Jung II-woo is a Happy Scheduler!

These photos are from an Interview by Don-A Ilbo.  The article is included after the photos, it is worth it!

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Jung Il ” Actor 100 times more enjoyment ‘Mystery will be released ”
Dong-A Ilbo | 2011-03-24 15: 29: 33

Thursday night I shot and responded to the interview. It smiled so as to try to conceal that it gets tired soon after asking the reason why the interview was pushed.

“The point you feel before shooting and the point you feel during shooting are different.I feel that it is different after shooting, that time I wanted to tell you in real time at that time.

An actor Jung Yi (24) came back. To be precise, it changed and came back.

In 2006 the situation comedy ‘Kicking high kick’ played the role of rebellious kid / Yunh and emerged on the blue chip he appeared only to an extent unforgettable to the extent. 2007 ‘My love’ (Movie), 2009 ‘Billboard Irishme’ ‘Request for Lady’ (Drama) is all of Filmography.

And, with the promise of “to reduce the blank period to the utmost,” along with the promise of returning to the SBS Mizuki drama ’49 days’. What has happened to him that he went back to the beginning in his sixth year of debut?

▲ “I came out and met the most appropriate role looking for scheduler”

– What is your impression of watching the broadcast?
“It was fun, taking pictures was interesting themselves and I got a lot of expectations.

’49 days’ is a fantasy mellow thing that walks asking for tears filled with the truth of the three people excluding the family in order to wake up, Shin Ji-hyun (Nam Gyuri) who fell into brain death. He will hand over the soul to the world after death ‘and will assume Shin Ji Hyun in this world and that world by undertaking the scheduler.

– Have you come up to expectation?

“I photographed eagerly as it is.

– Did you say you should compile the review?

“I could not see a lot of overnight shoots, although I often see sentences etc. raised by fans, there were many sentences asking whether the balustrade scene or the club scene was really direct.

– I heard that I sat on a 42 floor building rooftop balustrade without wires and played the guitar. There was a scene which I took up on the roof. Was not that terrible?

“It is okay without the altitude phobia.It is good to go up.It is rather cold weather.The club scene can not really dance in front of other people and can not sing ‘crazy Let’s pretend. “The people who were sung are famous people called band-foldable bands.I heard music beforehand before listening and listening, but I do not dance too far from dancing I did not know if it would not go wrong.Ha ha “

– It is returning for the first time in 1 year and 5 months. Why did you choose the scheduler role?

“What I suffered most during the blank period is a role that fits well with me, a role I can do well, I thought it would be better to do a bright character by all means, the scheduler seems to go well with me and the character I chose it too attractive.

Jung Yil said that “the first impression of the scheduler was cold blood” and “By the way I thought that the character seems to be boring and I would like to represent the public and private in three dimensions”.

“When I work, I work when I relax, I suddenly feel relieved when I relax, On the other hand I wanted to show you what I should say as a friend. When I work and I When it is physical, I will also make a tone of voice different.When I work, I am determined and give out a bass.

I was playing the guitar in the first scene -1 times. After ‘exquisite high kick’ the motorcycle also riding again.
“I learned the guitar for the drama.I will show you for a while for a while but I will show you in the future.The bike went on for the first time in a long time.I learned while taking the ‘high kicks’ but originally the motorcycle It is dangerous and hateful.When I was young I will try to be careful that my closest friend rides a motorcycle and become a plant person.When I was in the ‘high kick’ time I was injured while riding a motorcycle There was a dangerous moment for this shooting as well, I will not ride anything besides shooting.

– What if the scheduler has a good point?

“First of all, if you are a ‘person’, you have age restrictions, but the scheduler is not a person so you can quickly disappear and you can also laugh at a moment and get angry.The director is also able to do everything In addition, furthermore, I will order more.

▲ “It took me a month to decide on a hairstyle that highlighted gaudiness and costumes”

– Hairstyle and costumes are topics.

“Clothes and hair style were even more important because so many people are 180 degrees different from the death god who was thought so far.When I received a script I bothered about a month ago as soon as I got to the script.I want to be gaudy first It was central.

Jeong il is famous for being interested in fashion every day. For that reason as soon as costumes and hair style stories came out, both voice and hand movement grew.

“(Brown wave like a baby perm) Hair style was referred to magazine cartoon style book etc. I got a hint at the comic ‘Dory’. After going to the place and consulting and trying again, I confirmed this hair after going through such process.The color is also two tone if you look closely.The only surface was brown, but ‘Hair color is strange? ‘I tried it out to the extent that I could understand it.

Where there is a nickname like ‘Forever boy’ Kwoo Jungpyo was famous for bread heads, it seems like “You must decide it, too.” It was tormented. Although I said that it took me a month to decide on a hair style I could not easily decide my nickname. After all I laughed at the face of the child who received the problem “I will give out an idea.”

– Costume was really flashy.

“This year’s trend is colorful just as we should show it gaudy.When we perform the task of the scheduler we release dark costumes but in a light atmosphere we made the costume to fly red and blue.Shopping with the stylist I often wear my costumes as well.In the meantime I never wore clothes that fit my body but on the ’49 days’ I am showing my body line for the first time.I like my clothes I usually wear as well . “

“I went to diet to wear tight clothes and I lost weight by 6 kg, even now I still have to adjust the menu and” I’m sweet. Since I started working, I was supposed to be able to lose weight on my own schedule but I found it fascinating.

“I am getting fat enough to make the drama go funny.It seems to be so because it is a person who eats when it is stress. (Kim · Bom and Lee · Min Ho will also work long and return home , Bum and Minho seem to collapse if it says envy, I complained that there is no appetite, by the way, this time I am.

▲ “I do not want to lose my mother’s memory though I died”

– Does that mean less stress?

“Yes, firstly the atmosphere of the shooting site is really good, the big voice does not come out and the relationships of actors are also easy, especially if the actors do not have the battle of energy, and even if they receive stress while preparing works When I danced to dance without dancing, I got no stress and I took a scene that goes up to the rooftop alone, hitting the wind on the rooftop alone and listening to music and getting stressed with that. I am also feeling that I’m looking forward to ‘shooting site 100 times fun’ so that the middle scheduler will enjoy 100 times.It will be able to perform it comfortably in that case.If I tried to monitor it sometimes the hands and feet shrinks when I took it, There is time to watch it, this drama is still easy to see, it seems like a Jung-Il-like actor.

By the way, there was a rumor that Il was keen at shooting venues.

“I heard the rumor that ‘Jeong Il is not glossy.’ At that time I met with a traffic accident and the shooting continued daily overnight, although I broke my bones but I always do it well It seems to be cheeky if you are not laughing. ‘Transmission of the Bishop Iljima’ is the first debut in the theatrical music, so I was the main character, so the sense of responsibility was very big. ‘Lady’s gentleman’ grabs the character It seems that it was difficult to experience such trial and error and to have no mind while holding a blank.If there were many fears before then it has become much easier now.When time to people as well Please make it frank. “

– After ‘High Kick’ I heard that a lot of dark roles entered after asking for a rebellious child, ‘Lady’. What kind of image should be made after ’49 days’?

“I think that it only has to be an image like an avatar.Haha .. I wanted to play a bright role and it was better to take care of the scheduler and be memorized with a bright image.It will be a bright role for the next couple of years I want to.

– ’49 days’ is the story against death after all. If you died in the dialogue of the scheduler there was something to lose all memory of the previous life, but if there is a memory that you do not want to lose even if you die.

“Mother did not talk about her mother unfamiliar … Mom is still Mom When I attended kindergarten my mum went to study abroad, I spent about three years away, but I was very nostalgic But I have something like a lack of affection … … Mother still think that time is the best.

– Actors Kim Bum and Lee Min-ho, who are known for ‘close friends’ if it is placed in the situation of Shin Ji Hyun, Professor Na · Muni who cherishes like a grandson, three drops of tears for me It seems likely to run away. Oppositely have you shed tears full of heart for someone else?

“If important people leave me, they will always be shedding tears, and recently when my actor Park Yong Ha senior committed suicide last June I was sorely sore.

Park Jong-ha was appearing in ‘The story of a man’ when Jeong Il was shooting the ‘Bishoujo Irujimen’. Jeong Il said, “I met my seniors with Yonha seniors and met their activities while overlapping their activities,” he said.

▲ “Two more works during the year Is it over that?”

– It is the 6th year actor. What if there was a moment when it seemed that the actor was really good?

“Previously I answered that people understood on the street, now it is time to see people who are courageous and powerful looking at me, thinking what I did if I were not an actor There is nothing to think of, which seems to have been selected well.

– Do you have a moment when you regret it?

“When asking when people will come out in the blank period was a little hard but I never regretted it.

– Last year I stood in theater ‘Beautiful Sunday’ stage. How did the actor Chung Il before and after the experience of theater change?

“It was said that Mr. Na Minni was trying to look beautiful while acting.When I acted I had a habit of raising my hair as my hair falls down.I could not hold back that I had one hair coming out I always tried to attach a beautiful girl angle using nerve to the camera how I could be caught, so I decided to place it while playing, so if the audience had to communicate shortly before the audience I can not give out NG, so my habit will make it difficult for me to immerse in acting, which will disturb the immersion of the audience so I minimized the small movements It seems I threw away a lot of things that I tried to see beautifully when I monitored my performance these days.

– The following work is ‘Citi Hunler’. Mr. Min Ho is the main character.

“It is said that Min Ho will start taking photographs.Minho must eat once before it becomes tough.. Ha ha. ’49 days’ I also took it to Bom and Minho-moito at a Chinese restaurant before shooting Because I paid a bit for that day now