Jung II-woo travels to China.


August 25-August 27, 2011

Jung II-woo travelled to attend a youth movie camp, as part of cultural exchange project by CJ CGV between China and Korea.  The event was held at Beijing CGV on Aug. 26th.  It was called “2011 TOTO Working Room.”

Arrival at the airport…more than 100 people greeted him at the airport, Jung II-woo was very touched!  He wore a really creative safety pin shirt! Look at the collar!

Cr. Baidu

2011 8 Travel to China Airport Arrival12011 8 Travel to China Airport1.52011 8 Travel to China Airport22011 8 Travel to China Airport32011 8 Travel to China Airport112011 8 Travel to China Airport42011 8 Travel to China Airport52011 8 Travel to China Airport62011 8 Travel to China Airport92011 8 Travel to China Airport102011 8 Travel to China Airport8.52011 8 Travel to China Airport82011 8 Travel to China Airport7


During his stay in China, he attended a Sina TV interview.  These are the photos

Cr. Sina

2011 27 Sina Interview 12011 27 Sina Interview 22011 27 Sina Interview 32011 27 Sina Interview 42011 27 Sina Interview 52011 27 Sina Interview 62011 27 Sina Interview 72011 27 Sina Interview 82011 27 Sina Interview 92011 27 Sina Interview 102011 27 Sina Interview 112011 27 Sina Interview 122011 27 Sina Interview 132011 27 Sina Interview 142011 27 Sina Interview 152011 27 Sina Interview 162011 27 Sina Interview 172011 27 Sina Interview 182011 27 Sina Interview 19


Jung II-woo attends the  “2011 TOTO Working Room.”  he and director Kwak Chae Young participated as a special lecturers.  They view the work of aspiring young film makers giving them encouragement.

2011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 13.jpg2011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 12011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 22011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 32011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 12.jpg2011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 42011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 52011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 62011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 72011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 82011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 9

2011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 9.5.jpg


They celebrated Jung II-woo’s birthday treating him to a cake and presents!

2011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 112011 8 26 TOTO Working Room 10

He also did an Interview for Sohu.  Cr. Sohu

2011 8 Sohu 12011 8 Sohu 22011 8 Sohu 32011 8 Sohu 42011 8 Sohu 52011 8 Sohu 62011 8 Sohu 72011 8 Sohu 82011 8 Sohu 92011 8 Sohu 102011 8 Sohu 112011 8 Sohu 12

And these were taken when he got back to Korea arriving at the airport:

2011 8 JIW Back to Korea (airport arrival) 12011 8 JIW Back to Korea (airport arrival) 22011 8 JIW Back to Korea (airport arrival) 42011 8 JIW Back to Korea (airport arrival) 32011 8 JIW Back to Korea (airport arrival) 5


Article by Newsen:

Newsen|2011-08-29 09:18

Actor Chung Yi worked as a bridge for cultural exchange between Korea and China as a next-generation runner of Hallyu hot air. Jeong il was officially invited as a ment to the social contribution project ‘2011 TOTO’ workshop ‘conducted by CJ CGV on the 5th anniversary of China’ s advancement on August 25, and visited China.

‘2011 TOTO Working Room’ Jeon · Il attended was a Korean-Chinese cultural exchange social contribution project co-hosted by Culture Physical Education Tourism Department, Korean Cultural Arts Education Promotion Institute, Chinese Communist Youth Organization and CGV, Jeong Il I participated in this event as a special ment.

Jeon Il, known to local Chinese fans through a work such as situation comedy ‘roof penetrating high kick’, drama ‘asking you lady’, ’49 days’ etc, told airport at his airport after he told the news of his arrival in China It was surrounded by over 100 fans who came and received local welcome from the arrival at the airport.

At the screening held at the CGV Beijing Olympic Games, not only the families and friends of the students who participated in the ‘2011 TOTO Workshop’ but also the press organizations of both countries, VIPs, major agencies, and more than 300 seats A lot of places were buried, and a kind of place for the Korea-China cultural exchange festival was directed.

Jeong il donated three video equipment to the students who participated in the event, and digested the role as a mentor. Around tens of media such as China’s main speech myths dot com, CCTV gathered on this day got intensive interview with Jeon Il.

Jeong il, who has finished the event, is honored to be participating as a special member in the program to contribute to the cultural exchange of Chinese, Korean, and Korean society, but I am more thankful that many people have expressed interest in this way. With China ‘s active cultural exchanges between the two countries, it would be better to have more opportunities to meet Chinese fans, although it was a short schedule, it was a really meaningful time, “he said.


Last…Jung II-woo asks Chinese Fans to write in English in his Weibo Account saying “Chinese is hard!!!!!”  And who could deny that to the tired sweet face below?

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.51.53 PM.png