Jung II-woo’s Three Tears

April 3, 2011

When asked who would shed three tears for him (aside his family) when he died, Jung II-woo responded:

Tear 1 Kim Bum

“Bum is like a real younger brother to me. When I was having rough times, Bum was there for me, and when he had troubles, I was there for him. Actually, I talk more with Bum than I do with Min-ho. We’ve known each other for five years now. We sometimes go to each other’s houses and hang out, and we go to saunas together too. He’s a really dear, brotherly friend to me.”

Tear 2 Lee Min-ho

“Min-ho and I are really close friends who’ve known each other since we were kids. We don’t need to talk a lot [to be friends]. We were in a life-and-death situation together, so we’re friends who’ve hovered close to the afterlife together.”

Tear 3  Na Mun-hee, the veteran actress who played his grandmother in Unstoppable High Kick.

“She looks after me like I’m her grandson, and she gives me plenty of advice and encouragement. She even marks the days my drama broadcasts on her calendar. She always calls me after the premiere and the finale. With My Fair Lady, she advised me, ‘Don’t try to look pretty, just act.’ And when it was over, she said, ‘You worked hard.’ I’m always grateful to her.”



“With the drama’s life-and-death themes, Jung has thought a bit about death: “I’m not afraid of dying. I think what’s important is to be able to live well, so you don’t have regrets. But I do feel afraid when I think of people leaving me behind.”

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