Jung II-woo for Kong Hyeong-jin “Cine Town” Radio Show. SBS POWER FM(107.7MHz)

December 22, 2011

Jung II-woo went to SBS Power FM radio station and joined Kong Hyeong-jin in his program “Cine Town.”  He chose some questions to answer and  answered them. There is a video further down of him doing this. And!  the approximate translation to each question is below. He also was live on the show and had an interview mixed with music.  A kind friend transcribed and translated the content of this video!  So now thanks to her, any of us will finally find out what he was saying in this interview! First you will find photos, than the questions and answers and finally the video and its transcription/translation.

He looked so handsome, healthy and clean…his hair so shiny! and those headphones made him look so cute!   Just take a woo look!!!

Cr. SBS and on photos.

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Questions and Answers:

2011 12 22 Jung II-woo visits SBS POWER FM 1

Q. I’m wondering what kind of time I feel lonely! In such a case, please tell me the way to distract Oppa’s loneliness! ^ ^
A. Actually … The thing that I feel most lonely is when I am filming. When shooting starts, I shoot all night, so there are times when I feel very lonely when I am alone at dawn. So, such a time, I listen to music often in the car. Also, I will go to have dinner with my staff.

2011 12 22 Jung II-woo visits SBS POWER FM 2

Q. How can I meet Oppa? Where should I go? Can I meet you somewhere?
A. I am … in your heart … (laugh) … I’m sorry.
Yes, I am still in the shooting location while shooting. When I am on holidays, I will go to my neighborhood with my local friends and play, so I guess you you could go to my local area. Still, am I not in your heart? (Lol)

2011 12 22 Jung II-woo visits SBS POWER FM 3

Q. Oppa, what’s your drinking like?
A. In fact, I can not drink much alcohol. So, if I drink, I will generally fall asleep or get more. I have a lot of mouths and I laugh a lot. I have been laughing all the time. Then, it’s fun and flying around … it’s such a feeling.

2011 12 22 Jung II-woo visits SBS POWER FM 4

Q. When you get married, what is the breakfast menu I would like my future wife to make?
A. I think of the menu of breakfast that my mother always made, but I like Tenjangje in whom my mother makes. So, the wife of the future … well, if you can not make it, you can tell me. Otherwise, if it is a good cook, I think that I would be happy if I make Tenjangegee for breakfast.

2011 12 22 Jung II-woo visits SBS POWER FM 5

Q. Who is Jeon · Il?
A. I am that belongs to you? … I’m sorry, the staff members are (preparing something) delicious. It will be yours. It really exists for everyone in the fans and I am grateful thanks to all of my fans and I always appreciate it and I am grateful. Everyone, I love you!


And this is the live interview by Kong Hyeong-jin, see the transcription/translation right after…

공형진의 씨네타운- “스타초대석 정일우편!”


Kong Hyeong-Jin’s Cine town – Jung Il-Woo. 

Cr. Transcribed and Translated by P. Jung.  (Thank you dear friend!)

Interviewer: Kong Hyeong-jin

Interviewee: Jung Il-Woo

Beginning at 0:45

정: 공씨네 가족여러분 안녕하세요. 이렇게 처음 인사드리게 되었습니다. 정일우입니다. 반갑습니다.

Jung: Hello, Kong’s family! I finally get to say hello for the first time. I’m Jung Il-Woo. Nice to meet you.

 웃는게 참 예뻐요?

Your smile is so pretty?

공: 웃는게 참 어떻게 학원다닙니까? 집에서 연습합니까, 웃는거?

Kong: Your smile is so… do you go to an academy (or school) for it? Do you practice smiling at home?

정: 사실 데뷔하기전에 연습한 적도 있었는데요, 네, 요즘에는 없었습니다.

Jung: Actually I did practice before I debuted… Yea, Not recently though.

피부 관리법은?

Daily Skincare routine?

공: 평소에 피부관리를 위해서 하는것 없냐고…

Kong: Do you have a daily routine for the skin care? (I believe he is asking a question that he received from the audience)

정: 저는 세안은 정말 깨끗이 하는 편인것 같아요. 그래서 거의 뭐 촬영하고 집에 들어오면은 두번씩은 세안을 하구요, 그리고 잘 때 꼭 스킨로션 잘 바르고. 네.

Jung: I very thoroughly wash my face. So after I come back home from filming, I wash my face at least twice, and before I go to bed, I always put on skin lotion. Yea.

공: 따로 뭐 관리를 하시거나 뭐 이러진 않습니까?

Kong: You don’t have any alternative routine? (I believe he’s asking if Jung Il-Woo goes to a dermatologist)

정: 이제 뾰루지 나거나 그럴때는 가끔.. 가서..

Jung: If I get spots or something… then I go sometimes. (to the dermatologist)

 좋아하는 운동은?

Favorite exercise?

공: 운동 같은 것. 정이루 운동 이런것들 하곤 별로 안 친할 것 같은데.

Kong: What about exercising. I’m not sure if Jung Il-Woo and exercising go well together…

정: 사실 저는 매주 거의 축구를 하거든요. 그래서 중학교 친구들이랑 축구를 하고요, 겨울에는 스키 타는 것 굉장히 좋아하구요. 네, 그래서 운동 굉장히 좋아합니다.

Jung: Actually I play soccer every week. So I play soccer with my middle school friends, and I like skiing a lot in the Winter. Yea, so I like exercising very much.

공: 굉장히 activity 하시네. 축구할 때 포지션이 뭐예요?

Kong: You’re very active. What’s your position in soccer?

정: 전 공격수요.

Jung: I’m a Forward.

공: Forward예요?

Kong: You’re a Forward?

정: 네.

Jung: Yes.

공: 근데 축구도 사실은 forward가 제일 잘하는 것 같지만, midfielder가 제일 잘해야 되거든요.

Kong: But actually in soccer, it may seem like that Forward is the best player, but midfielder has to play well the most.

정: 네, 잘 하지는 못하구요.

Jung: Yea, I’m not that good

공: 골잡이를 하셔야 되는건데 그러면. 골은 많이 넣으세요?

Kong: That means you have to take care of shooting goals, then do you make goals a lot?

정: 어 그냥, 매 경기 잘할 때는 한 골씩은 거의 ___ (I couldn’t hear! 🙁 )

Jung: well, on a good day, I usually make at least one goal.



공: 요번주 주말이면 성탄절이죠.

Kong: It’s Christmas this weekend.

정: 어 아직 계획은 없는데요, 음… 일단 가족들이랑 식사하고, 성당에 갈 것 같습니다.

Jung: Um, I don’t have any plans yet. Um…. First, I will have a meal with my family, and I think I’ll be going to a cathedral. (or go to a mass).

공: 아 그래요.

Kong: Oh I see.


Close friends?

공: 친한 친구들이?

Kong: Your close friends are?

정: 저는 어 “꽃보다 남자”였던 민호…

Jung: Minho from “Boys over Flowers”

공: 이민호씨. 민호라고 하는 것 보니까 꽤 친한 모양..

Kong: Mr.Lee Minho… It seems like you are close since you just call him Minho.

정: 네, 저 어릴때 부터 친구여가지고요, 하이킥에 같이 출현했던 김범씨… 범이 동생. 네. 가끔 소지섭 선배님이랑 송승헌 형… 네. 가끔 연락하고요.

Jung: Yes, we were friends since we were young. And Kim Bum, whom we both starred in “High-Kick,” Bum’s younger sibling. Yea. Sometimes I contact So Ji-sub senior (it’s a term to address older actor) and Song Seung-heon brother (Hyung is a term for older male).

공: 잘생긴 것들끼리 이렇게 모여서 이렇게 연락하고, 끼리끼리. 확 올라가네 친한게이지가. 하하하

Kong: Seems like handsome people hangout with other handsome people. (kind of like Birds of a feather flock together). I suddenly feel a lot closer to you haha

 정일우가 공씨네에 남긴것들

Things Jung Il-Woo left at Kong’s place

(I couldn’t understand the yelling part. L )

정: 어 오늘 공씨네 가족여러분 예쁘네? 사랑합니다.

Jung: Oh, Kong’s family look pretty today? I love you.


안녕하세요 정이루 입니다. 어 오늘 공형진 선배님의 씨네타운에 이렇게 출연하게되서 너무 영광이였었구요, 어 짧은시간이였지만, 굉장히 즐거운 시간이였던거 같아요. 또 이렇게 “꽃미남 라면가게”를 끝나고 공식적으로 여러분들한테 인사드리게되서 즐거운 시간이였으니깐요, 어 앞으로 또 만날 수 있는 기회가 있었으면 좋겠습니다. 여러분 다음에 또 만나요! 감사합니다.

Hello, this is Jung Il-Woo. Uh, today I was so honored to be in Kong Hyeong-Jin senior’s Cine town, and even though it was a short time, it was a very fun time for me. Also I was happy to officially say hello to you guys after “Overview of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” was over. I hope I can have another opportunity to meet you like this in the future. Let’s meet again later! Thank you.


Last little treat: Gifs!   The adorable scale just broke!!!





Well it turns out my sickness was something greater than a cold.  I have a Sinus infection.  Never had this before.  It is an infection in these glands in your face around the nose area.  What was happening is that the drainage from the infection was going down into my throat and causing me to loose my voice and making me cough. Now I am armed with antibiotics and a nasal spray, and though my eyes water a lot… I feel better already!  I can finally breath properly!  It feels so good to breath…to sleep!

Jung II-woo medicine was very helpful too!  That smile in that last Gif…is the best medicine there is!  No sugar needed to make it go down…it is so sweet!!!   

예쁜  정일우 씨!