Jung II-woo in China Part 2


2018년 3월 31일  (March 31, 2018)

Happy Easter!

I had always wanted to do this!  Two things actually:  1) I discovered these bunnies drawn by Jung II-woo and had always wanted to animate them. 2) I had always wanted to make a recording of myself drawing.  So.. I combined them both! This is a sort of Drawn-Animated Easter Card!  The drawing and coloring took three hours. With time lapse it became about 5 minutes!  It was so fun! and coming up with the contraption to be able to use my phone to record was fun too!  Let’s just say it involved a lot of cardboard boxes!

Here are again Jung II-woo’s bunnies.  I think in a way Jung II-woo may have portrayed himself as a bunny as he is a rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac.





I think this last one is this bunny from the drama “You are beautiful.”  It’s like a pig-rabbit…  he wrote on it:  돼지요?   Pig?


Ok, now onto our favorite bunny’s history!  He is one hot bunny…  you know why? Because he is a “fire” rabbit!  ^ ^

May 9, 2012

Jung II-woo had various interviews when he travelled to China.  He had two interviews for Sina, one that was really great for Fans, was one where he answered questions live on Weibo!

These are some photos of his interview for Sohu TV. Cr. yule.sohu.com

2012 5 Sohu Interview000052012 5 Sohu Interview000042012 5 Sohu Interview000012012 5 Sohu Interview000032012 5 Sohu Interview00002

These are a couple of videos of his Sina Interview:

These are some stills from the interview.  Cr. Sina and on photos.

2012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000012012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000032012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000042012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000022012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000072012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000082012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000092012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000112012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000132012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000122012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000152012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000162012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000182012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 000102012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview 00006



And this was the “Live Chat” he held for fans in Sina Weibo. Translation Cr. “fyeahilwoo” blog.

2012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview with Fans00001

He is a ‘flower boy’ with a sunshine smile, a 亲民 idol with 体贴谦逊, and has starred in popular Korean dramas like ’49 Days’, ‘The Return of Iljimae’, ‘My Fair Lady’, ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’, and ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’… on 9th May at 3pm, this hunky Korean star with numerous virtues, Jung Il woo, will have a chat with fans. We’re letting you fans start the ball rolling, so please quickly get your questions ready!

@actorjungilwoo: We’re starting!!!! (^-^)

Q: When will the fanmeeting in China be? Your fans are really looking forward to it… hope there will be news soon.

JIW: The fan meet will be planned for after summer^^

Q: Oppa mentioned something funny once, that Yun Ho (from Unstoppable High Kick) was a reflection of you. Do you miss that show now?

JIW: In that show, Yun Ho was a character similar to Jung Il Woo, so I still miss the times spent in that series. I even dream about Yun Ho even till now, so I think it definitely was an important and meaningful role^^

Q: Oppa, why don’t you follow Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho (his two known BFFs) on Weibo?

JIW: It depends on how I feel~~~^_^

Q: What is your most memorable moment of this trip?

JIW: This is my first time participating in the Chinese variety show ‘Up Go’, the filming was very meaning and I had the chance to see so many fans, it made me want to come back quickly to have a FM in China^^

Q: What kind of girls do you like?

JIW: Of course, she must have similar interests/hobbies to me, and we must be able to converse easily, and make me feel like she is someone I can learn a lot from^^

Q: Hi it’s your fan from Hong Kong, may I know any schedule for your upcoming event in Taiwan/ Hong Kong/ other cities in China??

JIW: I’m now planning for the FMs in China, please look forward to it^_^

Q: Oppa, will you find a Chinese girlfriend?

JIW: I may, because love is not bound to nationality and age~~~^^

Q: Thailand Thailand………………..

JIW: Wait for me, wait for me, wait for me, wait for me……. wait for me please~ thailand^^

Q: Do you plan to visit other Chinese cities? Have you considered coming to Shanghai?

JIW: I will definitely go to Shanghai!!!

Q: Can you read Chinese characters?

JIW: A little…?^^

Q: My family name is also ‘Ding’! So please acknowledge that and give me some face!

JIW: Hello~ I’m Mr Ding, haha^^

Q: Have you eaten any Chinese specialties since getting here? What do you most like to eat?

JIW: I ate delicious ‘xiangcai’ (Hunan food) yesterday, was fantastic!

Q: Oppa, do you like Kim Bum or Lee Min Ho more??

JIW: Huh? Asking this is like asking me if I like my mother or father more^^

Q: Mr Ding, why do you reply so slowly~~~~~~

JIW: I’m trying my best!! Please wait for me~~ Sorry~~

Q: After China, which country are you going to next?

JIW: South Korea, Seoul kkkkkkk

Q: OBBA, are you the new pet in the HS palace?????? (huh? -fy!iw)

JIW: I’m the king, haha^^

Q: What impression do you have of Chinese fans? Give us something in return, hehehe.

JIW: You’re all very warm, and I can feel your love, I’m very lucky^^

Q: Oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa I’ve asked so many questions, please reply me… you can smile and I’ll be happy!

JIW: ^________________^

JIW: Rest for a minute.

Q: Tell us about your most charming aspect… haha.

JIW: Of course it’s my smiling self~ ha~

Q: What can you reply to me in a minute?

JIW: and we’re back!

Q: Do you feel that you’re more cute or handsome?

JIW: I’m the sexy kind~ (o.O -fy!iw)

Q: I’m not dreaming, am I? You’re in China! And you’re here having a Weibo interview. Reply me.

JIW: I’m in your dreams, you’re right^^

Q: If you had a choice, would you still want to be an actor?

JIW: I’ll still want to be an actor in my next life!

Q: Why is your Mandarin so good?

JIW: It’s a secret^^ (umm. He has help? -fy!iw webmiss)

Q: Oppa, can you really make ramen?

JIW: Of course~

Q: Do you have a dog at home?

JIW: Of course, its name is ‘AWU’.

Q: Are you really Jung Il Woo?

JIW: Yes! How would you like me to prove it?

Q: I have to go, you will not see me anymore, ahhhhhhhh kkkkkkkk

JIW: Take care~ bye~kkkk

Q: Forget it, I give up…

JIW: Don’t give up!

Q: Are you drinking anything now?

JIW: Drinking coffee now^^

Q: Which Chinese female star do you admire?

JIW: Tang Wei^^?

Q: I’ve asked you the same question but why haven’t you answered me…

JIW: I didn’t see it~

Q: Oppa, can I eat the ramen you’ve cooked?

JIW: I feel like eating ramen too, I will cook for you if I have the chance next time~

Q: Have you thought about traveling the world? Where do you want to go?

JIW: I’d like to backpack in Europe.

Last but not least, these are some photos of his live chat, he posted on Weibo:

2012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview with Fans000022012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview with Fans000032012 5 Sina Weibo's Live Interview with Fans00004


Today I woke up around 5:30 AM to the light of a full moon.  Annoyed, as it is the one day I can sleep late,  I got up to fix the blinds. As I looked at the moon… I was in awe of how big and gorgeous it looked. I wondered if it was a full moon so I looked it up and…  I discovered, that it was not just an average full moon.  It’s what is called a “Blue Moon.”  It happens about every two years, where two full moons fall on the same month.  But this year is really special as with this one we’ve had two blue moons!  This is rare and the next time it happens, it will be in 2037!  So I guess I am glad the moon woke me up!  That’s where the expression “Once in a blue moon”  comes from!  Meaning… very rarely.  I had no idea!!!

This is a photo of the “Blue Moon” I saw…sadly my phone could not keep up with the brightness of the moon!


So in it’s honor these are some of my favorite moon related music… (I used “Clair de Lune” of Debussy in the Easter video, that’s my moon music favorite of favorites! )

En Español:

Do you have a favorite moon song in your country?  Could you email its name or even better a YouTube link to me at kdrama.fan13@gmail.com?  I’d love to hear it!

The is the song that Jung II-woo sang a bit of in China’s Hunan TV show  “The Moon Represents My Heart”  (Made famous recently by Leslie Cheung.  Written by Sun Yi (孫儀) and the music was composed by Weng Ching-hsi (翁清溪).


And these moon related songs are from Dramas the Jung II-woo has been in:


You are still here?  OK then… a bonus of the moon kind!