Jung II-woo attends Lee Min-ho’s Fan Meet/24th Birthday Party with Kim Bum


June 20, 2010

This one must have been one for the ages.  It must have been … heavenly … having these lovely men all together!  They are all so sweet, so kind and so gorgeous!  Just the thought! Whooooaaaa!

Anyways, the event celebrating Min-ho’s birthday and Fan Meet took place at Kyung Hee University School in Seoul.  The Event was called “A Special Day with Minoz.” Min-ho turned 24 this year.Jung II-woo and Kim Bum were kind and playful.  I found a really good video that has the highlights of the event and many photos. Video and Photo Cr. On Videos and on photos.   Also way down a translated article of what Jung II-woo and Kim Bum said during the event…


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My oh my!  They are so adorable…so cute!!!   AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Here is the article.  I found it at Soompi, it was posted and tranlated by the all time moderator of Il-woo’s page: “ilwoo-aein.”

“Fan (나의중심민호) on MH’s DC gall posted a detailed report of the fan meet:

source: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=minho&no=250550&page=41&bbs=

14. with Jung Ilwoo, Kim bum

형빈:아니 민호 22번째 생일에 양쪽에 이렇게 든든한 친구분들이 자리해주셨습니다.

Hyung Bin (HB, the MC) makes an opening statement about the 2 friends who came to MH’s birthday.

민호: 사실 이친구들하고 공식적인 자리에 일우는 처음인것같애요

굉장히 무서워요 저에 대해 많은걸 알고있기때문에

사실 죽어줘야하는 친구들이에요

MH: actually it’s the first time i’m appearing publicly with ilwoo at an event

it’s really scary since he knows a lot about me

스크린통해 일우 김범이 보이자, 팬들 소리지르고.

Fans start screaming when they see ilwoo and kim bum on the screen.

민호 스크린보고난후

MH takes a look at the screen…

민호: 정말 잘생겼죠?

MH: They are really handsome right?

형빈: 아니 근데 정말 어떻게 두분이 자리를 해주셨어요?

HB: But how is it that both of you came?

일우: 어. 오늘 민호생일이라서 올해는 축하해주러 왔습니다.

IW: Today’s MH’s birthday so I came to congratulate him.

형빈: 김범씨도 한마디 부탁드리겠습니다.

HB: Kim bum-sshi, may we have a word from you?

김범: 제가 동생인데요 안오면 때린다고 해서

KB: Since I’m younger, he said he’ll hit me if I don’t come.

(이때 민호 빵터지고 ㅎㅎ)

(MH burst out laughing)

형빈: 어.. 아니 그러면 정일우씨와 절친사이라는걸 아는게 인터넷에 보면 카페같은게 두분만 가셔서 찍은 사진이 있더라구요

HB: Oh, I know that you are close to Jung Ilwoo-sshi since I saw pictures of both of you taken at a cafe on the internet.

민호: 네. 사진도 찍고 그랬어요

MH: Yes, we took some pictures.

(이말할때 민호 좀 툭던지듯 말하는데. 저말투마저 귀엽더란말이지..)

형빈: 어떤 사이의 친구인거에요?

HB: What kind of friends are you?

민호: 저희 고등학교때부터 친구에요 같이 그때 인제같이 연기를 공부하지는 않았지만.어찌됐던 꿈 은 같았기때문에 코드가 맞았던 친구죠

MH: We were friends since high school. however we did not study acting together. somehow since our dreams are similar, we seem to hit off well.

형빈: 어떤 친구였는지 정일우씨부터 소개해주시죠

고등학교때 어떤친구였는지

HB: starting with jung ilwoo-sshi, can you tell us what type of friend he was when you were in high school?

민호: 잘얘기해~

MH: speak well of me~

일우: 어 고등학교 초에는 친하지않고 이름만 알고있었는데

우연한 계기로 통해서 친한사이가 됐는데

착하고. 그리고. 마음도 깊고 아주 좋은 친굽니다.

IW: during the beginning of high school, we weren’t that close and i only knew his name. Coincidentally, we became close through a chance. he’s kind and he has a deep heart, a really good friend.

민호: 억지로 얘기하는것같은데~ ㅎㅎㅎ

MH: He seems to be saying it against his will~ hahaha

형빈: 머, 좋은 얘기는 여기까지합시다.

없지만, 최대한 안좋은걸 한번 끌어내보죠

요런좀은 좀 그랬다. 사실은..

HB: Ok, let’s drop the pleasant talk here. tell us something about his worst point.

일우: 말하자면 한두개가 아닌데..

IW: If you want me to, there’s more than just a few..

민호: 제가 먼저 얘기할께요

사실 약속 펑크를 좀 내요 미안해~

MH: Let me speak up first. Actually i sometimes don’t show up when we’re supposed to meet up. I’m sorry~

일우: 제가 약속을 펑크내면 욱하고

IW: If I don’t show up, he’ll lose his temper

형빈: 김범씨도 우리 이민호씨에 대해서

HB: Kim bum-sshi, please tell us something about MH

이때 김범보며 소리지르는 관객들.

At this point, the audience screams when seeing kim bum

김범: 네.. ㅎㅎㅎ 고맙습니다. 아. 너무 형답게 잘챙겨주고요

너무 착하고 남자답고 남자답고 형답게 잘 챙겨줘요

너무 좋은형이죠 동료고..

KB: Yes…hahaha. thank you. Ah… he’s like an older brother who takes care of me. He’s very kind, manly, like an older brother, taking care of me well. he’s a good brother and colleague..

형빈: 끝입니까?

HB: is that all?

김범: 맞을까봐요 ㅎㅎ


민호: 오늘 나를 완전 몰아가는구먼..

슬옹이도 그렇고 제가 욱하게 된거는 다 이친구들때문인거에요

아니 이친구들이 승부욕이 장난아니에요

같이 축구게임을 하면 난리납니다 아주

MH: Today people are against me..

Seul Ong did that too, the reason why i lose my temper is becoz of these friends.

It’s becoz these friends have a keen sense of competition.

a war breaks out when we have a football game.

형빈: 세분이서 축구게임하면 누가 이기세요?

HB: when the 3 of you play football, who wins?

민호: 저죠

MH: it has to be me right.

형빈: ㅎㅎㅎ

HB: hahaha

일우: 민호가 잘해요

IW: MH is good at it.

민호: 아니 일우가 제일 잘해요

MH: No, ilwoo is best at it.

형빈:세분이 그러면 술도 같이 드셔?

HB: so do the 3 of you drink together?


IW: we..

민호:술은 범이가 1등이에요 술은 범이가 1등이구요

MH: Bum wins when it comes to alcohol.

일우: 저희는 술을 못마셔가지고 커피를 마시죠

IW: we can’t drink well, so we drink coffee.

민호:저희 둘이 합쳐도 범이 못따라가요

MH: The both of us added together can’t beat bummie.

형빈:얼마나 드세요?

HB: how much can you drink?

김범:둘이 합친거보다 좀 많이 마셔요

KB: I drink a bit more than the two of them combined

형빈:혹시 정일우씨는 이민호씨가 술을 많이 마셔서

만취된 모습을 보신적 있으세요?

HB: Jung ilwoo-sshi, have you seen MH in a drunken state?

일우: 네 있죠. 민호 근데 술을 많이 마시면요 자요 저도 자구요

IW: Of course. but when MH drinks a lot, he sleeps, I do the same.

민호: 같이자요

MH: both of us sleep

형빈:술버릇같은거 특별히 없습니까?

HB: are there any special drinking habits?

민호:정말 술버릇이 없어요 소리지르구요

MH: there aren’t any drinking habit. i’ll shout.

형빈:소리지르는것도 아무나 하는게 아니에요

민호:기분이 좋아지니까 그러다가 지쳐서 자요

MH: since my mood gets high i’ll shout and break down and sleep

형빈:옆에 두분이 보시는 이민호씨의 이상형은 어떤스타일일까요?

HB: What do the two of you think MH’s ideal girl is like?

일우:제가 보기엔 아담하고 피부하얗고 좀 순수하게생긴사람

IW: I think she has to be petite and fair skinned, and has a sorta pure/innocent look.


HB: what about kim bum sshi?


KB: That seems correct

형빈:본인은 어떻게 생각하세요?

HB: What does MH think?


MH: it seems correct

형빈: 세분이 다들 스케줄이 바쁘셔서 잘못만나실수있는데.

만 나시면 주로 커피마시는 외엔 머하시고 노는지 궁금하거든요

HB: There might be times when it’s hard for the 3 of you to meet due to your hectic schedules. When you do meet up, besides drinking coffee, i’m curious as to what else you’d do?


IW: football game

김범:요새 만나서 월드컵같이 보구요

kB: recently, we watch the world cup together when we meet

형빈:월드컵 같이 응원하셨어요? 어느지역에서 같이 계셨습니까?

HB: So you guys support the world cup together? Where do you go?

민호: 집에서요

MH: at home

형빈:집에서.. 아르헨티나전

HB: at home.. watching the argentina game


IW: both

민호:아니요.. 첫경기는 아니구요 두번째경기요

MH: No.. it was the second match, not the first match.

형빈:잠깐만 얘기가 틀린데요 일우씨는 같이 봤다고 하고

HB: wait… both of you are saying different things. ilwoo sshi says you watched it together

민호: 보다가 저는 사무실가서 봤어요

전반전은 보고 후반전은 사무실가서 보고

MH: After watching a while i went to my management company and watched it there. The first half was watched at home while the second half was at the company

형빈: 범이씨는?

HB: what about Bummie sshi?

김범:저는 그리스전때 해외에 있어가지고

아르헨티나전만 같이 봤죠

KB: I was overseas when the greece match took place, so we only watched the argentina game together

형빈:둘이 같이 보면 잼있습니까?

HB: is it fun watching it together?

김범:남자들끼리라 재미없습니다.

KB: it’s not fun since we’re all guys.

형빈:여자가 한분정도는 계셔야될텐데

HB: I thought you would at least have a girl with you

민호: 한숨..

MH: sighs..

(저 한숨은 멀까나? ^^)

(what does the sigh mean?^^)

형빈:끝으로 팬여러분들께, 이민호씨께 한말씀 부탁을 드리겠습니다.

HB: Let’s end with a word to the fans and to MH.

일우: 네 오늘 팬분들과 즐거운시간 보냈으면 좋겠구요.

민호 진심으로 생일 축하해

IW: I hope you had a good time. MH, I truly wish u a happy birthday.


MH: thank you

김범: 민호형 생일 축하하기위해서 초대해주셔서 저도 너무 감사하구요

민호형 너무 생일 축하하구 저도 얼마안있으면 생일이니까요

KB: thank you MH-hyung for inviting me here. I really wish you a happy birthday. my birthday is coming up soon

형빈:ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 이자리는 다들 홍보의 자리로

임슬옹씨는 화보얘기하고 가시고

정일우씨는 머하나 홍보하실꺼없으세요?

HB: hahaha.. everyone treats this as a publicity event..

Im seul ong sshi mentioned about his photoshoot..

Jung ilwoo sshi, don’t you have something to publicize as well?

일우:전 9월9일이 생일이라서

IW: Since my birthday is on Sept 9

민호:아니 이친구도 올해안에 작품을 하지않을까 생각이 되요

그래서 저희 또 다같이 너무 좋은 관계니까

함께 응원해주고 많은 격려해주셨으면 좋겠어요

MH: This friend of mine is thinking whether he should do a project this year. since we’re really good friends, i hope we can all support and give him lots of encouragement

형빈:어려운 자리해주신 절친두분에게 힘찬 박수 부탁드립니다.

너무 감사드립니다..

HB: everyone, let’s give an applause to the two best friends who came here today. Thank you very much…”