Jung II-woo’s Calendar for the year 2014.

November, 2013

As a final result, some of the images from the “Rainbow Il-woo” photo shoot, became part of Jung II-woo’s 2014 official calendar.  Here are the advertisements and some photos I did not post before, including two videos he posted in jungilwoo.com.

Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar 6.png

Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar 3.pngJung II-woo 2014 Calendar 5.jpgJung II-woo 2014 Calendar 1.jpg

20131117-3.jpg2013 11 20 JiW Tweet. jpg.jpg

2013 11 27JIW Tweet.jpg


Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar 4.jpgJung II-woo 2014 Calendar Images 10 62013 11 14 JIW Tweet ImageJung II-woo 2014 Calendar 2.jpg

Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar Images 10 7

The video coming up is another one from around this time.  I found it in Jung II-woo’s website.  It is quirky and playful!  Enjoy:

These are some stills from the firts video of him working on the calendar.  Notice the cover of his computer… what word is repeated?

Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar Images 10 2Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar Images 10 1Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar Images 10 3Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar Images 10 4Jung II-woo 2014 Calendar Images 10 5

He posted this on jungilwoo.com:

Hi from Jungilwoo.com!

With your big support and love, we are making Jungilwoo calendar for the year 2014.

The calendar will be designed with a lot of photos including not only the ones from <Diversity, Rainbow Il-woo> but also the photos you have never seen before.

Besides, you will find a special New year message from Il-woo in the calendar.

Please wait for the further notice for how and when to apply for the calendar.

This time, as the first time to make the calendar, it is being prepared by <Jungilwoo.com> ourselves.

Because of such circumstances, there might be some challenge for overseas fans to purchase the calendar and your kind understanding will be appreciated.

For those overseas fans, we recommend each community purchase calendars in bulk as a group and also recommend an individual purchase it through the community in your region.

(In this way, it will be more accessible to more people and also help you to save the shipping cost.)

For Japan, the calendar will be available to buy through Smilwoo and please check notice board at the Smilwoo.

For other inquiries, please feel free to contact jungilwoocom@naver.com. *All the profits from calendar sales will be donated for charity purpose.”