Jung II-woo in a Dark Green Sweater

December 17, 2011

In this interview by OSEN we have a very playful Cha Chi-soo like Jung II-woo!  Or wait is it Jung II-woo like Cha Chi-soo?  Anyways he has stated before that up to this point in his acting career, Cha Chi-soo was the character that is most like him.  He said even the touching of his mouth is a habit he shares with the character.  He mentioned too that unlike Cha Chi-soo when he loves he gives himself wholeheartedly, as he does not like to play the cat-mouse game when getting to know a girl he likes.

I’ve always wondered about Jung II-woo’s love life.  And… I just finished a page about my findings.   Check it our right HERE.

Anyways back to this interview by OSEN, here are the photos (Cr. OSEN) and below them the interview translated to English.

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OSEN | 2011.12.17 11: 06   Cr. Ilwoostory Japan (Translated via Google Translate)

A man like a sweet and bittersweet chocolate, he met an actor Jung II. Chung · Il is performing on the tvN moon fire drama ‘FLower Boy Ramyun Shop’  and is performing in a congratulatory boss, Cha Chi-soo.

“Hello, it has been a long time since you were fine.” Jung Il gave a polite greeting with a unique warm smile. He had met with various drama related interviews and official events before. A figure apparently made slimmer than when I saw it after the SBS drama ’49 days’ television a few months ago. The aroma of a man increased with a line of staggering jaws and an excellent style that is similar to models.

On the day of the interview, I was talking about a cup of dark American coffee to blow off fatigue almost all the night to shoot ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ which continued late at dawn, and I heard a story.

– In the movie ‘Cute, is not it?’ And the refreshing winking act is a topic. Is his ad lib?

Initially it was in the script. I was writing as if to say ‘cute ??’ and a scene to wink is coming out. But from 3 or 4 stories .. I started to add in ad lib. Although it was not included in the script, the response was good if you put ad lib into the timing as you expected.

– After the debut, it is the first such romantic comedy work, but the impression is

All I want to do is good. I think I could do the man who appears in Loco, I did all the cool things. I have never done such a work so far, so when I was shooting a meloscene or skinship scene, there was a time when I was excited. Haha.

What was the impression that you co-starred with Mr. Lee Chong-a, who is partner?

Lee Chong-Ah is a fuss about being surrounded by four men and having a lot of fun. It seems that they are tasting carefully. Haha. Because Mr. Lee Chung-Ah is the same gate in the same university, I have met about three times before playing. I co-starred this time, but I felt that it seemed like ‘a really naive girl.’ It is extraordinary and innocent.

– Embarrassed towards Yang · Umbie (Lee Chon-Ah) in the play Come on well with good comments and charm. Is it like Jung Il when you really love?

Not at all. Actually I am unfriendly when I am in love. I’m the type that can not say words to decorate. I have learned while doing this work. ‘If I had a girlfriend, I also have to say the words that I can make you feel better’, ‘I thought that it would not be good if there was little charm. I will try to practice when I will love romance in the future.

– Romance .. Are you  free now, then when was your last romance?

Now I do not have a girlfriend. I broke up about a year ago. I want to be in a relationship now. I would like to see people who have bought before, and I think that we can be more gentle at that time. Because he is keen on his job, he does not like that, he does not love. If you have the opportunity any time you want to meet a good person and want to love.

– It seems Jung Il’s power has been sold to ‘Ike Ramen’ in Japan. It seems to be popular in Japan and China, but it is the atmosphere that will become the next generation Hallyu Star.

Haha. Thank you very much. Broadcast was confirmed at the end of January next year in Japan. I think that I was able to do because I was not very strong, but my work was very good. It also seems to be a romantic comedy, so I think that Japanese fans are also interested in being interested in using ramen as a material. Before this, the Chinese fans reply to Twitter, but it was written that it is also popular there. There seems to be a site where you can see ‘Ike Ramen’ in real time in Greater China, but it seems to be the 1st place there. Haha.

– That remarks, there was an article Kim Bom-san visited at the shooting site. Kim · Bom returned also for the first time in ‘Paddam Padam’, but it seems that they are getting a lot of power from each other.

Bom is a real brother like a real brother. Just our shooting set and ‘Paddam paddam’ shooting set were near and my schedule ended and I came to visit me. It is a friend who is always appreciative and powerful. I was busy for shooting and I was not able to pay attention to ‘Paddam Padam’ yet. However, as a matter of fact, he is a good friend and acts with Senior Chung Woo Sung, so I think that there are many points to learn. I believe it will do well.

– In the past, he was one of actors with acting controversy. However, as the SBS drama ’49 days’ appeared, it developed further, and the evaluation of ‘Ike Ramen’ this time was good enough that the performance was good. impression?

While doing the work of this time, I understood what I am performing good and what I can do well. Thus it is bright and cute like ‘Cha Chis’ and a little comical … I realized that I can successfully accomplish such a role. Indeed, in the past ‘The Return of Iljimae’ or ‘My Fair Lady’ ‘While doing some dramas, it was extremely hard and it got in my hands. It was really painful to decide the next work.

However, I can not live while playing cute characters and just characters like now. I want to be an actor. It seems important to meet works and characters that are always upgraded.

– What if you would like to try it by all means in a character or acting you have not played yet?

I want to see a bright but serious role. I also want to take action items as a man. If you go back to the army and return, I would like to challenge characters like psychopaths. There are so many things I have not played yet, so if given, I would like to show you a variety of performances.

– There is not much left until the end of the broadcast ‘Ike Ramen’. Thought it seems that this year it was rushing through ’49 days’, ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ almost without any breaks. .. What do you want to do the most when shooting is over?

It seems that the ski resort has OPNE, so I want to go ski early. Even if it is not at the end of the year, alcohol will also drink considerably. Haha. I worked for a year without work. It takes a lot of time to refresh. I want to have a margin a little mentally.

– Finally what do you want to say to your fans?

I am not a talented actor, but an actor who strives to do my best. It is my iron rule to say that I will not regret myself. When I do my job, I am getting keenly active, and the more I go, the more carefully I choose the work. I will make an effort to show you how to get even better in the future and decide after thinking carefully the next work.