Jung II-woo for Singles Magazine

Happy Chuseok!  As I mentioned in another post Chuseok is a very cherished holiday when Koreans pay respect to their ancestors.  It is like All souls Day for Catholics or Día de los Muertos for the Mexicans.  It is a time to be with family.  This year it will be unusually long as Koreans will take a whole week off!  (Usually they take 3 days off.)  Waaaaa!!! Why can’t I be Korean like right now?!

It also takes place during a full moon:

JIW Happy Chuseok 2017.jpg

I created this photo composition especially!  It shows the harvest moon in a farm and Jung II-woo wearing a traditional Hanbok (2010).  I wish Jung II-woo and all Koreans a very peaceful future!

Now onto today’s post:

April 2011

This Jung II-woo posing for the very edgy magazine “Singles.”  This could be better known as the Vampire? Werewolf? magazine edition!  Bite me!  Please!  Article is in Korean…

Cr. Singles Magazine

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