Jung II-woo’s Celebrates his 24th Birthday in his Third Korean Fan Meet

September 5th, 2010

Jung II-woo held his Third Fan meet in Korea where he celebrated his 24th birthday.  It took place at the Yang Cheon Hall in Seoul after various months of preparations.  He practiced playing the piano, singing and dancing for this meet for three months!  Photo Cr. and Video Cr. on them!

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 7

The event began with Jung II-woo playing the piano: “Love Affair” from the movie with the same name.  I wish I would have found a video of him plying this piece, but sadly I could not. Here is the best thing, a photo of him doing it and after that a video with the piece he played.

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 2

Then he sang and danced to “Candy in My Ears” with invited guest Baek Ji-youn.  Found a couple of photos of this part and a video with Baek Ji-youn singing that same song.  Just imagine Jung II-woo singing and dancing!  Whoaaaa!

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 3

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 6

Update… Now you can see it…  It is such a delight!  WOO-W!

Then there was the cake part with his dear friends Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum.  So sweet!   And here are some photos and the video of this part!  Such beautiful creatures they are!

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 5

2010 9 5 JIW Fan eet Korea 4

Then there was a gift session with all kinds of gifts made by different fans from Korea, China and Japan.  The Japanese fans gave Jung II-woo quite a surprise!  A “Shar Pei” puppy!  Yes!  Jung II-woo later named his puppy “Ah-woo” which means younger brother. He wanted to show his appreciation in how he would care for it as if it was a younger brother.  Here are the photos… such a cutie!!!

2010 9 5 JIW gets Awoo.jpg


After being with Ah-woo for a month he wrote “Our Ah Woo is a frog.  She doesn’t listen to commands, and she looks like one. Because of you, I have turned into a person who wakes up early. It’s not easy taking care of Ah Woo, but I’ve become someone who can understand better, and return home earlier. It feels as though I have a cute young sister, I am living in happiness everyday.”


Article from Star News.  (Via Ilwoostory Japan)

Jung II, A Special Birthday Party arranged with close friend Lee Min-ho – Kim Bum ‘public’
Star News | 2010.09.06

Jung Yi released a new figure that I could not see until now, having encountered fans in the last two years, and having a fun and special birthday party.

The first stage of the event, which began with the actor Kim Kiban’s hostage, began with the piano performance Jung Yi prepared for the fans, Jeon Il performed the theme song ‘love affair’ of the movie ‘Love Affair’ ‘While playing lusciously and succeeded in capturing the fans’ hearts from the start.

For the fans who prepared the party seat for the birthday continue, Chong · il continue releasing the new figure and charm that I could not see until now through singing and dancing and exploding responses from fans gathered this day I got a call.

Especially Jung Yu who opened his dance skills for the first time after his debut with ‘Candy’ my dance and songs prepared with surprised guest singer Baek Ji Youn also showed some embarrassing figure, but as soon as the music starts He boasted a perfect breath with Baek Ji Young and released a fantastic stage. For this day stage I released a process that I had prepared from Baek Ji Young negotiations to pasting practices for over a month and gave impression to the fans.

Also, familiar actors Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum celebrated Chung Il’s birthday with Jeong il, so this day the scene was surprisingly released and a strong obligation and friendship again I showed off and got a hot reaction.

Lee Min-ho and Kim Bo-bom After all watching over the stage of Chung · Il on this day “I got acquainted with each other long, but it is the first time that Jong-il’s weird appearance like today is for the first time passionate for fans It is wonderful appearance, “revealed the remarks for Joong-il’s surprising transformation this day.

Fans also prepared image gifts including sincerity for Jeong · il and various gifts such as ‘Shar Pei’ puppies, and informing them of the celebration, there are other fans Along with diverse corners such as wish trees, Jeong il’s radio corner, Jung Yi’s brain structure talk, etc., we were progressed into an atmosphere that was consistent and consistent.

Among the fans that participated on this day, fans from China and Japan also reflected the popularity of Jeong il, who has touched the big eyes and has grown as a Korean actor.

Chun · Il who finished the fan meeting “It seemed that it was not possible to fully demonstrate even if it prepared diligently whether it was very tense with the seat of a long time. However, fans love us a lot and trying “I am deeply impressed by the prepared part and instead I was more impressed” I thank my fans who prepared birthday celebration seats from the bottom of my heart, I would like to reward the love with good works and good acting ” I told my impression.

Meanwhile, Jeong il is currently studying the next work with scenarios and synops, including current dramas and movies.