Jung II-woo’s Daily Life during the filming of Golden Rainbow. Episode 1.

December 6, 2013

Jung II-woo decided to treat his fans with the creation of a series of posts about his daily life while filming Golden Rainbow.  These come from his website.  Cr. jungilwoo.com.

This is what he wrote for Episode 1:

정닷컴 특별기획, <정일우 24시간 밀착취재!>

Episodes.1 서도영 파악하기. 꼼꼼하게 대본 체크 “밑줄까지 쫙!”

12월 8일 황금무지개 12부! 성인 서도영 역 드디어 정일우 출격~

기다려주신 팬 여러분을 위해 정배우가 준비한 특별한 기획!

황금무지개가 방영되는 기간 동안 정일우의 일상 및 촬영 현장의 비하인드 스토리를 공개 예정 와우~

A special plan of Jung dot-com,

Understanding Seo Do Young. Scrupulously check the script “to the underside 쫙!”

December 8 Golden Rainbow 12! Adult Seo Do Young Station Jung Il-woo scramble finally ~

Special plan prepared by actor for fans who waited!

During the period of golden rainbows, Jung Il-woo’s daily life and shooting scenes will be revealed. Wow ~

2013 -2014 Jung II-woo's Daily Life Episode 18

Initial start and first script as Seo Do Young
Doki-doki I felt furious, the place I headed first was …? Pen shop !!!

2013 -2014 Jung II-woo's Daily Life Episode 17

A good looking script is good for memorizing (?!)
The script should be gorgeous after all!
Jung actor who plays in pen color

2013 -2014 Jung II-woo's Daily Life Episode 16

Highlighter pen, post it, ballpoint pen mine, mine all mine!

2013 -2014 Jung II-woo's Daily Life Episode 14

Jung actor who instantly makes a pen department a runway.  🙂

2013 -2014 Jung II-woo's Daily Life Episode 15

I came to the pen shop after a long time, so there are really so many things to worry about. Wow ~ Wow!

2013 -2014 Jung II-woo's Daily Life Episode 13

Just a little bit of a look!
I quickly chose to chase, unexpectedly alone completed billing ~


2013 -2014 Jung II-woo's Daily Life Episode 12

Now, what is left for Jung II-woo is to mark the script more carefully than anyone else.  I also split the time to eat rice! And soon the scripts writes that I am a little nerd.

2013 -2014 Jung II-woo's Daily Life Episode 11

What do you do with the words of the actor Jung Il-woo? Do not forget those words that said you would express various patterns through a golden rainbow. Thank you very much for your support and love. Fixed a golden rainbow channel that starts in earnest from now on! Expect the next episode.


I’m so glad we share the same love for art supplies!  I love going to art stores even if I don’t need anything… I enjoy looking at the supplies, the books and magazines full of ideas… and then I am inspired!

On my list to visit when I go to South Korea… maybe I’ll bump into you!  And all the things would fall from my hands… and you being the gentleman that you are would help me pick it up… Oh what a nice dream! 🙂