeavour.  Endeavour tells the story of Inspector Morse in his early years and his beginning struggles as a police officer and then detective.  He is portrayed by Shaun Evans who does a phenomenal job keeping Morse a kind, nerdy, assertive, and such intelligent character.  I like this series more than Sherlock, as he seems more human and realistic to me.  And I absolutely love the music scores… the main theme of Endeavor, and Inspector Morse is a masterpiece. It was composed by Barrington Pheloung. It actually starts with morse code that deciphers to morse…morse…morse… this is it:

To Jung II-woo:

-.. . .- .-. .— ..- -. –. .. .. .– — — –··– .. …. .. –. …. .-.. -.– .-. . -.-. — — — . -. -.. -.– — ..- .– .- – -.-. …. – …. .. … … …. — .– ·-·-·- .. – .. … -. — .– .. -. .. – … ..-. .. ..-. – …. … . .- … — -. ·-·-·- – …. . .–. .-.. — – … .- .-. . .- .-.. .– .- -.– … … — .– . .-.. .-.. – …. — ..- –. …. – — ..- – -.– — ..- -.-. .- -. -. . …- . .-. –. ..- . … … .– …. — -.. .. -.. .. – -·-·– — -.– – .. — . .. … ..- .–. ·-·-·- ·-·-·- ·-·-·- …. .- …- . .- .-.. — …- . .-.. -.– .– . . -.- . -. -.. -·-·–

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