Jung II-woo in Canada: Day 3

July 2011

This is the day Jung II-woo goes Bungee jumping.  I’m always in awe when I see these videos because he is so fearless!  I could never do that…  I would loose it right at the part they tie my feet together!

The first video by Vimeo is the best…the whole thing is there, the YouTube ones are bit by bit…

Video 3333 and 4444 I think are about a prank they played on Jung II-woo…I think they were supposed to go zip-lining or something and I guess they pretend and tell Il-woo that they are too late.  The Canadian guide gets upset and walks off!  …I totally bought it!  And so did Il-woo who goes from being upset in video 3333 to embarrassed in video 4444.  I think the woman who is afraid to bungee jump comes up with the plan.  Korean speakers am I right?  That is what I understand…  It is pretty great to see Jung II-woo feel real emotions!  Not act them…

In the last video you can see Jung II-woo zip-lining!

Ready!  Set!  Delight!

Video and Photo Cr. MTV


Bungee jumping at Whistler:

2011 7 OMT Day 3 Whistler Benji 12011 7 OMT Day 3 Whistler Benji 22011 7 OMT Day 3 Whistler Benji 32011 7 OMT Day 3 Whistler Benji 42011-7-omt-day-3-whistler-benji-5.png

Zip-lining at Whistler:

2011-7-omt-day-3-whistler-benji-6.png2011 7 OMT Day 3 Whistler Ziptrek Eco Tour 1 .jpg

Making ice cream sexy!  at Whistler Village:

2011 7 OMT Day 3 Whistler Village 1 .jpg2011 7 OMT Day 3 Whistler Village 2.jpg