Jung II-woo for an ETO Interview

January 3, 2012

I have no idea of what ETO means, I tried going to the site and doing a search and I was not able to accomplish anything.  It is a News reporting entity that interviewed Jung II-woo at this time!  I am posting the photos first and then the interview.  It seems our dear Oppa was really tired… he works way too hard sometimes!  You can notice it in his face…

2012-1-3 Jung II-woo for ETO 1.jpg

2012-1-3 Jung II-woo for ETO 2.jpg

2012-1-3 Jung II-woo for ETO 3.jpg


Cr. Ilwoostory Japan, translated via Google Translate.


A man with narrow round eyes and a sharp nose, red and big mouth on white skin. Legs are really long in slender backs. Last May, a person who just said a word “I am not a handsome” on a radio program and the hatred who is not hate is actor Jung Yi.

He dressed as a scheduler to hand over the dead soul to the posthumous world through the first half of 2011 drama ’49 days’ and he was recognized for more mature performance, he was telecasted before this, in the tvN drama ‘Ikemenramen shop’ As a high school student Cha Chisu, I shook a woman’s heart with an attractive talking mouth and words. In 2011, I met Jeong Il and Seoul, who ran through busier than anyone, at a cafe with Cheongdam-dong.

In a cathode-ray tube, it says that it looks a bit more fat than the real thing. Still, Jeong Il who met him directly was very tired. Fatigue was also oozing, and during a dialogue I was coughing. I seem to be very tired, smile to the word saying “Are you getting tired?” Asked. In fact, I spent time with the staff and actors for 3 months with the last episode on the day before the interview, so I felt fatigue little by little, awkward.

“While I was shooting, I did not know whether I was busy or not, so it seemed like I was soaked in Cha Chisu so much, I was very happy for the 3 months I lived as Cha Chisu, I am already tired, so I am tired a bit because I am finished.

As soon as Chung Il received the ‘Ikimenramen shop’ synopsis, it was obsessed with the charm of the character. I was worried for a while because it was ‘cable drama’, but I decided to appear because everything was perfect except cable. His choice was a huge success. Following the previous work I got a reputation that ‘performance got better.’

“With this character I felt that I could best describe ‘Chong · Il’ now, I did the best I took, it will be a work that will remain in my memory forever, it is an acting praise Of course it is nice to hear it but I think that this character will make you look like that .. Thank you to Cha and Chis Ha ha ha “

In the morning of the day on which the last broadcast was held, at the end of the morning, through the affiliated office, I went to Chong · Ile who remarked the impressive end of the TV program while saying “It’s hot, it was refreshing 16 cups of ramen. · I asked him to say goodbye to Chisu.

“I’m jealous! A bastard with a personality that overcomes any situation cool.

Jung Il who sent a busy year without holiday is not satisfied with this and is preparing again through the MBC New Water Mogi drama ‘The Moon holding the Sun’. He also said “I am back again, I am busy in 2011, but I will be very busy from the beginning of the year next year, I will do my best, I will do my best with strength, but I am doing my best.”

“I think that it is currently climbing to the summit.I will show you how to grow each time you do a work 2012 2012 is from the words’ Ikemen ‘always the best actor’ enthusiasm I want to hear the word ‘actor acting on’.

While the interview was ongoing, the appearance of Cha Chisu who was vibrant as a touching keeper gradually faded in the drama ‘Ikemenramen shop’ although it could not be put on by hands. There was only Jeon Il, a machine that puts in and out various characters.