Jung II-woo interviewed for Star News

November 12, 2011

These photos have a nice sepia tone going.  They look very artistic. The interview follows them.  In it one of the things he mentioned was that it was the first time he worked with someone taller than him (meaning Lee Ki-woo at 6′ 5″) and that this took some adjusting. He was so used to looking down or straight forward… (he’s 6′)  …!  Cr. Star News.


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Interview by Star News.  Translated via Google Translate.

In 2006, Jung II appeared as a chic pure high school student Yunho in MBC ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ and rushed to Stardom for the first time. He turns over the public’s expectation that he will select a light and bright romantic comedy as his next work, asking for ‘The Return of Iljimae’ ‘Take Care of the Young Lady’ ’49 days’, etc. We challenged diverse acts with works of light content.

And for the first time in three years since my debut, I finally came back to a romantic comedy that looks good on my own color. On the other hand, it is a conglomerate man who is born to have everything, but on the other hand, somewhat naughty point, and in that it can not open mind easily to people, 2% shortage stimulates maternal instinct To play, Cha Chi-soo is full of charm. Through tvN ‘Flower Boy Ramen shop’, I met an actor Jung II who is pretending to be a buzzword like ‘Okay, Chu -‘ at the cafe near the Seoul Gwanghwamun (Gwanghwamun) afternoon on the 9th.

He came home again as a high school student for the first time in five years. The age has already become 25 years old.

“Although I played adults and historical plays, I must also thank you that I can also be a high school student, so I think that it is okay to play a high school student at this age … (lol) Perhaps I think that the high school student role is the last in the work of this time, although there was a hesitation in that aspect, the burden seems to have decreased since the character is very good and it is not quite like a high school student.

There is no separation and it is a cold personality, but it acts Cha Chi-soo which strangely breaks the woman’s heart. Thanks to this character, he revealed that he decided to select his current work.

“I grew up in wealth, but I do not know love, I do not know the circumstances of the world.This is a drama depicting the growing season to understand through the main character. The view that the viewer will change likes the viewers I thought that the character would also look good on him. While I was doing a historical theater and theater I was looking hard for my color.If you like this work a little more confidence There was a desire to be able to have it.

Because of the composition like a cartoon, it is easy to play even with a slight over-expression. When acting, what is the most concerned part?

“Although it is a style that plays the script with almost familiarity, I was concerned about whether I was feeling, or looking at one facial expression. When I started acting, I would do this expression if this line is not my own line There seems to be a lot of felt things with this drama.It is hard for the viewers to see it and not to get bored and to suffer so that the character lives.

A drama singing ‘Ikemen’ from the title. Jung II was selected from among many teen acting actors.

“The timing seems to be exactly right and it seems like luck, the luck seems to be good, the secret is killer smile? (Lol) I made a lot of winks, but it was very bad, but it was funny with the effect sound ‘Chiri – n’.

Jeong il had debate about ‘acting high’ at the time ‘debut’ high kick. However, as I repeated the works, he became able to show the appearance that perfectly adapted to the character he underwent, unexpectedly.

“On holidays, we have almost a script, we constantly monitor drama, seeing missing in our performance, pronunciation, vocalization, facial expressions, etc. Characters will not go beyond one place and go forward In order to change, I thought that we had to change for a long time, we are striving to show diverse forms every episode.

There was a moment when I felt ‘Acting is such a thing’.

“At the time of the High Kick, since I started without knowing anything, I think I played very hard, while playing ‘Iljimae’, I learned a lot of things and on the ’49 day ‘evaluation that performance was very good I felt like I was wondering what it means to be immersed, ’49 days’, it seems that it began with a silly acting melody and made realistic characters yourself. I decided after worrying about what I could do well.

“At that time, I did not want to choose such a piece of work, I received a lot of offers, but I did not want to go there easily, and if the actor thought that I should always show another figure I think the current character is completely different from Yuno and I feel that it is a different challenge. I think for the moment that I am looking for my own color and think that I am spreading the area. “

While shooting the drama this time, he gave a scene of a one-story toilet as the most impressive scene ever.

“I think that it is a toilet scene in one episode,” A mole is cute “It is a scene that you can see Cha Chis’ character even if you see only this line.

Fans of four episodes were telecasted, but buzzwords such as “me, chu ~” and “cute” are already popular among fans.

“I also became a habit (laugh) Even when sending SNS, I used a lot of” I, Chu ~. “At first it was ridiculous but I am already fine.” Cute, is not it because there is no woman who dislikes this word I will also learn.

He said that the romantic comedy realized that the number of female fans increased.

“It seems that more than 2,000 people can enter a fan cafe in a day, Twitter as well, it seems that women likes it certainly, but in fact it is a type that is not affected by such things, I will try hard to show you the acting, but I feel good even if I say so.

Jung Yi is 184 cm tall. However, since Lee Ki Woo who comes out as an opponent actor is the longest body of 193, there is a human suffering that it looks relatively short.

“184 However, looking at the 2 shots with Senior Kiu, it seems like it is a bit of a truth, in fact it was the first time I acted with a person taller than I. It was my first time to look up and act, I’m pretty unfamiliar, I’m going to concentrate on my character. (Laugh)

He knew exactly what the public wants himself.

“It seems to prefer a brilliant role than a very serious role. The debut work was a bright character and I will digest various characters in such an image I am looking for my own color . “

As role model, senior actor Cho In-seon cited.

“I’ve always liked Cho In-sen from the past, I am good at acting, but my character is also wonderfully humble, so I am a senior who has a lot of apprenticeship and I think that I will return to work of an actor soon.

Jung II said, “Focus will be doubled if you carefully look at the scene where Cha Chi-soo goes on and on and on, so there are lots of fun guys out there, so have fun seeing it late at night and have fun watching.  Also, please do not eat ramen” he said.