Happy 31st Birthday!

September 9, 2017


Yes!  Our Oppa is 31!!! Happy Birthday  정일우 씨!!  May you enjoy your day with family and friends!  Know we fans are right there with you celebrating!  May the next year be filled with health, with happiness, with love and most of all peace!

The idea of using Oppa’s photos with the peace sign came from me!  I was thinking about what I could do for his birthday, and then I thought wouldn’t it be more moving if we all did something together!  Then the thought of him doing the Peace sign came to me. His beautiful smile, his kind heart, his good intent, and … Peace is something that is a lot in my mind lately.  I really don’t want any more wars in this world! Much less in South Korea!

 As I think of Jung II-woo and the beautiful community we have in Instagram for him, I really wish unity would spread in the world.  We can do so many more good things when we unite!  We have so much in common!  We have so many things to learn from each other!

Jung II-woo…there is always a possibility that you may read this… this is for you:

I don’t know why, I only know that this feeling of love for you formed inside of me.  It is like like fresh air, like clean water, it makes me feel so good!  Watching you, hearing you, makes me so happy!  Through you I have learned so much about Asia and South Korea.  I am even learning Korean!  How amazing is that!  감사합니다!!!  사랑해요!  평화!

Here are some beautiful images of Jung II-woo with the peace sign to celebrate his birth, the delight he brings to our lives and our love for him!   These were the finalist photos, until I chose the one on the top!   I chose that one because it represented for me a love and peace person from 1967.  50 years ago was the Summer of Love.  I think we need another one!  Enjoy:

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.14.28 AM49daysbtsrcouple11466908hinh anh trai dep 3JungIlWoo2539ufi2s

Thank you for supporting Jung II-woo and this idea.   Peace and love to all of you!  May this be the beginning of many things we do together!


 Peace and love to all of you!   Fan 13

P.S.  Even my students are working on peace signs!  We need as much peace energy as possible!  I’ll post the finished product when we are done!  

“All we are saying… is give Peace a chance!”

John Lennon