Jung II-woo for Nylon Magazine

March, 2011

This article from Nylon magazine had great photos and article.  Jung II-woo has a James Dean look/ Bad boy from Grease look!  I included the article at the very bottom.         Photo Cr. Nylon, and DCIlwoo.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they also made a video!  Take a look:


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This is the layout in the magazine.  Cr. Ilwoo’s Room


These are behind the scenes:

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This is the article in the magazine. Cr. Nylon Magazine, Translated via Google.

Back in town

The image of Jung · il you think
I have a strong feeling that he will change before and after the drama he is producing now.
He talked with pleasure so that all facial expressions appear on the face.
“I am very happy to perform acting”

– Do you listen to lots of stories that the first impression is cold?
Yes I do not usually laugh so much. So when I appeared in “High Kick!”, I heard lots of bad things. Although it is a laugh image in the play, it was misunderstood that it is not polite because it is not laughing.

– Have your friends talked about that too?
The first impression seems to be cold, I say that it seems to be poor. It takes time to feel comfortable because it is very shy, but once you become familiar it will last long.

– Taking a situation situation comedy in 2007, “Kicking high kick!” In 2009, drama “THe Return of Iljimae”, “My Fair Lady”, this year “49 days” is taken.  Did you decide to work only in odd years?
I was reluctantly blank for about a year and a half. Last year I went through school, played also, I went to Japan for fan meetings, not just being absent. The appearance negotiation of the work continued, but I wanted to play a bright character, I appeared in theater “Beautiful Sunday”. Since “THe Return of Iljimae”, offers came only magical and heavy characters.

– I heard that the drama “49 days” took on the role of Shinigami.
Yes. The person itself is not realistic, but it is not a character far from the living world. Although I am afraid to be afraid of the world after death, I think that the way of thinking will change if the drama “49th” is over. (“49 days” is a story that occurs when a hero who has fallen into a coma due to a traffic accident gets the tears of three who love you so much and can be regenerated.) I underwrite The scheduler ‘S · IS’ is a friend to distinguish between public and private. I work when I work and play character when I play. To be honest, I thought that the role is more important than the proportion though the quantity is not large. Because there is only me who plays the role of covering the whole with this drama that goes back and forth in the world after death.

– Still, it is true that the death god is reminiscent of the drama “Legendary Hometown”.
I accepted the role of Shinigami from my friend this time and you will be asked ‘Will you wear a shade and come out?’ But not at all, it’s a very styleful. But even though you wear only black clothes, it never comes out.

– Characters you’ve come up with are uninformed Musou, but what criteria would you choose for your work?
Until now, he was trying to do a character quite different from his previous work on purpose. I would like to try a role not done. By the way, I will not do it in the future. Maximally matches me well and I do a character that I can do well. Once you read the script you will have a feel. As you read, there are things that you can read fairly like your own words, and sometimes you do not read much. The role played this time has many parts similar to my character origin.

– Have you prepared specially for this role?
I reduced my weight considerably. About 5kg? There is one goal while shooting this drama, but do not get fat until the drama ends. When you are always taking a drama, the first time it’s slim, I get fat more at the final round. So I am doing exercise with a diet. I am also learning guitar.

– Do you have a scene to play the guitar?
Haha. Yes. You may get a shock from seeing it. It is the first broadcast on March 16th.

– By all means, the word that I would like to see the most when I see people recently is the first broadcast date?
I have not seen people much this time. I used to see a lot of people while taking a drama, but I have not seen all the way. Because the schedule is clogged, it seems that you have to grasp the character firmly in the beginning of the drama.

– What was the first shoot, the first scene, the first line?
Haha. There was no speech. By the way, I was very excited when I first shot. It was the first time to prepare “exceptionally high kick!” And was exactly like the feeling when shooting. I have taken several other works so far, but I have never felt this kind of feeling.

– What did you do during the holidays?
I read a book and made lots of trips. I go to Europe many times and Japan is going often. I like shopping. Recently I went to Kyoto.

– My hobbies are tremendously diverse, but it seems that there is also hand-drip coffee at home. What are you interested in recently?
I have had many hobbies, but it does not last long and changes every year. Recently I have not made it on purpose. It is not to disturb drama. Actually, a new version of my favorite football game came out, but I bought a CD and I did it only twice. Every week I like to play soccer with my friends of junior high school age, I also like football and skiing for a while, I like skiing, last time I went there several times, but I am not going now. Do not get hurt.

– Then what do you look forward to?
It is to shoot a drama! I am very happy because I work for the first time in a year and a half.

– I also read that he likes riding in an interview.
I like to exercise. Horse riding, climbing, soccer and more. What I want to learn newly is squash. And as soon as the drama is over, I am planning to study yoga. The influence of the traffic accident encountered just before appearing in “Kicking high kick!” Is large, and the back is still a little crooked. I do not usually have a good posture, so I will correct it with yoga.

– Are you personally planning on thinking?
No. I am an impulsive type. There are many plans without limit, but we do not plan anything.

– What is your dream when you were young?
When I was a kindergarten, my dream was a driver of a forklift. It looked cool. I can not remember, but when the shovel car passed by, I heard that the buttocks caught poundingly. When I am in elementary school, I am a baseball player. When I liked baseball and became the Korean series season, I spent most of the time at the baseball stadium or sitting in front of the TV. When I was in junior high school, I attended school while thinking hard without thinking anything. In doing so, when I was a sophomore in high school, I happened to play, I thought the actor would suit me better. Originally bored soon and one is not a long lasting type, swimming and acting has been on for a long time.

– Do not you like romance?
It seems that the seniors knew ‘Why do you want a lot of romance’ now why you need it. Working when you work, you must be in love when you are in love.

– The ideal type is still ‘a woman who will do whatever is there’ and ‘a woman of long hair’?
You will understand by looking at the previous interview, but the ideal type will change every year. The only thing that does not change is women who do not have to look at their complexion without inconvenience even if they are together. And it would be nice if the one I dislike or I like is the same person.

– What kind of things do you dislike?
Fri, doing pretty, pretty pretty, making people look great. And a woman wearing a cat in front of a man. When eating rice, I like people who use chopsticks well, people who eat without making Kuchakachi sounds.

– It seems to be more sensitive than others. Is it a habit of building an actor?
I think that it was sensitive from a young age. Keep an eye on small things. Especially when I work, I use all types from 1 to 10.

– Did not you complain that your mother was tough to grow up?
My mother says ‘It is a shaggy’. Especially when you work. I do not talk much when I go home as I talk a lot outside. My father is, but I also did the same.

– Background music on the mini homepage is GD & TOP’s ‘Do not go home.’
I am fitted in that song. (Cell phone ringtone was the same song). But, like the old days, I do not listen to lots of music. I used to like listening to searching songs that people did not know well, but that kind of thing ceased. Four to five years ago Nujabes, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, etc. were good because they were only songs that I can listen to, but now people know it.

– So what is your favorite singer?
I am personally close to Dynamic Duo. I was a fan, I debuted and invited me for the first time at a fan meeting, but then I got acquainted with him. We also participated in narration at Dynamic Duo ‘s song’ Guilty ‘and also interviewed the national army where the older brothers appeared. I requested it to be featured after it was discharged, but I am thinking because I am poor at singing. Dynamic Duo is truly a genius!

– Who would you like to invite to a girls group for fan meeting?
I will invite Supreme Team at this time of fan meeting. I met several times thanks to Dynamic Duo. When saying that I would like to invite to the Supreme Team, ‘Dynamic Duo senpai seems to be sharp’ (laugh). And there is friendship with Sandara Park in cooperation with “Billboard Irujima”. I would like to invite 2 NE 1 if I have a chance in the future.

– Have you always interviewed this honestly like this?
I listen to the word that it seems to be a grown-up child.

– The character seems to have chosen only the cool things every time?
There is no such thing. Is “Yuno” cool in “Kicking High Kick!”

– Like the drama “My Princess” Kim Taehi, do you have any plans to challenge the role of being destroyed?
Even though I think it is really good. I would like to do it. Acting as thought it was pretty broken as it was, but it seems that I can not do it well due to my character. I am also worried that if I break too much I will feel refusal to do.

– Moreover, what role do you want to try?
I would like to play a role as a vampire, and a man to cook is also nice. I would like to do something like the Chiaki role of Japanese drama “Nodame Canta – Bire”. Recently greedy work has been suddenly increased. In the past, if there were many offers for student roles, it seems that the width that we can perform acting over years has become wide.

– So, do you like to get older?
I hate it.

– There is also a story that actors may deepen their performance if they are over thirty years old.
Although it is good, I want to enjoy more in my 20s. If you enjoyed 20 years spent in your twenties, it will be better if you are in your thirties. Recently I feel the time is early. Even just after the drama this time is over half a year already passed. I want to do more work. For the time being, I am going to spend a lot of time doing movies, drama, playing, broadcasting and reducing the blank period to the utmost.

– This year’s goal is it?
The goal is to have three pieces of work during the year. “My deadline is 49 days” I am producing now, and movies and dramas.

– Do you turn the channel when you do the work that you did on TV? Will you watch over instead?
watch. “Kicking high kick!” Was doing rebroadcasts on cable channels more than 20 times. If not, I will re-listen with IPTV.

– How do you feel when you look at the old days?
It is mysterious. “The Return of Iljimae” has so many actions, while watching ‘Wow, I think how did I take that?’ I’m looking at it from a third party’s point of view. ‘He really had a hard time. ‘In the wind.

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