Jung II-woo for Chosun Online Interview

October 22, 2011

This interview was short but good.  There is one part where they ask Jung II-woo if he was nervous about kissing actreess Lee Yo-won and… better read it.  It is after the photos.  Cr. Chosun Online.

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Interview: Jung Il-woo   The Scheduler “Was Attractive.”
Chosun Ilbo | 2011/10/22

The latest fantasy love romance “My deadline is 49 days” of popular screenwriter So · Hyung-gyun (“brilliant heritage”) that spells a warm human pattern with emotional lines, played the role of a death god named “Scheduler” which is not a human being Actor Jeon Il. Is that refreshing young man “God of death”? And the question mark was attached, but that character was not the “death god” of the image so far. I asked about Jeong Il, “My deadline is 49th” which depicted various kinds of human love.

– What was the reason for deciding to appear in this drama?

“It was the biggest reason I wanted to do because it was a character I had never had before, and trust in the author and the director was great. Actually, I was the first cast in this work So I was concerned about who the other party is (laugh) ”

– “Scheduler” How did you think and challenge the role of Song · Is.

“At first it was not a human being, since it is a shinigami, I thought that it was a cool and cool character, I had to wear only black clothes, but I talked with the director and gave me an idea. Trying to make a contemporary version scheduler different from that.When you can play tone’s tone you can play it and really calmly … calmly … When you finish the drama it’s not like a “death god” but a “scheduler” I thought that I would like to become, but I’m very happy to be like that. I am tweeting, but all the overseas fans have called me so really feel good. ”

– The scheduler was stylish, did you have a point of fashion?

“I studied a lot while referring to stylists and magazines etc. In conclusion, I decided not to wear black clothes but to make it fancy and gorgeous, but when I still work, I thought that it was better to have an image of the god of death such as wearing a jacket etc. Because it is a character that makes the public and private clearly, when I play, I will go to the club with a rough style, ride a motorcycle and play happily I work hard when I work, (laugh) ”

– Your favorite style.

“I liked the style when I was wearing long wigs, red trench coat … well in the second half I wore a long coat, but I also liked it.”

– When I understand the relationship with Lee Young-won (Lee Young-won) in the latter half, I think that it was necessary to change the acting, but the point that was difficult and conscious point.

“When I act with Lee Yo-won, I do not remember at first, but since I am the one I loved, I thought that something might be wrong, while acting with changes in expressions and word usage From the time when I realized that it was the one I knew loved in the second half, emotions entered naturally, but Yohwon helped me very much. ”

– Kissing scene was very nice, did you get nervous with your opponent Lee Yo-won, a veteran?

“Kissing scene … Ha ha ha (ha ha) … Because it was a parting scene rather than being nervous, I cried when I saw the script.I was the first time that I cried at the script and cried .. It is really sad It was a painful scene in my heart, rather than kissing scene, that feeling stood first and I acted best for that feeling. ”

– How was the atmosphere at the scene?

“It was really good, because the schedule was tight, it was hard work, but with Mr. Youngwon I went to dinner together when I had free time and I could have time together other than shooting, I think that it was easy to get along well with acting. ”

– A scene you like especially, that I want you to see here.

“There is a scene where I wear a red trench coat and pass at the cafe at the cafe.I have a scene to meet with Igyun unexpectedly as I recall saying” Do not call me where this woman is from now ” , I think that the two eyes were good at that time, then in a scene that also likes the parting scene … but every one is an important scene.

– What I thought after shooting.

“Since I took this drama I thought about life and life altogether. If it’s really important, I should not spend all day a day, and now I am enjoying what I am doing and what I am doing I thought that it would be good to work hard while everyone also watched the drama, I think that it will be a drama that thinks about his own life. ”

– What is being done when the drama is over and off?

“I’m not off for off (laugh) As soon as I went to Canada with a public relations ambassador, I was busy with events going on in China as well, but next time I decided next week I do not have time off for shooting, but I’m a high school student after a long time (laugh), it looks like a character that fits me well, because I am a love comedic, I am hoping that I can shoot pleasantly. ”

– “Ikemen Ramen Store” is not it. He is a rich son and he seems to be a cool city boy, but is he preparing something?

“I am trying hard to make ramen deliciously (laugh), and since I’m a high school student, I have not done anything so far, but I started to take care of my skin (laugh)”

– Are you busy and have no time to play with friends Lee Min-ho or Kim Bum?

“Minho and I met just before the drama began, as soon as my drama ended, Min Ho entered” City Hunter in Seoul “, and when Min Jo finished I went to Canada … I’m taking contact However, I really do not see you, I want to see you. (Laugh) I have met Bom well, but both Bom and I start drama … ”

– Who will get three drops of tears, Jeong Il?

“Have fans (laugh). Can I get it?”